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Metallic Trade Center (No prize "haves" allowed)

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Welcome to the Metallic Trade Center!!


Are you tired of look for a metallic in another trade thread? Well, here is your solution!! This topic is for metallic dragons. No alts, no trios, METALS!





NO spamming or chatting please!


• You can ONLY post metals. It includes all stages of coppers, golden wyverns, golds and silvers: No bundling of non-allowed offerings with allowed "haves".


*Prize dragons should not be traded here - they have their own thread now - Prize Central https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=166174


• IOU's are not allowed to be posted here. Anyway you can send a PM and offer a IOU. But please, don't post "Have: IOU of silver tinsel, Want: Black dragon". Please, no.


• You can ask for whatever you want.


• Please, post your offer once per day!!


• Use the /lineage code link if you need it. Don't post the /view code link...!


• We don't need minimodding!!


• Have FUN!!





_Z_ allowed the creation of this thread smile.gif



edited by rubyshoes to allow coppers and golden wyverns


edited by rubyshoes on 1/22/2015 to disallow prize dragons (shimmers and tinsels).

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CB Red Copper



2G Kin:

- M Blusang x Bronze Tinsel (not related to this)
- F Teimarr x Silver Shimmer (not related to this)

See Profile for other ideas, Signature applies


PM or will use decline: Make an offer!

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Posted (edited)


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Posted (edited)


CB silver



2G prize from non-holiday non-silver mate; tinsel (western) preferred over shimmerscale (eastern)

neglected always welcome


Make an offer we both will enjoy!  😀

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Traded, thank you! :-)

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Posted (edited)

Thank you for your trades & offers!

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