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pika1.pngDoubleGoldstar5.png*Searching for any 2nd gen reds from any tinsels or shimmers*- please no dead line. Also seeking beautiful even gen reds that are 8th gen and higher (not PB)When you take an egg/hatchling as a gift, a "thank you" goes a long way. I have no respect for beggars. Prize dragons have made some people around here lose their damned minds.Siggy by SlipVayne <3 , Red Dragon art by Xythus :)

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    I have selected a few friends to breed me reds for my birthday, October 10th. Thank you so much to (in no specific order) Absolute, Munificent, Lilali and FortyTwo :)


    Note on naming: If you need me to name something, please just let me know. I've gotten really lazy with naming. If you have asked me to name something , and I didn't do it, poke me again because I probably forgot >.>. Please do not expect me to make an annoyingly long name, or a name in all caps though.
    If you don't like a name on a dragon of mine, don't ask me to change it. If you don't like the baby's parents names, then kill the baby. That way it won't bother you anymore XD

    **If I don't reply to your PM right away, it's usually because I'm checking from my phone. I usually reply once I get back to the PC. If I forget, please remind me! I tend not to be around much during the weekends :)

    I am always happy to breed reds for anyone who needs/wants them. Just send me a pm ;) My only request is if you ask for them, please be able to take them right away. Don't be shy-ask for as many as you wish. I don't use the "I BITE" approach. No idea why people do that. "You don't understand!". Yes I do...it means you need to take a break :p

    if I have one spot open, it usually means it's already reserved for something! Thanks for understanding :)


    *2nd gen red Wishlist/need*
    I collect 2nd gen reds from all types of dragons that are able to breed them. The following is what I currently need. All must be cb red x (cb dragon listed)=2nd gen red. The (male/female) are referring to the x dragon listed :)

    -any 2nd gen reds from tinsels
    -2nd gen reds from spriter alts. (only have from shadow walker alts so far)
    -2nd gen reds from new prizes? :D
    -Need to catch up on last few releases


    *As far as 2nd gens that I need, I am currently NOT seeking them unless they're hatchlings.*
    -even gen reds with unique lineages. I especially LOVE and appreciate huge even gens! (Have enough PB ones)
    -low gen shimmers. Shimmers x red dragons highly wanted! Please no x blusang, gw or holidays.
    -2nd gen blusang from male silver
    -2nd gen sunset from female silver
    -2nd gen blue nebula from male silver
    -2nd gen balloon from female silver

    Need to get (in no rush):
    -NDs at some point
    -More CB Metallics (I do love cb metals! It's so fun to chase after something rare , only to have it never breed what you want XD)
    -A few more cb green coppers
    -One day to have a 2nd gen egg from spriter alt 09 val!

    Munificent: if you're reading my wishlist...GO AWAY LOL :p you don't owe me anything!!! <3


    -other tinsels for maef
    -2f CB whites- aryn (inactive)-Please PM me when you are active again. I hope you are ok!
    -try gold x gold

    ice or fleshcrowne from arsani


    I don't bite , I look at all offers but please be reasonable. Try your best not to offer me trash unless I'm offering trash first :p