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    MY THUWEDS ><br>http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=120196&st=1680&#entry6528416<br><br>-------------<br><br>MY CODED DRAGONS > <br>http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=136238&st=140&#entry6523694<br><br>-------------<br><br>New Wishlist a work in progress here: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=137455&view=findpost&p=6370753<br><br>-------------<br><br>Feel free to PM me questions, requests, freebies, just to chat, or anything else :D<br><br>Always looking and willing to take more hatchies, less time the better. Send me a pm!<br><br>Happy to *breed* almost anything from my scroll, just ask :)<br><br>-------------<br>~People I've traded with/have IOU's for/gifted (whether its me gifting or being gifted), or any combo/all of those around and after 9-20-12~<br><br>*This does not include freebies I've given/recieved directly from threads*<br><br>Lady Artemis; Lost_Girl; Tjekan; Afie; Merenwen; Zerokins; Stardust13; Eunsam; Belisar; Dustpuppy; Angelicdragonpuppy; Spring Dragon; amamiya_ritsukabi29; Miss1nformation; Nosuchlove; Codyne; Deblogan; Dangeruse; Stormpaws; Omgitskairi; Herk; Wonderwaters; Rebelgoddess19; xxBurningxx; rubyshoes; quitter; CDM; law-lee; daestarr; WatersMoon110; JaneMcAsh; Silence2; grammydragon; trekwriter; Saloiq; ~horsie girl~; loesje2004; Azuresuicide; danegrrrl; Wanderer; blackdragonqueen; aqua17; TheThing_Oo; Erica8798; Hoshino; kwan852963; fuzzbucket; lanette; give your heart a break; Hyesu; Snowytoshi; synditrix; milkaq; wbmorgan; Magical_Macaw; ainisarie; esnym; Kelan; pitaria; WWECornSerpent (and her daughter);<br><br>Big thanks to everyone who helped me in a successful trade or gifted me :)<br><br>-----------------------------------------<br>I owe:<br>-Erica8798 13 bluna hatchlings *any lineage*<br>*S.N. Thunder + Ice hatchies<br>-norbercik 3 red hatchlings *any lineage*<br>-DMD_MDM 10 any cb hatchlings<br><br>IMPORTANT:<br>If I have forgotten anyone (if your name is not on the list; if it is, I know what we traded, don't mind any extra words or numbers or anything :p), please do not hesitate to PM me letting me know what we traded and how long ago it was, so I can get it done asap