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    Tinsel/Shimmer List- https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1giwEmxd_9k7TKiafraBWCdSn4HtKf7I-Ae-3MNGbg30/edit?usp=sharing

    I do respond to most PMs in time, but if you haven't received a reply, it is mostly because I have read it and forgotten so you may drop me a reminder (I don't do it on purpose). Or, I am away on hiatus.

    What I need:
    103 CBs of each breed. If I have something up for trade (like a tinsel), and you don't have anything on my 'want' list, you can always ask me to IOU 5-20 CB hatchies (depends on rarity of egg).

    Currently wanting (and giving lots for!)-
    1. 2nd gen Holly- will give 300+ hatchies for one
    2. 2nd-4th Gen Shimmer-scale- 200+ hatchies for one
    3. CB Gold/Silver- 100+ hatchies for one
    4. CB ND- 100+ hatchies for one
    5. 2nd gen Gold/Silver/ND- 50+ hatchies for one

    *1 hatchie = 1 CB uncommon hatchie

    If you have one of the above- please PM me!

    Yes I do take IOUs both ways, but more often I will make IOUs myself rather than accept them (I am slightly very paranoid, nothing personal :P). I usually complete small-medium IOUs within a couple of weeks, but that really depends on how the dragons are breeding and how much time I can spend online. Please forgive me if I take more than 14 days to get your hatchies! I am often busy and have tons of stuff to do!

    My list of IOUs and their status as of Oct 2012 (will put into a spreadsheet soon i guess)--->

    -Completed IOUs-
    ~SolarCat- 4/5 CB Pillows
    ~Nekozu- 3/4 PB/EG/CB hatchies
    ~calankh- 1 pumpkin hatchie
    ~IceSaphyre- 5/6 CB luminas/Olives
    ~whitebaron- 5/6 CB BSA hatchies
    ~Jnobrega- Nebula, Pink, Ridgewing
    ~PolarVortex- 3 Flood Hatchies
    ~milkaq66- 6 Flood hatchies
    ~ZzelaBusya- 4 CB purple hatchies
    ~Xythus- 6 Flood Hatchies
    ~kirby007- 4 CB hatchies from list
    ~cyradis4- 14 hatchies from list
    ~FortyTwo- 6 CB guardian/mint hatchies
    ~zexion577568- 4 2nd gen blacks
    ~quitter- 2 hatchies
    ~kirby007- 2 CB hatchies from list
    ~Zylara- 20 CB hatchies from list
    ~Belisar- 6 CB Balloon hatchies
    ~panthera1- 1 CB female pink
    ~DMD_MDM- 15 CB hatchies
    ~TheThing_Oo- Specific Tinsel
    ~BlueNadir- 5 red hatchies
    ~Shroomlet- A pair of CB Harvests and 3/4 pygmies
    ~Kitsuki89- 3 pinks/magis
    ~FortyTwo 25 CB mints/Guardians or freezies
    ~dragoness22- 3 CB/2nd gen purples
    ~Yinn- 4 CB hatchies
    ~tjekan- PB 4G
    ~BlueIce- 3 specificly bred dragons
    ~milkaq66- 3 specific CB hatchies
    ~Viar- 10 CB hatchies
    ~Taintedtamer- 3 CB Embers
    ~sharlykng- 5 CB spitfires
    ~xShadow- 4 PB 2nd gens, in profile
    ~JuKo- nicely lineaged tinsel
    ~celis- 2 tinsels from list
    ~Spirit_- 10 CB hatchies
    ~Sinnarn- 4 CB pygmies
    ~milkaq66- female balloon+turp
    ~Yinn- pink from Alpha 1A+1B
    ~Lilly- 26 red hatchies
    ~Tiger_Rider- 4 CB terrae hatchies
    ~Kitsuki89- 21 magis/pinks/purples
    ~mpolo- 8 CB reds/pinks
    ~blackdragonqueen- 7 CB hatchies
    ~shin7845- 60 CB of purple, brimstone, olive hatchies
    ~kirby007- -optional- CB sunsongs
    ~J3551ca- -optional- CB hatchies/hybrids
    ~Pestilence420- 10+ CB falconiform hatchies
    ~Dracaena- 4/5 specific lineaged dragons
    ~Flaviel- 2 CB nebula hatchies
    ~DangerDragon- 6 CB falconiform hatchies
    ~nigai_amai- ? CB dragons missing from scroll
    ~isaakfvkampfer- 19 CB new release hatchies
    ~blackdragon71- 2 red stripes from Heartseeker
    ~ZzeylaBusya- 4 specific CB hatchies
    ~Zylara- CB new release hatchies
    ~renlacarne- 4 Blue Nebula x Blusang eggs
    ~irercha- 2 female gold Tinsel hatchies
    ~grammydragon- Silver from Lurker
    ~st9541524- 3 new release hatchies
    ~Arella- 7/8 new release hatchies
    ~FortyTwo- 8 new release hatchies
    ~kecemis- 50 CB hatchlings from list
    ~Evilminion- 40 CB Dark Myst/Crimson Flare/BSA hatchies
    ~blackdragon71- 2 Royal Blues from specific pairing

    -Work In Progress IOUs-

    ~kirby007- lots of CB hatchies

    -Owed To Me-
    ~topaz08- 1 short lineaged Prize