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    Moving to new forum account soon, not sure what name yet.

    A lot of stuff here is 3-4 years out of date.

    I love getting PMs, and I never bite; so feel free to PM me about anything!

    (Also, if it has been over a day or so and I have not replied to something I should have, please remind me as I might have accidentally forgotten.)

    Large image in signature links to scroll, and images next to it link to... nothing at the moment.

    See something on my scroll you want? PM me, I'll see what I can do! I am a bit reluctant to promise offspring from my Metals though, so be forewarned.

    When I do IOUs, I will always get you what I promised if possible, no matter how long it takes. I will generally be actively trying to get it done as soon as I can, in any way I can, but I might not be able to get it as soon as I or you thought. So, if you are going to be very stringent on the time where I have to get it to you; I ask you to please just politely refuse my offer as I don't like to get on the bad side of anyone.

    +++CURRENT IOU(s):+++

    ----3+ Eggs, (tw)

    -----Halloween Egg/Hatchling

    +++TOP PRIORITY:+++
    NEW WISHLIST/TRACKER!!!! (lost the old one, darn it)
    2nd Gen Sunsongs/ G. Wyverns from GW Fathers
    2nd Gen Sunsongs From Gold Fathers
    2nd Gen Moonstones from SW
    CB Golden Wyverns
    CB Sunsongs
    CB Seasonals
    Red Hatchlings - 51/75
    Pink Hatchlings - 13/20?
    Purple Hatchlings - 4/20?
    Alt Blacks
    Trios - CB especially
    Stripes (will take just about any)

    +++ART CREDITS+++
    All credit for art is now on a spreadsheet, with the link to the picture by the artist's name. I need to format it to make clicking the links faster, but there it is for now. (URL under Home Page)