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Cave Born Trading

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Celestial_hatchi_corporeal.gifCandelabra_hatchi.pngDaydream_mature_hatchi.gifTarantula_Hawk_Drake_mature_hatchi.gif 4 CB hatchlings ~{OFFER}~
WANT:Aeon_Wyvern_egg.gif CB AeonBlusang_Lindwurm_egg.png CB BlusangZyumorph-egg-rotator.gif CB Zyu (no Red)output_OOa6e4_zpsstee5hbx.gif CB Xeno (no Pyro)Spirit_Ward_egg.pngKyanite_Pygmy_egg.gifHowler_Drake_egg.png 2 or more CB Spirit Wards, Kyanites, and/or Howler Drakes

HAVE:Cheese_egg.gif Cheese ~{OFFER}~WANT:eR2uyrO.gif ChickenChrono_Xenowyrm_egg.gif CB ChronoGaia_Xenowyrm_egg.gif CB GaiaZyumorph-egg-rotator.gif Any 2 CB Zyumorphs

Two trades complete, thanks! (I'd erase them, but I'm lazy and wanna copy/paste it again later)


HAVE:Mageia_Xenowyrm_hatchling.gifRed_hatchi.gif CB Mageia Xenowyrm + CB Red ~{OFFER}~WANT:Spirit_Ward_hatchling.gifKyanite_Pygmy_hatchi.gif Honey_Drake_hatchi.gif Howler_Drake_hatchi.gifDay_Glory_Drake_hatchi.gifMorphodrake_hatchi.gifMagelight_Pygmy_Wyvern_hatchling.gifNebula_hatchi.gifTan_Ridgewing_hatchi.gif 3-4 CBs of... Spirit Ward, Kyanite, Honey, Howler, Day Glory, Morphodrake, Magelight, Nebula, Tan Ridgewing.

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Gold_egg.gif H: CB Gold. W: 2G Prize, 2G SA kin, ND, best offer of my choice of CB common/uncommon hatchlings (signature applies)! https://dragcave.net/teleport/32846df5285924e84c06490eefb4f6a8


ALSO, a dragon with any of the following codes (any capitalization) is auto: Jin, Reyn, Riki, Xord, Egil, Pyra, Zeke, Tora, Haze, Lora, Elma, Skell, Mira, Shulk, Fiora, Dunbn, Dnban, Shrla, Melia, Dcksn, Zanza, Mynth, Mneth, Klaus, Galea, Alvis, MtlFc, Mmkhr, Vanea, Mchon, Mechn, Mnado, Aegis, Morag, Poppi, Malos, Norne, Addam, Mthra, Siren, Artfc, Nopon.


Signature applies! Please DM to discuss! Also see my signature for other things that I'm willing to trade for certain CB hatchlings.

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CB Ice

CB Thunder

CB Magma

CB yellow Zyumorph

CB Thalassa Xenowyrm




CB Aeon

CB Indigo Lunar Herald


Low-gen Spriter alt

2nd gen Prize

2nd gen Prizekin

Red hatchies

any other interesting offer


Willing to combine my eggs in any combination for any offer that I'm interested in. Pm me and we'll work something out.

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CB 1945668444_ZyumorphDragon-easterndragon.png.8b43f1e3d9690f9f80ea4ed1352405bf.png

CB 1363949120_Zyumorph-wyvern.png.1c979c6edba3879ebafc9e7db09c1fe2.png


Would Love:

Priority: CB 1650789034_CopperWyvern-verdigris.png.425df5b79eda374d4489e0715d1d548b.png (willing to combine both Zuy's)

2nd gen 1945668444_ZyumorphDragon-easterndragon.png.8b43f1e3d9690f9f80ea4ed1352405bf.png from Blue Zuy x Garland Amphiptere, nicely named parents

2nd gen 170608288_ZyumorphDragon-amphiptere.png.9c2da4388d445921f061ab35c5b9efe9.png from White Zuy x Garland Amphiptere, nicely named parents



Blue Zuy

Pink Zuy

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Gold_egg.gif CB Gold (KOHZs) Make an offer on my egg!
Silver_egg.gif CB Silver with nice code (R1NLL)


Offers! I'm very attached to the silver, so probably not trading it away, but probably willing to part ways with the gold for 2nd gens from SA or other nice offers


Also up for trades:

Cheese_egg.gif 1 cheesy egg!

Cheese_hatchi.gif A cheesy hatchie with a violent code vHitZ

Not pictured: A yellow dino egg, paper egg, 2 ice babies, a magma baby, a vampire baby and a copper baby


Offering multiple/all as a package for something nice, or each for some CB hatchlings


No teleports remaining so you'll have to initiate, sorry!

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VNPC.gif.3f1b6b862e1b3a1a149d8a6f373b2093.gifCB ice egg

SFoq1.png.7d2e82e3398436e46dbff6d722d57386.pngCB blusang egg on CD

3lJP.gif.201551b6106c19ec0caa2e78b4aa5140.gif CB thunder egg on CD

AG73H.gif.3cbb988190ef1895c59759df9821adc9.gif CB blue baikala egg on CD


Want: Offers or mates for group/53333, PM to set up trades

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Cheese x5 (will only trade for REALLY good offer)

CB Deep Sea hatchie

CB Red Zyu hatchie 

4x Turpentine hatchies 

CB Black Tea hatchie

CB Sunstone hatchie

CB Moonstone hatchie




Eh...offers? I don't really know. My signature applies. The Cheese army thing.

Cheeses for...anything but other cheeses, unless you just don't like your code

CB Gaia Xeno(s)

CB Blacktip hatchies

Random CB pygmies (any breed, as long as it's CB)

Really any random CB common if you want one of my commons


PM if interested or offer in public trades: 


Red Zyu: https://dragcave.net/teleport/8d2f2437b2729fefa88a2cb0f502f4d2


Bluna: https://dragcave.net/teleport/9ac4dc6212c0ea0d006176d834ca4936 (will name parents if wanted)


All 4 CB Turps: https://dragcave.net/teleport/a3f6a151ba621e04bc0ad300d638fc10


PM if you want multiples or want me to split the Turps up.

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CB volcano Xeno on CD







I am currently seeking a CB aeon but I haven't been having any luck with those so I'll consider any nice offer, please PM to discuss - this was an accidental click and when it comes off cooldown in 5 hours if I get no offers I'll probably just gift it to giving tree or abandon it

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CURRENTLY UNCERTAIN STATUS I've offered it on a trade, but feel free to PM me to check if it's still available - i'll tidy up this whole post once I know I've got a finished trade.




CB Gaia Xenowyrm user posted image




CB Hatchling offers


I got lots of lovely offers overnight, declined all but one, and then realised I couldn't accept it because they're egglocked XD So even if you've offered before and been declined feel free to have another go - all the offers I had I would have accepted if not for the others. traded

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Chicken_hatchi.gif CB chicken

Aeon_Wyvern_egg.gif Aeon_Wyvern_egg.gif CB Aeon x2

Pyralspite_Almandine_egg.png CB Almandine Pyralsprite (incuhatchable)



Mystery.gif qyu.png Interesting offers. I use decline.


Offer here!

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Hi! I have three Zyu hatches (two white, one pink) all stunned. 


I'd like two lowish time CB Chronos, please, but with time to influence.




Thanks in advance and have a good day 😊  

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