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she/her || I collect stt/STT/Stt codes || IOU friendly

I have a CB Male Silver Tinsel. If you're interested in trading, check out my profile!

CB Blacktip Collector!

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    Information about trades for my CB Male Silver Tinsel's offspring:

    If you want to request a trade, feel free to pm me! (currently at 1/4 planned trades for prizekin and 1/2 planned trades for a prize). I accept IOUs and will put you on my list, but will not start breeding until you've completed your IOU (unless we are swapping prizes/prizekin or something we both need to breed).

    This pricing is for a request from a mate of your choosing. I will keep trying until I get the desired offspring.

    Cost for prize from holiday mate is one of the following:
    * 2 CB silvers
    * 1 CB gold or CB staterae
    * a prizeswap from a holiday
    * 1 holiday prizekin

    Cost for prize from a common or uncommon mate is one of the following:
    * 2 CB silvers and a dino
    * 1 CB gold/staterae and a dino.
    * 1 holiday prizekin and a CB silver/dino

    Cost for prizekin from a common or uncommon mate (not including breeds with alts such as nebulas, ridgewings, and alcedines) is:
    * a prizekin swap
    OR 1 of any of the following CB eggs:
    * verdigris (blue/green) copper
    * rainbow copper
    OR 2 of any of the following CB eggs:
    * aeon
    * red dorsal
    OR 4 of any of the following CB hatchies:
    * pink
    * purple
    * bolt
    * celestial
    * 1 CB egg/hatchie with a STT/stt/Stt code (I'm a huge fan of statistics ^_^ )

    I'll only swap holiday prizekin from my tinsel for other holiday prizekin. Check out group 131392 for my 2gen prizes who need holiday mates

    All of my CB dragons are in group 113589 if you'd like to check out potential mates.

    All of my prizes and prizekins who need mates are in group 151384


    I really love it when people name my dragons' offspring, but it is never a requirement in any trades I do or gifts I give. I'm also fine with them being frozen, bitten, etc. Once they're on your scroll, they're yours to do with as you please. :)