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Metallic Trade Center (No prize "haves" allowed)

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Welcome to the Metallic Trade Center!!


Are you tired of look for a metallic in another trade thread? Well, here is your solution!! This topic is for metallic dragons. No alts, no trios, METALS!





NO spamming or chatting please!


• You can ONLY post metals. It includes all stages of coppers, golden wyverns, golds and silvers: No bundling of non-allowed offerings with allowed "haves".


*Prize dragons should not be traded here - they have their own thread now - Prize Central https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=166174


• IOU's are not allowed to be posted here. Anyway you can send a PM and offer a IOU. But please, don't post "Have: IOU of silver tinsel, Want: Black dragon". Please, no.


• You can ask for whatever you want.


• Please, post your offer once per day!!


• Use the /lineage code link if you need it. Don't post the /view code link...!


• We don't need minimodding!!


• Have FUN!!





_Z_ allowed the creation of this thread smile.gif



edited by rubyshoes to allow coppers and golden wyverns


edited by rubyshoes on 1/22/2015 to disallow prize dragons (shimmers and tinsels).

Edited by rubyshoes

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Have:  Copper_Dragon2_egg.png - CB Copper (Rainbow)


Want:  Copper_Dragon1_egg.png or Copper_Dragon1_female_hatchling.png - CB Copper (Brown/Tarnished/Liver of Sulfur)


...I guess nobody's interested. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Edited by Maiden

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oua58h.gif 2nd-gen gold from arcana, with nicely named parents. https://dragcave.net/lineage/pE8VY



CB witchlight, CB arcana, or 2nd-gen Halloween. Or something from my sig.


Specific 2nd-gen lineages I'm searching for are:

1) male witch with female carmine, purple dorsal, falconiform, green, lumina, colossus, purple ridge, speckle, gray, stripe, striped river, sunset, gold wyvern, mageia, almandine, thunder, green siyat, purple floret, truffle, shadowwalker, lurker, gold lunar, pink zyu;

2) female witch with male GoN, sunrise, pink, celestial, tea, black, white;

3) male omen with female aeon, dark lumina, script, stripe, gold, purple siyat, skywing;

4) female omen with male frostbite, purple ridgewing, royal blue, sunset, sunsong, white, blusang, marrow, witchlight, lacula, razorcrest, pyrovar, truffle; 

5) male caligene with female celestial, gold floret;

6) female caligene with male stripe;

7) male desipis with female freckle, ash;

8 ) female desipis with male gold floret;

9) female grave with male scimitar, freckle, gold floret, leodon, melismor, ash;

10) male lurker with female fell;

11) female lurker with male horse, khusa, sunset;

12) female shadow with male nhiostrife, scimitar, fell, black zyu, purple floret, razorcrest, aether;

13) male marrow with female GoN;

14) female marrow with male scimitar, sinomorph, razorcrest, red zyu, ash


PM me or offer on the link, https://dragcave.net/teleport/2f735fae79c3936f8cb51c281f41d394


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2nd gen. Silver from male Caligene Teleport



2nd gen. Silver from Pacified Aegis

2nd gen. Ice from Pacified Aegis

2nd gen. Chrono Xenowyrm from Pacified Aegis

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HAVE: Gold_egg.gif CB gold x CB Arcana

WANT: Black_Truffle_egg.pngBlack_Truffle_hatchi.gifBlack_Truffle_mature_hatchi.gif CB Black Truffles  (eggs or hatchlings)


TRADE:  Traded Thanks.

Edited by WraithZephyr

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HI, I have:


2nd gen gold/black https://dragcave.net/lineage/YugIw

2nd gen gold/black https://dragcave.net/lineage/1abw6

2nd gen silver/black https://dragcave.net/lineage/zb3pY

2nd gen silver/black https://dragcave.net/lineage/OZehz

2nd gen silver/black https://dragcave.net/lineage/CznAD



Please PM

Want good offers, specially cb's or 2nd gen of prize dragons

You can get them in any combination. 3, or 2 of them.


Be well, Monica

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HAVE: Silver_egg.gif 2G (CB Silver x CB Garland)


WANT:  Black_Truffle_egg.pngBlack_Truffle_hatchi.gifBlack_Truffle_mature_hatchi.gif CB Black Truffles  (eggs or hatchlings)


TRADE: Traded.

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Gold_male_hatchi.gif  2G Gold from female Celestial, gendered male!  Teleport Link



3G Gold from male Marrow checker

3G Gold from female SW checker

3G Gold from female Caligene checker

3G Gold from 'checker' with any mix of whitewing/goldwing (not triwing) SnowAngels  (mate for this)

2G Gold from RibbonDancer

2G Gold from Garland


Edited by sorenna

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Bronze_Tinsel_egg.gif -- 3G Bronze Tinsel from Green Copper x Bronze Tinsel checker. Traded! 
Lineage: TuBCC

Bronze_Tinsel_egg.gif / Copper_Dragon3_egg.png -- Unrelated bloodswap or 2G egg with a Green Copper father and a Bronze Tinsel mother. 
Gold_egg.gif -- 2G Gold from Gold father and Script mother
Gold_egg.gif -- 2G Gold from Gold Floret father and Gold mother.

Gold_egg.gif -- 2G Gold from Caligene father and Gold mother.

Mystery.gifqyu.png -- Offers. 

Make an offer on my 3G Bronze Tinsel Egg! Traded! 

Edited by Nimras

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577929527_SilverDragon.png.8c7b91a4085bfc18686e55b219b3e37f.png 2nd gen from Rosy-winged Solstice


Would Love:

Bloodswap (nicely named parents, please) or something nice from my wishlist (link in sig)




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