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My tinsel list. Please pm if I forgot something. Also feel free to pm if you want to trade for tinsels. I accept IOUs ^^Also read my profile for more information ^^ Wishlistgrumpyleoparddoesnotwanttoplaysmall.pngUser.gifoietransparent38.pngvampire_dwagon___art_trade_by_firsher-d5 sigpiscescats.png

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    Willing to hatch, incubate and influence your eggs. Pm if interested and we'll discuss about the price xD

    I'm always willing to catch and hatch common/uncommon eggs to trade. Can be incredible fast if you ask for. Otherwise my normal speed is 3~5 hatchies per day :D

    My tinsel list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AuX0alq_BoWKdGMtdGJ2N0xoU3FVc0RYdUpLbEZMUEE#gid=0
    Always looking for nice tinsel-lines. Please pm if you have any to trade.

    I take breeding, bitting request. I can breed 2nd gen PB or mate you choose of any kind (except old holidays-before 2011, gold, silver) and bite CB or specific lineage vampire. If you don't care about lineage, I can also breed rare eggs such as gold, silver, trios,...
    I'll only ask for hatchies (any type, any lineage), number will depended on which egg you want ;) or if you can draw something for me, that would be great too :P