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The Faithful Lineage

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The new Faithful Lineage management team would like first and foremost

to thank Leelith for having the faith to start this lineage a long time ago.

And then we would like to thank Rockin' On and Trekwriter also for their

belief in the Faithful Lineage to continue it from Leelith. Now the Faithful

Lineage will continue.


First we will update you with this history story:


There have always been dragons ruling the world long before man arrived.  But it happened, Mother Earth and Father Sun decided that there needed to be more to the world.  So they came together to form a new being.  However not all dragons felt this would be a good thing.  They held a counsel to decide what should be done.  Many felt that Mother Earth and Father Sun were wise and right and a new being brought into the world would be a magnificent event.  Others felt that it was unimportant, did not concern them.  They existed and they were happy with that and it did not matter what Mother and Father did.  Still yet there were others that felt that they should be the sole children and that Mother Earth and Father Sun could not create anything more perfect then the dragons and that all should remain as it was.


So upon the eve of the Great Eclipse when Mother Earth and Father Sun joined to create the new race, some of the dragons cast a spell to prevent the creation.  Lead by the Blacks, Hellfires, Unichi, and Hyaic

and others they gathered their power to strike out at the moment of creation. 


Word of this plot had gotten around to Sunsongs, Whites, Miopsis and Nigyan.  They attempted with others to deflect the great spell.  The power of the two spells was so great that many dragon kinds were destroyed and they're only remembered in the oldest of records.  Such was the blow that Mother Earth and Father Sun have since never spoken and became mute to the world.   


So man was created, but flawed; consumed by his ego to make his

mark on the world, and tempered with loyalty to his friends.


The dragons still war over what will mans' fate be.  The dragons are still divided and some change sides from time to time.  But there are those that are always Faithful and they try to protect man and teach him, there are the Watchers that observe and keep the balance and there are the Unholy always searching for a way to finish their job and for them is the conviction that once man is gone Mother Earth and Father Sun will return to them.


We want all members of the previous lineage to know that their dragons and lines created under the old project are all allowed to stand as they are, but ANYTHING breed from this day forward must meet the New Breeding Requirements.


New Rules


Rule 1: Inbreeding is not allowed.


Rule 2: Optional choice:

Faithful can Not be bred directly to Unholy. They can be in the same lineage but can't be bred together. They must have a neutral to bring them together.

Faithful can be bred directly to Faithful and Watchful.

Unholy can be bred directly to Unholy and Watchful.

Watchful can be bred to all.



Rule 3: Naming and Allowed Breeds


Breeds to be named "Faithful":




Golden Wyvern








Ribbon Dancer



Royal Blue


Snow Angel


Stripes, All




Val '09


Winter Magi



Breeds to be named "Watchful":





Blusang Lindwurm

Bright Breasted Wyvern

Coastal Waverunner




Nebula, All



Shallow Water









Water Horse

Water Walker



Breeds to be named "Unholy":


Black Alt

Black Marrow

Black Stripe


Cavern Lurker

Deep Sea Serpent











Shadow Walker







Vine Alt




Rule 4.

New Starters available!

New Starter pairs are listed in next posting.

Starters of Stripes, Nebulae, and mixed-breed starters are not guaranteed results.


Rule 5:

You must indicate you understand the lineage rules by including the

word "guardian" in your request to join.


Due to offered eggs being taken by unknown persons,

Please only post the lineage viewing link in your offering, not the actual

trade link. We suggest requiring a PM or thread posting to request the

trading link.


Welcome to the Lineage of The Faithful--you are most welcome here!




Thank you for your awesome banners, Lara_5!

user posted image


Thank you, MFraser, your banner is perfect biggrin.gif !

user posted image


Dorkette's aaawesome, great, wonderful, lovely banners. Thank you so much, Dorkette ! smile.gif

user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image



Personal Themes

Trekwriter's "Native American Lore"

Rockin On's "Let's Make Some Magic!"

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Reserved for list of STARTER DRAGONS for Faithful Lineage.




The Faithful Solar Resonance x Faithful Musical Eclipse -- kenywi

Faithful Dragonfire du Soleil x Dragonfire Faithfully Singing -- contact grammydragon



Faithful Shrouds of Myst x Purity of the Faithful -- contact kenywi

Always Faithful Dragonfire x Faithful Wisps of Hope -- contact grammydragon


Royal Blue:

Faithful Search for DragonSong x The Royal Faithful of DragonSong -- contact kenywi


3rd gen Stripe: (from Leelith's starter)

Zakzakiel the Faithful x Victorius Faithful Dragonfire -- contact grammydragon


Royal Blue/Golden Wyvern:

Dark Faithful x Bright Shimmering Faithful -- (sven64) contact grammydragon




DragonSongs Watchful Sunset x The Watchful of DragonSong -- contact kenywi

Watchful Guardian Dragonfire x Sun Sets on Watchful Dragonfire -- contact grammydragon



Watchful Swim in DragonSong x Watchful Tides of DragonSong -- contact kenywi

coming soon -- contact grammydragon



The Garden of The Watchers x Watchful Protectors of Nature -- contact kenywi


Nebula (Purple/Blue)

Watchful Stargazer x Watchful of the Stargazers -- contact grammydragon

Nebula (Green/Red)

Northern Stargazer Watchful x Watchful Starfire -- contact grammydragon



Sparkling Watchful Guardian x Golden Watchful Guardian -- (sven64) contact grammydragon




I am Perfection Unholy x In Unholy Beauty I Rule -- contact kenywi

Unholy Reflections of Dragonfire x Unholy Luminous Dragonfire -- contact grammydragon



Unholy Flames of Destruction x To Rule by Unholy Fire -- contact kenywi

Dragonfire's Unholy Dev-L x Dragonfire Dares to be Unholy -- contact grammydragon



The Unholy Alliance x The Unholy Fire and Me -- contact kenywi



Unholy Darkness Dragonfire x Dark Faithful Unholy Dragonfire -- contact grammydragon



Flaming Unholy x The Dark Unholy --- (sven64) contact grammydragon

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Reserved for list of MEMBERS for Faithful Lineage.


Honored founding members:


Rockin' On



Sir Barton





panic siren







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Reserved for Notice of Information, Updates, and Changes.


Thanks Rubyshoes for your help getting us going again.


Due to offered eggs being taken by unknown persons,

Please only post the lineage viewing link in your offering, not the actual

trade link. We suggest requiring a PM or thread posting to request the

trading link.

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Hey everyone. Wanted to say Hello and let everyone know I'm Grammy's cohort in crime and should anyone have any questions or need a starter just to hit me up. I hope that everyone gives a big creative effort to put together some awesome lineages.


Again if anyone has any kind of question or needs help with a project feel free to send me a message.



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Reserved for posting of Breeders of older lineage Faithfuls!


We are fortunate to have breeders offering starters from the older Faithful

lineage! Please contact them direct with requests. Thank you Breeders!



Flamenko the Faithful x Feenat The Faithful -- contact Sir Barton

Fallamhain The Faithful X Fianna The Faithful -- contact Sir Barton



Empyromancy The Faithful x Faithful Xylomancy -- contact Sir Barton

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I would like to (re)join this lineage (guardian). smile.gif I'm excited for the new rules, they seem quite a bit easier than the last ones. smile.gif And the new groupings/breeding options are great!

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Welcome back miss1nformation, and thanks for the nice comments! We are glad you like the new look! Let us know if you are looking any particular

starter breeds if you don't see it listed in the Available Starters posting.

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Hi everyone,


ooops, banners. I failed one place in number in coding so they

were going back to old lineage. Just now changed them to

new lineage. So you need to delete your older banner, and then

come to new lineage and re-load new banner.

Sorry for inconvenience, I should have checked that out better.



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I have a 2nd gen red "FAITHFUL" egg to offer to the lineage, not sure if it would be considered a starter or not.


user posted image <-- click for lineage


Please PM me if you'd like to adopt it! cool.gif


Adopted, thanks! wub.gif

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Here and seeing what I can breed. Something tells me that my stripes aren't going to do anything useful.



Edited by Sir Barton

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Faith, Sir Barton, Faith is all that is needed!


(well, and maybe a bit of an adjustment to TJ's ratios?)




I will be trying to get some starters bred and posted on Wednesday.

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.... Faith in the ratios.. dry.gif .... don't want to discuss that in polite company.


..... oh hang on. Are splits kicked? I can understand that but just wanted to make sure before I toss him and try again.

Edited by Sir Barton

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I would love to join this lineage project, as a "Guardian." I sent grammy a PM as a matter of self-preservation in not looking like a complete novice to this lineage, of which I clearly am, and to no mistakable degree. ^^


- hops on one foot then the other- please, please?


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Welcome, panic_siren, don't worry we are a friendly family!

Will be posting some new starters as soon as possible.


Thanks, Sir Barton, for the wonderful dragon from the original

lineage! * I just wasn't fast enough to grab it!



oh Sir Barton, the Splits weren't "kicked"...they were one of the

breeds "lost" in the Great Eclipse!

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..... the Great Eclipse? Is that something out of Twilight? o.O


... ninja.gif


Third gen white stripe free to good home.


Pick me!



Edited by Sir Barton

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Will whoever picked up the white stripe at least please

post to let us know?




Since apparently we have non-members who are taking the

lineage offerings without the common courtesy of acknowledging,

we will request a change in posting offerings.


Please post only lineage viewing links to offerings being made,

not post the actual trade link. Then a PM could be made to

request the trading link.

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Just for a little oddity... Here is the Unholy offspring of Faithful parents.




Claim the demon seed!


Gone! Enjoy

Edited by Sir Barton

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There was no intention to a reference to the movies/books Twilight. Just that when Father Sun "came to" Mother Earth there would be a blocking of the light as in a normal eclipse but due to that fact that this was a creative episode <the creation of man> it is called the Great Eclipse.


That is all.

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