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Hello there!


I'm taking commissions biggrin.gif Check my Devianart if you would like some examples wink.gif



- Only animals and not realistic style o3o (anthro is also a no no)

- 1 character per picture

- Don't post it anywhere without credit. No change, copy, trace my pictures please

- You can pay here or through DA:

*Pay here: I only take 1~3 hatchies (CB or messy/inbred), any type. Unless you have something else special for me? laugh.gif

*Pay on DA: 1~20 points per picture

- I will tell you how much it costs after the picture is done (Price can be change). This way you won't be disappoint if the picture is not worth your paying wink.gif

- If you don't happy with the picture, feel free to say so. I'll fix it or change the price

- I wouldn't say no to gifts laugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.gif

- In this thread, the blue color words are mine and only mine >:Pmad.gif


Okay finish reading? Then fill out this form: tongue.gif


What do you want me to draw?:



Pm when finish?:

Pay: Pay hatchies here or points in DA

Anything else?: Something like color background (only simple one like the Tesla dragon in my gallery) or transparent, etc....


[B]What do you want me to draw?:[/B]
[B]Pm when finish?:[/B]
[b]Anything else?:[/b]


Well that's all alot.png

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Gotta love the TARDIS <3

Would ask for something, but the thing I want isn't exactly open to the public yet >:D

I'll come back later when it is!

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What do you want me to draw?: My rabbit, Joshua.

Description: Not sure what to put here D:

Ref: user posted image

Specific style?: Umm.. I feel so stupid sad.gif

Pm when finish?: Yes please!

Anything else?: Could you make him flopped out with his legs behind him? If you don't have bunnies please PM me for a reference, I love accuracy smile.gif

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Done biggrin.gif


user posted image


I hate the black fur T.T If you don't like it either, I've made a no black fur version


user posted image


Please tell me which you think is better wub.gif


And payment for this one is 2 hatchies (here) or 3 points (DA) wink.gif

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I like the one without black fur better too smile.gif


I'll send you the payment as soon as possible.

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What do you want me to draw?: A wierd... Creature thing.

Description: A pale creature with a long body, it's tail curving around itself. It's head has two, smoky gray horns with wide, pupil-less eyes rimmed witch the same smoky gray. It has no mouth. It has two long arms, thin yet muscular, used to help move around. It's fingers are long, very long, and boney, each tipped with a long claw.

Ref: http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2012/245...olf-d5d9szc.png

Pm when finish?: No thanks

Pay: Any three of the eggs I have at the moment, they should hatch very soon...

Anything else?: Make it creepy O.o

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