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Fires of War

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Rugged mountains, vast fields, large forests, wide seas... This beautiful land had it all, from the fertile grounds to the excellent trading posts to the two successful empires ruling over it all. Everything was perfect. Except, of course... the war. For on this continent were two empires, with a war raging on both land and in air between the two. These two empires were the lands of dragons and the phoenixes, empires where humans lived in harmony with mythical creatures living nearby. The two empires were so similar that when they clashed, they came at a stalemate. Where beautiful fields used to be, scorched lands from fierce fires now rest, and the hills are soaked with blood of phoenixes and dragons. This once perfect land will soon be completely destroyed if the fighting doesn't stop.


Basic Info

~~Major kudos to chee for taking it upon herself to help out.~~

Time Period:

Medieval, Middle ages, around then. Basically no electricity.

Weaponry: Anything from swords to spears to bows to magic. Please choose one weapon to specialize in. However small daggers are okay to carry around with your weapon of choice.

Bonding Info:

Bonds between humans and their dragons/phoenixes are powerful things. If one should be hurt, the other can feel the same pain. They also can communicate telepathically within a mile of each other.


Training is rigorous and unforgiving and generally the same in each country. Trainees train under experienced knights, one half of the day devoted to fighting off their creatures, and the other half on. They rise early the morning for breakfast, then to ground fighting. At high noon they break for lunch then report to the stables to retrieve their creature to continue training until dinner is ready. After, they report to bed. Sundays are a day of rest, in which they are free to do as they please under some regulations. Any misbehavior and disregarding of the rules will result in punishment. Such punishment may include helping with the cooks or mucking up the stables.

---Dragon's Academy

---Phoenix's Academy

Phoenix Territory:

West of the large river separating the two empires, most of the country consists of lush, hilly grasslands great for farming. Toward the top of the river and all along the top are mountains spilling over from the dragon's lands. Their capital is toward the top right of their country in a small valley with a small river providing water. Two major cities lie along the southern coast for trading/fishing purposes, while one city sits in the center as an agricultural hub. Roads connect the cities and some others, sending food and supplies to and from each place.

Dragon's Territory:

The lush grasslands spills over across the border to make up the western and southern borders. But grasslands and hills soon give way to huge mountains that make up the most of the land. Toward the center of the country in a crater is the capital. It relies on the tall mountains around to shield it, along with large, stone walls surrounding the city. Two major cities lie on the coast to the south, for trading and fishing purposes. However, the agricultural trade is managed mostly by the capital itself, with roads connected all major and semi-major cities around the country.





You belong to one of the two empires, forced by your rulers to learn the art of war and fight for either the dragons or the phoenixes. The Fire and Wind both run through your veins, making you fierce and strong as you ride on the back of your creature. But everyone has their own opinions. Some believe strongly in the war while others want peace. And that is what I ask of you. What are your views? Do you wish to win this war or do you crave peace between the two nations? Or maybe you simply do not care and fight just for the rush? Perhaps you have your own agenda. Whatever the reason, it is people like you who affect the outcome of this war. And right now, this land could really use you.




*I am the owner of this RP, so I do ask you at least consider what I say should I have to say something.

*No spamming/flaming! Please!

*No Godmodding/Powerplaying or any of that.

*No killing others unless you have permission to do so and you inform me.

*Romance is allowed, but please, keep it at a PG-13 level.

*Swearing and violence are allowed. But nothing to graphic. I don't want to see guts spilled or heads rolling. A stab to the heart is fine or bleeding to death, but no heads.

*Please be at least Semi-Lit. That means 2 fair-sized paragraphs, with no * * for actions.

*All relevant OOC chat!

*PM your apps, with the secret word somewhere this post.

*3 characters per user!

*I reserve the right to change the rules should I see fit.

*I have a '3 strikes' system. 3 warnings, and I will kick you from this RP.

*Please, have fun!




[B]Country:[/B] (Dragon or Phoenix)
[B]Personality:[/B] (3-5 sentences.)
[B]History:[/B] (Minimum of a paragraph please.))

[B]Appearance:[/B] (Picture or description of a dragon or phoenix, depending on your country.)
[b]Personality:[/b] (3-5) Sentences.)





((This applies to both empires.))


~In order of power~ ((Bold Indicates Taken))

- Prince/Princess ((Only 1 prince and princess per country, please reserve.))

----Dragon Princess/Prince

----Phoenix Princess/Prince

- Generals (2 generals per country)

- Lieutenants (2 Lieutenants per general. Should a general die, the 2 serving under him/her will fight until one gives up or is knocked out. Cannot be to the death.)

- Medics (In some cases, their words are to be heeded before a General's. Generally unbiased when it comes to healing, be it their side or the other.)

- Soldiers

- Scouts

- Messengers (Delivers not only orders among the army, but delivers messages to the other side. Not to harmed unless they provoke the other army)

- Trainees





The Empire of Dying Embers is the land of the phoenixes. They lie to the west of the river that separates the two where they gather to watch the sun set, celebrating another day of being alive like they have done since the beginning of the war. Here, people are hospitable and fun loving with towns relatively close to the capital due to their very communicative and sociable ways. Children here receive their bird on their twelve birthday, phoenixes flying down from homes in the mountains to meet them, and are known to bond almost instantly.


This empire mostly lies in a valley between the mountain ranges, well protected with scouts always watching for the dragons. The capital, Canicus, is built around the large open castle of the royal family of Wren with stone walls surrounding the main city. Clusters of small communities surround the walls with very few towns away from the city. The north end of the capital is entirely for the academy, dedicated to teaching young riders drafted into the war how to fight and defend themselves with magic or melee weapons upon the back of the fire birds. It takes years of training before they released into the battlefields.


The Empire of Celestial Flames is where dragons are born and raised. People here tend to wake before dawn and gather to watch the sunrise like the others with dusk. Because dragons are more violent in temper and actions children here don't receive their dragon, be it in an egg or already hatched, until their fourteenth birthday. Though not as hospitable as the other empire, they are loyal to each other and their country and very close to those they consider friends. Outsiders aren't welcome and it takes a while before they are treated as friends. Here, towns are scattered about, built into the sides of the mountains they call home.


The capital, Drakon, lies in a large crater in the center of the mountain range with a huge stone wall built to protect its inhabitants. A well defended castle stands in the center, more of a fortress than anything, holding the Pendragon royal family. Built into a large mountain a few miles away is the dragon's form of an academy dedicated to teaching how to ride and fight on the back of a dragon with the use of swords, bows, or magic. Teenagers are sent from every town as they are drafted and forced to fight in the war, despite the fact it is years before they are deemed fully ready and sent out, much like in the phoenixes' land.





Dragons come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors but all are powerful. Here, they can all breathe fire and fly. Their scales are extremely tough, some even have spikes on their tails. But every dragon has a secret soft spot that can spell their doom if exploited. They form fierce bonds with their riders, two halves of one whole devoted almost completely to each other. Although dragons live for centuries on end, their lives are ultimately linked with their human riders. Should the riders be killed by anything but natural occurrences, the dragons suffer as well with pain almost as equal. However, most of the time, they will sacrifice their own life for their riders like their humans would do for them.


Phoenixes are exactly as legends say. They are large birds with feathers made of fire and beautiful birdsong. Their color can vary from reds to blues to whites. Any color fire can be, really. As dragons can breath fire, phoenixes can control it to an extent. They are nearly immortal with their constant rebirth cycle in which, after a very long period of time, they burst into flames and are reborn from the ashes; with each rebirth, the knowledge gained from past lives carry over to their new lives. But should they be struck down by weapons or some other violent way they will suffer and die like any other mortal creature. They too form powerful bonds with their riders to the point where they can connect telepathically. Should their rider die however, the grief they feel drives them to solitude. That is, of course, if they live. Like dragons and their riders, phoenixes and their partners will sacrifice their life for the other.




Password: Scorched

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That'll need to be a new thread, yes; I'll keep an eye out for it and it shouldn't need critique.


So, approved! Have fun roleplaying.

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We are now OPEN!!!


Ash! Ashriani jumped at the sound of Ignus's voice in her head, dropping the book she held in her hands only to catch it just before it hit the ground. But the quiver of arrows leaning against her chair had spilled across the floor, causing the girl to cringe. A rush of wind and floating feathers greeted her while she was picking them up as the phoenix landed on the balcony of the tower. I have return. She sighed and stood to meet the fire bird with an outstretched hand, leaving the arrows for another time. All the while, she tried to calm the frantic beating of her heart.


"I see that. But you know Ignus, you could have given some warning. Scared the life out of me!" She gave a light-hearted laugh and guided the great bird in. "You must be hungry after that flight," Ignus had flown over to the capital to deliver a message, a flight well over just a few miles, "I think we have some dried meat in storage somewhere..." Ash slid a barrel out from the corner of the spacious and bare room, stepping over the arrows, and dug around to collect some strips of jerky, tossing it over her shoulder as she found them. Once she was down, she replaced the lid and slid it back in place.


Once Ignus had finished, he found his own corner and laid down to rest, the light from his fire dimming as he fell to sleep. Ash found her way back to the chair by the window and finally cleaned up her mess. Once the quiver was upright once more, she sat down with a quiet sigh. Patrol up in the mountains was boring, she had long decided. Dragons didn't cross often up here and the silence was killing her. While she would've loved to go flying, duties kept her tied down until her shift was over. This war had to end soon, or else Ash would die of boredom before anything really happened. Of course, she doubted how much use an archer just out of training would really be of use.

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Obsidian looked out over the city. The crisp air was blowing through her hair. Her and Onyx were on patrol around the capitol. Her mother didn't like the idea of her fighting in the front lines, but Obsidian couldn't just stand back and do nothing while her kingdom was at war. So her and her mother make a deal, Obsidian would fight in the front lines for a short period of time then return to guard the capitol for a period of time.


Onyx was hanging on to the side of a mountain looking out over the capitol where Obsidian had grown up. Obsidian was on his back strapped into her saddle a lance was strapped to the saddle as well just in case she needed it. Obsidian watched as people walked along the roads bringing goods to the city and the cities beyond.


I could easily burn half of them before they realized what happened. Onyx said to her. Obsidian glanced over at another mountain where another dragon and rider were flying by on patrol. "I miss being in the fight too." Obsidian replied simply, fully understanding what Onyx was really saying. "So many people could be dying because we aren't there to help fight. But it's this or never leave the capitol again." The capitol is well guarded if your mother must pull you from the fight the least she could do is let us guard some town on the border. Onyx replied. Obsidian petted his neck "Yeah I know."

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Emory woke with a start. He looked around, wondering where he was. He was laying in bed and drenched in sweat. Maerkury? Are you there? Where am I?

I'm here, Emory. Don't worry. You're in your room at the academy. You just had a nightmare, that's all. She sounded tired. It was the fifth night that Emory had woken her up before the sun had risen.

Oh. OK. I was just thinking about her again. I'm going to get up now. I'll see you at high noon. Emory slowly sat up and tried to calm his beating heart. Grabbing the shirt he had nearby, he pulled it on and groaned. Another day of training. Another day of being ridiculed by his fellow trainees. Another day of agony.


Climbing out of bed, Emory stretched, yawned, and thought about Maerkury. She was always there for him, no matter what. She alone was his one true friend. She was his only release, and his only comfort when the pain got to be too much for him to withstand. He loved her more than anything, and he thanked the heavens every day for her.



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Aieren stretched and yawned. Another day was here, but today was different. Today Aieren was 17. Yesterday morning she had been 16, but today she was 17. Denar was asleep in the corner. His even breath was soothing. Aieren's eyes came to rest on the silver tipped feathers that covered his head and part of his neck. Her hand drifted to her own hair. Dark brown. Every hair and its silver tip. She closed her eyes and sighed. It had been almost 5 years ago. Aieren was thrown back to reality as a loud nock rattled the door. Denar's eyes flew open and a growl rumbled in his throat. Hold on Denar. Let me get it. Let's hope it's not him and his 'friends'. Aieren got up and pulled on her leather jacket. The bangs started again, "Hey Aieren ya in there?" a voice called mockingly. Oh great. Well, we can handle them. Denar growled again standing but not advancing forward. Aieren threw the door open and glared at the boy standing in the doorway. "What do you want this time Derek?" a short boy about 15 with dirty blond hair stood pretending to be cool. Three other boys stood behind him. One had a black eye, one had a broken nose. The third stood farther back not wanting the same fate as the others. "Aw, don't be like that little Ren. We only wanna talk." Derek leaned against the door but stumbled and stood strate again. "You just don't learn do you." Aieren said crossing her arms. She suddenly swung her arm hitting Derek's nose strate on. He fell backwards and and started crying. The others stared at him as blood trickled out of his nose. "See ya at training." Aieren said and slammed the door.


((sorry for spelling errors.


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Seth looked out over the landscape that seemed to stretch for miles. He had been assigned to guard this old crumbling castle for the day along with his dragon Xaphan. This tower had once been a prime defensive outpost during the early days of the war. But had to be abandoned due to the constant fighting. Maintaining its structure had proven to be difficult due to its high altitude location and it's closeness to the battlefield. Beneath its crumbling walls inside the mountain side was a beastiary where the dragons resided when their soldiers came to the castle. Xaphan had taken it upon himself to go inside the beastiary and lay low. A black dragon perched on the snowy tops of the mountain would have quickly alerted any pheonix riders of their presence.


Seth stood on one of the old towers that had managed to stay almost fully intact and watched, scanning the skies for any movement. It was a boring task.

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"Hey," Ash nearly jumped out of her skin for the second time that day, her chair this time almost falling over with her in it. Apparently, she had fallen asleep on the job. That was sure to look good to whoever walked in. Ignus even raised his head to see what was going on. But once she had calmed down, she turned to see a fellow soldier standing in the doorway. "Your shift it up, it's mine turn now," He said, looking completely bored and not at all amused at her little spectacle.


"Great!" That was exactly what she wanted. Another second and she might have flown off with or without making sure someone else took watch. "Ignus!" He responded immediately and stepped out onto the balcony with wings spread wide. Ash swung up and onto his back, taking off in a flurry of feathers without even a side glance back. She was free, and that was what mattered.

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Onyx half walked half flew to the other side of the mountain. Obsidian gazed at the seemingly unending landscape, mountains and grassland as far as the eye could see. She took a deep breath. "Let's have some fun." She said to Onyx with an evil smile.


Onyx jumped off the mountain and flew over the capitol, he began flying higher and higher into the sky. Obsidian unstrapped her legs from the saddle and then closed her eyes as she jumped off the back of Onyx. The air whistled past her, her hair flew up reaching for the sky and for a brief moment she was flying on her own, the thrill of knowing there was nothing in between her and the ground was almost as exhilarating as the thrill of fighting.


Onyx flew under her and Obsidian pulled herself into the saddle and re-strapped her legs. Onyx flew in loose circles around the city a few times before again perching on a mountain side again. Do you crave adrenaline that much? Onyx asked already knowing the answer. Obsidian just smiled and looked out over her city.

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"Milord, you need to focus on the defense!"


It was early in the morning, and the third year of training for Loren. He was sent to the academy by his father to train him. Deep down, he knew that he was being trained to lead men, and to potentially fight in the war. But that was all in the future, right now, he was getting beat up by a burly man and his wooden sword. He was learning how to defend himself against an expert swordsman with nothing more then magic and a mace. As he got himself up and brushed the dirt off his clothing, he was smacked in the face again by the swordsman, falling right back down again. "Milord, the enemy will use any opportunity they can get." The swordsman said as Loren quickly got up and blow the next blow from the man, only to barely dodge the next one.


Loren merely smirked as he kept pressing the attack, trying to match offense with offense. It was a stalemate until Loren cast a small firebolt, creating enough of a distraction to gain the advantage. When Loren managed to press the swordsman onto the wall, he smirked as he began to back away... only to be kicked in the gut. As he landed on the floor, the wooden sword was placed at his neck.


"Your getting better milord, but you gave me an opportunity to kill you when you back away." Explained the swordsman as Loren got up. When he began to run his hand through his hair, the swordsman said "Go splash some water on your face, we'll start magical combat when you get back."

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Hearing a loud noise down the hall, Emory quickly walked over to the wash basin in his room, grabbed the pitcher full of cold water, and poured liquid into the bowl. He spashed the icy water onto his face, then grabbed the cloth rag next to him and used it to dry his now freezing cheeks. Looking quickly in the mirror to make sure he was presentable, Emory then walked across his room and, pulling on his deerskin boots, opened his bedroom door.


Stepping out into the hallway, Emory saw what had caused the noise. Aieren, a fellow trainee, had apparently punched another trainee, Derek, and now Derek was sitting on the ground crying and holding his bleeding nose.

"See ya at training!" Aieren said, and slammed the door to her bedroom. Emory watched as the two boys that had been with Derek helped him up and walked him down the hall towards the infirmary.

"Serves him right," Emory said, "Little punk." Stepping inside his room once more to grab his coat, Emory then set off for the kitchen, where he would have his breakfast and start another day of training and torture.

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Seth walked into the royal dining hall, or what was left of it. At the far end sat the royal throne which only the head of the royal Pendragon family was allowed to sit. Seth sauntered over to where the throne was, ghostly reminders of what once was but now isn't haunted the walls to either side of him. Old torn royal tapestry could be seen hanging down the walls or strewn across broken tables and chairs. Blood coloured parts of the wall and parts of the floor from where men and women fell victim to the blade.


Reaching the throne, Seth turned to face the rest of the hall before gradually sitting down upon the Pendragon royal chair.



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Aieren sat at breakfast. She had her hair in a ponytail, but small strands still hung loose. Denar had gone to the stables to wait for training. Aieren slowely chewed trying not to pay attention to anyone else. She sat alone at an empty table.


Wood whistled through the air and cracked against more wood. Aieren panted rubbing her sore wrists. "Come on Aieren! I've seen little kids fight better than that!" Aieren's grip tightened. She yelled and swung her wooden stick as hard as she could bbut still missed. The night effortlessly hit her in the shoulder. Aieren stumbled to the ground and wiped sweat from her forhead. Aieren, calm down. Denar said his shoulder aching. Sorry. Aieren said back. "Get up. Try again." The night said. Aieren lifted herself off the ground and swung the stick.

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Emory swung his sword around to block the blow of the knight that was training him. He had been training with this particular knight for half the morning and was looking forward to high noon, when he could get off the ground and start training with Maerkury.

How are you holding up, gorgeous? Emory heard Maerkury's melodic voice in his head. He thought about how wonderful she was. He knew she could feel his pain every time he was struck by a sword, and yet she tried to never show him that she was in pain.

I'm fine. Thanks. Emory panted, trying to block the knight's sword and keep his footing, all the while thinking about Maerkury.


Suddenly, Emory found himself taking a blow to his gut, losing his footing, and falling backwards onto the grass below him.

"Get your head out of the clouds, boy. If you're going to be any help in the war, we're going to need you to focus. You're doing well, and hopefully you'll be able to go to battle soon. Our only problem is that you can't stop thinking about... whatever it is that occupies that mind of yours." Emory looked up at the knight as he spoke, thanking everything good and wonderful that the only one that knew the secrets of his heart and mind was Maerkury. "Now, go take a break and try to start thinking about your training. I want you back here shortly, though."

"Yes sir." Emory said as he stood up and put his sword away. He walked until he was out of earshot and then sighed deeply. Nobody understands. No one knows what it's like to see her die every day. I just keep replaying it in my mind. I try to think of you, but she just keeps coming back.

One again, he heard Maerkury in his head, comforting him. They may not know, but I do. I get to see her die too, you know. Are you still mad at them?

Emory smirked. He knew that Maerkury was aware of the answer, she just wanted him to talk about it. He decided to amuse her. Of course I'm mad at them. They left us to die! I tried to keep her alive until my birthday, but she was just too weak. And now she's gone. And it's all my fault.

So now you're blaming yourself for her death? You know that's not logical. She almost sounded angry now.

Yes. No. I don't know. I mean, I know it's not logical, but I don't know who I should be mad at. Myself, my parents, or the dragon riders? You've seen it, it's all jumbled up nonsense in my mind. Anyways, I have to get back to training. It's almost high noon, so I'll be with you soon. Emory then walked off towards the knight, taking out his sword. He was ready to beat this guy. He was ready to end the war both in his mind, and in reality. He was ready to win, with Maerkury by his side.

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After taking a moment to cool himself off, Loren walked right back into the training room. For most of the students, they were either having breakfast, getting up or training. Since he was the prince, he got a private tutor... which was a bit of a mixed bag for him. On one hand, it did allow him to develop his combat skills, to get to the same level as everyone else attending the academy. But he wish he could have more interaction with the others, he felt a bit isolated. "Alright Loren, lets work on your movement and legwork" Said the swordsman as Loren this time grabbed a wooden sword and shield. As he got into his stance, the training began. For the next forty five minutes, Loren was trying to parry the man's blow, dodge them and counter with the intent of getting into a position to strike him unguarded. The problem was their gap in experience, the swordsman easily recovered whenever he successful. After that part of training was done, Loren's legs were beginning to get sore... which was a vast improvement then when he tried this same thing two years ago.


"Your getting better milord... I do believe you have earned a thirty minute breakfast break" Said the swordsman, chucking lightly as he rubbed his graying beard. Loren was about to comment, when he heard his stomach growling. He looked down, then back at the man with a sheepish chuckle. "Your good" He replied as he placed the weapons back, the swordsman merely chuckled as Loren left room. After splashing some more water to cool down, he pulled the band off his ponytail, letting his long hair come loose. As he sighed in relief, he entered into the mess hall where they were serving food. As he sat down and ate, his presence went unnoticed by the first years.

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Seth had no love for the Pendragon's. Afterall he partially blamed them for the death of his father. Why had they allowed such a coward... a scumbag... a traitor to partner his father during the scouting mission in which his father was murdered. Seth gripped at the edge of the armrest digging his claws into its frame. "Curse the hierarchy of our land. I bet those royals didn't even care that another one of their own had fallen. Abandoned by a fellow dragon rider and left to die at the hands of scouts born in the lands of the pheonix"


Seth stood up, gripping the hilt of his sword before turning around and slashing through the throne in the process splitting it in half. He knew he had no choice but to serve under those royal bureaucrat's in order to survive, and that angered him. In the grand scheme of things he was nothing but another pawn to be manipulated by the chess player which wielded his colors; The accursed Pendragons.

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Obsidian sighed in relief as she saw a dragon flying towards her. "Our shift is done." She said to Onyx. Onyx snorted in reply. As the dragon got closer Onyx let out a low growl of warning, the other dragon stopped for a second before continuing. "We've come to replace you my princess." The soldier said. Obsidian nodded in acknowledgment. Onyx then jumped off the mountain, he snapped at the other dragon just for the fun of seeing it afraid.


"I don't feel like going back yet." Obsidian said as Onyx flew over the capitol. We could go to the ruins, it's only a few hours flight and the day is still young. Onyx suggested. "Let's do it." Onyx then flew higher and faster as he passed over the capitol and past the mountains. Onyx pushed himself to fly faster and faster. Obsidian loved the thrill of his speed, each wing rhythmical wing beat sending more adrenaline coursing through her.


The ruins were from an old castle that had been abandoned during the beginning of the war due to its proximity to the war at the time. The front lines had since moved but it was still a key place to guard since the phoenixes would have to pass it to get to the capitol. Obsidian couldn't remember who was on guard today, and she didn't see any dragon flying. They must be in the beastiary. Onyx offered sensing Obsidian's nervousness. "Yes, that makes sense." She said relieved, she was worried that something might have happened to the soldier who was on guard, which would have meant phoenixes were near by.

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"Someone's coming" warned Xaphan. "From the tempo in its wing beats, its definetly a dragon" He sniffed the air and a soft familiar tinge reached his nose. "Its Princess Obsidian and Onyx... the two of them will reach here any moment now"


"What is that pampered princess doing here?!" Seth said, clearly frustrated. He sheated his blade and quickly made his way out of the royal mess hall and back up the spiral stairs to the tower which overlooked the landscape. "Blast it all. Out of everyone it had to be a Pendragon"



"They are here" Xaphan snorted before closing his eyelids and curling back up in the beastiary.

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Onyx sniffed the air. It is Xaphan and Seth. He said. Obsidian thought for a moment, she knew she remembered the names. Then she remembered, they had been in the academy at the same time. Though she never officially met him she had seen him fighting and riding his dragon, he was a year older than her. Obsidian saw Seth standing on one of the towers. Onyx landed near the castle. "I just want to explore for a little while." She told Onyx. Onyx nodded then laid down where he was, he didn't like the company of other dragons and so he saw no reason to go to the beastiary with Xaphan.


Obsidian walked into the castle. It was disheveled and falling apart. Obsidian found her way to the dining hall. A throne sat at the far end cut in half. That's odd, the throne is cut in half. She thought to Onyx. What does it matter it's just a chair. Onyx said back.

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Seth watched as Obsidian and onyx landed just outside the castle. He had no intentions of leaving his post and welcoming her here, so he just stood there in the tower.


"Out of all the possible people to have decided to come here, it had to be the princess. Blast it all. and here I was thinking that I could have a day alone. It was why I asked to guard this outpost specifically. Hardly anyone came here" Seth moaned through his link with Xaphan.


"She is of noble birth Seth. Suck up your feelings of hate and show an ounce of respect. We can't have you being banished from the lands and in the process banishing me as well." Xaphen replied.


"If she wants to talk, she can walk up the flight of stairs herself. I see no need for me to leave my post, especially with that pampered girl roaming the halls"


((Going to bed))

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Emory closed his eyes and felt the wind rushing through his hair. Unlike some other riders, he never really controlled where Maerkury took him. He just rode on her back and let her take him where she pleased. She would dive, spin, and dip without ever telling him to hold on. Sometimes he happened to loosen his grip and fall off, but when that happened he would just feel the air all around him and wait for Maerkury to swoop back around and get him. He felt so alive while he was up in the sky. He felt so free.


"Rae! Watchout!" Emory heard one of the knights yell to him. His eyes instantly shot open and he felt Maerkury dive down bellow the clouds just as another Trainee's Pheonix was about to grab them.

Emory laughed. He seems to think I can't take care of myself.

You can't. That's why you have me. That's the second time you've almost been snatched right off my back. Maerkury moved effortlessly through the sky, where as the other Pheonixs sometimes had difficulty rounding tight corners.

At least I have you. That's all that I need. Together, we're unstoppable. Emory took out his wooden sword, ready for action. As Maerkury swooped around to meet the other Pheonix head on, Emory slowly unhooked himself from his saddle and stood up on Maerkury's back.

"What are you doing, boy? Get down from there! You'll kill yourself! That's only for very experienced riders!" Emory heard the other knight yelling to him, but he didn't care enough to sit down again. He had been wanting to try this ever since he was a little boy and his father would tell him stories about standing up while on your Pheonix's back. His father said that you had to trust your Pheonix very much in order to do so, but that only fools would risk standing up and falling their death. But he also said that you could get more leverage while fighting this way.

Ready Maerkury? Emory looked down at Maerkury. So beautiful and strong. He knew she would catch him if he fell.

This might not turn out well, Emory. What if something happens? He saw Maerkury glance up at him. She was worried.

Don't worry. I wouldn't leave you. Besides, I have to get good leverage on this guy if I want to beat him. Training for today is almost over, and if I ever want to go to battle I'm going to have to get noticed somehow. Just catch me if I fall. Emory swung his wooden sword around and looked straight at his opponent.

Always. Even if you aren't falling. I'll always be there to catch you. Maerkury shot him another quick glance and then curved around their opponent. She kept circling him, trying to get Emory closer and closer to the rider. Emory was now crouching down on Maerkury's back and holding onto his saddle's handle, trying to get a good swing at the other rider, all the while being yelled at by the knights. He kept willing Maerkury to get a little closer, his sword could almost touch the other rider if he reached far enough. Suddenly his feet slipped, and dropping his sword, he clung to the handle with all his might. Knights were now flying out to get him.

I'm doing it. I'm going. Emory let go of the handle. He felt the air around him. He heard the knights franticly yelling his name and he felt the wind as their Pheonixs flew by him. Closing his eyes, he listened to Maerkury, who was now singing her beautiful birdsong. She always sang to him while they were flying, and just before he fell asleep at night. He felt her talons wrap around him. He looked up at her and saw her beautiful blue eyes. Closing his again, he thought about all the adventures they were going to have in the future.

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With the wind rushing past her, Ash sat atop Ignus grinning wildly. The great bird himself was as happy as she, glad to stretching his wings for more than just errands. They wouldn't be needed back for a long while, so they wouldn't be back until then. For now, both were content to just fly for awhile. Ash even turned over on her back to lay down and stare up at the sky. Before she realized it though, she had dozed off and fallen asleep while flying. Ignus seemed to zone out as well, not paying attention to anything but the feeling of freedom.


However, she received a sudden awakening a while later when Ignus finally zoned in. ~Ash!~ She jumped, quickly grabbing onto his feathers to stabilize herself. What? What?! He sounded grim and a little worried, and was circling one little area. But he didn't even need to say anything, for the blood drained out of her face when all she could see for miles was mountains. They had drifted over the river and into dragon land, bad news if they were caught.


"What are we still doing here?! Turn, now, before someone sees us!" Ignus responded immediately and turned back toward the west, flying as fast as we could.

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Obsidian wandered around the castle for a time. She would occasionally stop and pick something up and examine it before putting it back. The castle was tattered and ruined, some rooms were completely inaccessible. Some castle, it wasn't even that big, I can see why we didn't mind abandoning it. Obsidian thought to Onyx. The capitol is much safer. Onyx replied. Obsidian found herself at the base to the tower Seth was in.


You shouldn't bother him. He is on duty. Onyx said knowing what Obsidian was thinking. I want to ask how the patrol has been going. Obsidian protested. She normally didn't like talking to people, but now that she was set on doing it, it would take a lot to convince her otherwise. It's obvious that nothing has been happening. Onyx said. We were in the academy together, besides I should know more about my soldiers. Obsidian offered. He is not one of your front line soldiers who you know everything about so you can lead them better. But I know you won't listen to me, when he gets mad and asks you to leave don't say I didn't warn you. Onyx said exasperated. Obsidian began climbing the stairs.

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Seth heard footsteps approach from below, "Great... Just great... she is coming up here..." Seth folded his arms and returned his gaze back out on the horizon, feigning interest in his duty.


"Remember Seth, she is a noble. Behave."


Seth merely grunted and glanced back at the door, half expecting the princess to step through it.


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Obsidian climbed up the tower steps. She was surprised that the stairs didn't give way under her with how old the tower was. At the top she opened the door and saw Seth standing there.


The view from the tower was wonderful. You could see the entire area from the tower. Obsidian glanced down at where Onyx was laying near the castle. "How is the patrol?" She asked simply.

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