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The Sickness

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When we first arrived into this land, we lived in peace and harmony, living off the land, never taking more than we need. Suddenly the humans came and began the process of killing us off for our scales and hides. We fled to the mountains to the north, hoping the humans wouldn't find us....But something else did.


An illness that kills within days of contracting it. Symptoms include coughing up blood, aggression to other dragons and foaming at the mouth. Our clan fled deeper into the mountains, risking death from the sickness and starvation. The gods were on our side and they provided us with a haven, promising food, water and a disease-free environment.


Then our haven was invaded by a human, but she wasn't like the others. She somehow knew who had contracted the disease before the symptoms started. So we decided to let her stay with us and to teach her our way of life, all while letting disease free dragons into our clan. Little did we know that there was a human settlement a few miles away, and they were preparing to attack.


Username: <your forum name>
Name: <character name>
Gender: <male or female?>
Type/Breed:  <what kind of DC dragon?>
Personality: <what is it like?>
Appearance: <how does it look like from the average breed?>
Age/Stage: <refer below the forms :3 >
History: <how did it come about?>
Extra: <anything else you might want us to know :D >


NOTE: The object of the RP is to find a cure for the sickness and to stop the humans from invading the "sanctuary".



1. No God-modding ( Killing or controlling other's character without permission )

2. No Power-playing ( Acting super powerful )

3. No spamming or double posting ( Posting a post after another post )

4. No flamming ( Using bad words or insulting )

5. You may use romance but don't put it in details ( You have to say kiss instead of make-out )

6. Only I (PhantomoftheWolves) can control the girl that can see if a dragon has the illness.

7. Have fun!

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Woow - that sounds interesting for a plot <3

Hello, I'm Dragongirl10188 but you can call me DG/Dragon/Draggie/whateveryouwantreally and I'm an approver-in-testing, aka here to help you get this lovely roleplay approved~~


never taking more than we need. Then the humans


'Then' is a word that joins sentences together, but since your sentence is already on the long side before that, simply take out the 'then' and say something like "Suddenly" or "Without warning", etc.


But then our haven was invaded by a human, but she wasn't like

All right - using the same word on the same line makes it sound jumbled. You have two choices; take away the first 'but then' to make it 'Our haven was invaded by a human' or take away the second 'but' and have it like this 'by a human - she wasn't like....' or even 'by a human; she wasn't like....' last choice, 'by a human, she wasn't like...'


When that's edited I'll pop back in.

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But something else did.

Moar sentence joiners ^^

'But' joins sentences... so maybe add a pause (3 fullstops) before the word 'but' instead of starting a new sentence... to give a little of a dramatic pause c:


Only when I'm offline can someone can ask for permission to control her.

There's no use in asking someone else to control her when you're offline because a. they might not keep track of when you're on and offline b. and it's just better off if you just roleplay her.


starvation. But the gods were on our side and they provided us with a haven, promising food, water and a disease-free environment


You know why I'm pointing this out wink.gif

'But' should be taken out so it is "The gods were on our side.....blahblah"



The first post seems a little short of info... and that usually pushes people away.

So maybe add a goal or what the roleplayers will do in the roleplay? So then people know that they have to climb to the top of a mountain, find a safe place to hide, kill all the enemies, etc. to achieve the first plot and go onto a newer idea~~





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Hmm... it seems a bit short, the roleplay to me. I have no idea why xd.png.


Last correction~

Since we dragons first arrived onto this land

Onto doesn't sound quite right... I don't know what to add... maybe "in this land?" or just change the sentence around "When we first arrived in this land, blahblahblah".

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Username: Sweet_Wyvern

Name: Rhale

Gender: Female

Type/Breed: Canopy dragon

Personality: Rhale is an overall friendly dragon, opening up to anyone easily. She's considered very playful and will probably take anything you say to heart, as she is a bit naive. She's almost always in a good mood, but the wrong thing can easily upset her; she's very sensitive that way.

Appearance: Like a normal hatchling with wings, except the curviture of her mouth makes it look like she's always smiling.

Age/Stage: Winged hatchling

History: not much to tell, she was a young hatchling at the time that the poaching began. She was too young to understand everything going on, and still doesn't quite get it.

Extra: I intend to have her get sick happy.gif


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Username: Okojo

Name: Sial & Lyx

Gender: male

Type/Breed: Double headed

Personality: Sial and Lyx share the same body like two young boys share the same toy: always arguing about what to do with it, yet holding to it as the most precious thing there is.

Appearance: Sial and Lyx's wings never completely grew. That handicap caused them to learn to run faster than most dragons to compensate their inability to fly.

Age/Stage: Older winged hatchling (very close to maturing)

History: Their mother caught the sickness and died of it, encouraging their paranoïa over ther own fragility.

Extra: They are probably very cute when they sleep.

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Username: skullete-thetamer_1

Name: Aoi

Gender: female

Type/Breed:  tsunami wyvern

Personality: she is very moody, so she can easily get angered, embarrassed, ect. And in the strangest moment sometimes. Very loyal, honest, but stubborn and slightly offensive at times. Intelligent. Sociable. Normally she is a great friend and ally to have if your on her good side. Overall she is nice but rough along the edges

Appearance: a normal adult tsunami wyvern with. Just a few light scars here and There

Age/Stage: adult

History: before she lived a life of bullies. Everyone would keep insulting her, resulting in many fights, and she still lives it now. She lives with her little sister, and they Both nearly got the sickness.

Extra: n/a


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Username: Pinkieseb

Name: Bloodvein

Gender: Male

Type/Breed: Vampire

Personality: Normally has a harsh personality but will occasionally be nice. He is quiet moody and dosnt speak much. He enjoys fighting and drinking/eating other dragons flesh and blood.

Appearance: Bloodvein

Age/Stage: Adult ~ 278

History: He was almost outcast by his family of Stones when he transformed, he watched them all get sick and die within a few days. He fled and was alone for half a year to a year until he found other healthy dragons.

Extra: I'm planning for him to get sick towards the end biggrin.gif

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Username: frozenfire641

Name: Luferic Islanza

Gender: Male

Type :ice

Personality: Never serious. Jokes a little. Doesn't want to get into human affairs. Quiet.

Age/Stage: Juvenile 60

History: Ran away as a hatchling when their brothers got on each others necks. Never been found until he stumbled upon a village

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Username: Rampaging Wyvern

Name: Cadifor

Gender: Male

Type/Breed: Black

Personality: Can be quick to lose his temper especially under pressure and tends to be singleminded about some things. If he has a goal in mind, he does not like to be interrupted or have his attention diverted until said goal has been reached. He likes to show off and takes most dares without consideration for his safety. He doesn't care much about others, but once they have become friends he will not let anything harm them if he can.

Appearance: He has a scar from a gash he received in his younger years, where he fell down a steep slope and subsequently knocked out his right fang and tore his gum and upper lip. Because of this he only has one fang. He now wears the fang on a fine, scavenged chain around his neck. In the same fall he broke his right paw, which bears no side effect other than cramping more easily.

Age/Stage: Adult, 148

History: He came from a distant, unheard of clan, hence his rather unusual name, leaving it when he had just reached adulthood. His clan had been struck with the sickness and, without thinking it might spread the disease, he and a few survivors fled the scene. Cadifor lived by his wits, gradually picking up more and more survival skills as time went by. He has managed to cross a desert and continues to live nomadically.

Extra: I'm gonna get him sick near the end. OR get him seriously injured. Depends how many people get their charries sick.

Edited by rampaging wyvern

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Username: Moka_Akashiya

Name: Akasha

Gender: female

Type/Breed: Golden Wyern

Personality: Akasha is cute, loving, and has the biggest mood swings I have ever seen. She can be bawling about a lost bone that she was playing with for one moment, then jumping up and down with joy the next. She seems to care a lot about her place in the Clan, and whenever she is insulted and not recieved the proper respect, she turns vicious. She also tries to get other dragons to open up a bit, and she believes that she should protect the Clan. She can fly better than most.

Appearance: Akasha is a bit different than most Golden Wyverns. She has pale gray blue eyes that seem almost white with a wild silver streak, and is colorblind. She has a silver tint on the ends of the insides of her wings, and a small black collar/ chain on her neck.

Age/Stage: Winged hatchling (almost mature)

History: Akasha can only remember around when she was a middle hatchling, just getting her wings. She sat in the snow, and a rougue dragon tried to kill her. Then a Vampire dragon saved her life. She will always feel indebted to Vampires. She can't remember anything before that. She was taken in by family of Golden Wyverns, with two male siblings, each had had their wings for a long time, and were very close to maturing. They loved her and protected her, but then her family was killed by some humans that were yelling and shooting, and it was horrible. She survived, mostly because she was outside, searchong for this gray squirrel. But her footprints had led to the cave, and she blames herself for everything. But then she came across the Clan.

Extra: I don't want her to get sick, if at all possible.

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Username: Joste

Name: Lexy

Gender: Female

Type/Breed: Vampire

Personality: She might look dangerous but isn,t she is kind and a little different. She has problems trusting people,she is used to being feared cause she is a vampire. She hopes for a better start here, but she needs time too actually see that it,s nice dragons here

Appearance: black with a few scars (picture)

Age/Stage: teenager

History: she was fleeing from her past and bumped into this group

Extra: She is allergic to roses



user posted image

do not own this

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((I'm fairly certain the owner of this role play isn't active anymore..))

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((Ima PM walker about remaking this.. I'll add everyone once its accepted or whatever. Does anyone mind?))

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((Cool, thread creator has been PM'ed and _Z_ has forwarded my PM to Walker, so, it should be in this section in under a week. Does everyone want to be added instantly or do u want to make a diffrent char or something?

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