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Common Collector's Competition

Common Collector's Competition! New Mod needed!


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Heads up, the Dorsal has the wrong egg description on the first post.

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June Sign Up!

Forum Name: Monster04
Scroll Name: Monster04

Group Link : https://dragcave.net/group/56635


Water_Horse_egg.gif "This egg is slimy and blue."


Glaucus_Drake_egg.png "This striped egg feels moist."


Purple_Dorsal_egg.gif "This egg has multiple bands of color on it."


Horse_egg.gif "This egg has strange markings on it."


Frostbite_egg.png "Frost is creeping over this cold egg."

Edited by monster04
added group link

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35 minutes ago, Common Collector's Competition said:


Here are the breeds for June so you can start collecting. Water_Horse_egg.gif Glaucus_Drake_egg.png  Purple_Dorsal_egg.gif (only purple dorsal countsHorse_egg.gif Frostbite_egg.png

As written, only Purple counts ;) 

whoops sorry, seems like i'm too tired to read correctly :') 

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June sign up


Forum Name: Kurokosworth

Scroll Name: Kurokosworth 

Trophy: Silver


June group tba

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Last day folks. Please make sure our group links work properly and scroll names are visible. The thread will be taking a break after this contest until September due to RL problems. However if anyone who knows the thread very well and is interested in being a mod, feel free to PM the account. 

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Hello, is it too late for me to sign up? I just found this thread today.


Forum Name: Anra7777

Scroll Name: Anra7777

Trophy: None


Frostbite Dragon: 2Hquh

 Waterhorse: CYTzX

Edited by Anra7777

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I've been busy with other things this month but may as well throw my one qualifying egg out there. :D 


Forum Name: Ghostmouse

Scroll Name: Ghostmouse

Trophy: Platinum


Water Horse (1):


Edited by GhostMouse

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Onbestaand: Dorsal 53, Frostbite 13, Glaucus 2, Horse 23, Waterhorse 36 Tot: 127

Monster04: Dorsal 44, Frostbite 9, Glaucus 5, Horse 27, Waterhorse 33 Tot: 118

spring_dragon: Dorsal 35, Frostbite 20, Glaucus 4, Horse 16, Waterhorse 26 Tot 101

Gnora: Dorsal 23, Frostbite 9, Glaucus 2, Horse 19, Waterhorse 23 (last 4 don't count unfortunately) Tot: 76

Narrae: Dorsal 28, Frostbite 6, Horse 7, Waterhorse 13 Tot: 54

osean: Dorsal 2, Frostbite 2, Waterhorse 5 Tot: 9

Ghostmouse: Waterhorse 1 Tot 1



Fjord: Dorsal 2, Frostbite 13, Glaucus 11, Horse 10, Waterhorse 18 Tot: 54

Splashie: Dorsal 18, Frostbite 2, Horse 6, Waterhorse 1 Tot: 27



Kurokosworth: Nothing listed



Kaemena: Dorsal 11, Frostbite 5. Glaucus 2, Horse 3, Waterhorse 6 Tot: 27

Anra7777: Frostbite 1, Waterhorse 1 Tot: 2


Sending out PM's now. Congrats to all the winners!

Edited by Common Collector's Competition

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Do we have any word on if CCC will be returning for October or November (since there hasn't been a September update)?

Edited by Narrae

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On 9/7/2018 at 11:44 PM, Narrae said:

Do we have any word on if CCC will be returning for October or November (since there hasn't been a September update)?

I would be interested as well! I loved the motivation to hunt for some dragons haha

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I apologize if this is spam but is this competition still active? There haven't been any updates in several months and I'd like to sign up sometime.

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Sorry about that guys. Real life caught up on me in a bad way. Will try and get it up and running after the Christmas madness is over. 😔

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Hi everyone!


Unfortunately I won't be able to continue the thread as I don't have the time to get on the forums like I used to. :(

However, I'd love it if someone would like to take over the thread to continue the contest instead of watching it die. Please PM me (Raphy, not CCC) and let me know if you're interested. The only thing I ask is that you are very familiar with the thread, rules, contest etc and modding threads work. 


PS. I'll still help out with donations/prizes when needed.

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