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Favorite songs of the moment...

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New Divide by Linkin Park x3 It's an awesome song.

Not my favourite anymore, but I've always loved it. You have good taste! =D



Probably because of the new CDs I got recently, some of my current favourite songs are:


~Snuff, by Slipknot


~Various Shihad songs (really depends on which songs I've listened to most recently =P)


~Pressure Man, by The Feelers (as always ^^)


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Stereo Love- Vika Jiguilina and Edward Maya. Luvs it.

Far East Movement- Rocketeer

Lady Gaga- Alejandro

many more but can't think.

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And also

. I know I'm going to get punched for the pun, but this song is...blissfull tongue.gif

I haven't heard "Bliss", but I like "Uprising". xd.png

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For some reason,

I've been humming/singing Teenage Dream (Katy Perry) for like.. weeks now!

*must stop* xd.png

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Fade to Black by Metallica and Killing Yourself to Live by Black Sabbath.


Well people look and people stare

Well I don't think that I even care

You work your life away and what do they give?

You're only killing yourself to live

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