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Currently: I've started to draw on photoshop, so I am taking 5 requests for the meantime to "help" improve my much-needed-to drawing skills.


Starter Request List

Current Request List Status: CLOSED

1. Pikabubba - Red / No specifics "surprise me!" COMPLETED

2. Varekis - Ice Hatchling / Male, gendered, sitting on rumpus

3. Xylene - Marrow / Female, "Whatever you want", long tailed

4. Daciana_Adena - Vampire / Male, whatever, face is smug

5. Infinis - Silver / Male, Happy, whatever pose


Anyway, I love to draw dragons, even though I'm pretty sure everyone here does, so I'm not any exception. tongue.gif These ones will be simple one-dragon pictures, for your siggy, avatar and what-not.



How to Make a Request

Fill out the following Form:

Your Forums Name

Breed of Dragon you want drawn

Specifics (the more, the better!)




Guardian of Nature

Pose: Flying, roaring...tail curled but wings spread wide to show off size.

Stage: Adult



Currently only taking DC dragons, will do OC's later, maybe.


I do not have a "I don't draw this dragon because its not my favorite or it's too detailed/hard" policy, so feel free to ask for any of them!


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Here is the section where you will find users completed requests.

1. Once your request is finished, a copy of the image will be found here. I will alert you by PM.

2. Please provide your email address so that I may send you the non-watermarked and better quality picture for your use.

(The ones you see below are NOT the optimized finals!)

3. Enjoy! happy.gif



1. If you were not the person who requested, YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO USE THE PICTURE.

2. The person who requested the picture has permission to edit, resize, crop, make banners, graphics, fanart etc. from it, but either:

a. The signed name must remain.


b. I am credited wherever the picture is used.



Pika's Red

user posted image

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Hey Xythus! Mind if I request? ^^


The dragon I want drawn is a Male Adult Vampire (pretty much the same thing I have been requesting from everyone in Original Works. tongue.gif), and you can do whatever you wish with his pose, I just would like his facial expression to be smug looking.


Thanks in advance!

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Xyth, it is just <33333

Such great artwork! PMed you my email address wink.gif

Thanks so much again!

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