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Metallic Trade Center (No prize "haves" allowed)

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sorry didn't read, my bad

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Gold_hatchi.gif CB gold (precog male.) https://dragcave.net/teleport/30c08e994fb8b7965cacbe2871d078ef

Some combination of the following:

1) CB silvers

2) CB green coppers

3) 2g valentine eggs or hatchlings


*The valentine eggs/hatchlings can be any valentine's breed.


*I need the valentine eggs or hatchlings to have at least one named parent and no parent names longer than one line of text (so I can keep the checkers evenly spaced.)

Here are some of the lineages I am most looking for:
SAKU: Aegis, sweetling, frost, pyrope, red, sunsong, speckle, daydream
FLORAL:Rose, purple ridgewing

SOUL: Daydream, purple nebula

MUTA: Rose, shadow, brute, tan ridgewing, white, GoN

HEARTSTEALER: sweetling, radiant, truffle, diamond, white zyu
RADIANT: heartstealer, arsani, lacula, melismor, greenwing, kingcrowne, white

ARSANI: aegis, sweetling, blue firegem, daydream, crimson,purple nebula, gold lunar

HEARTSEEKER: heartstealer, antarean, gold wyvern, autumn

ROSE: muta, sweetling, gold
SWEETLING: rose, carmine, saku, heartstealer, arsani, val 09, white
VAL 09: Radiant, floral


Use the link on top or feel free to PM. Happy post-valentines!

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