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----Scroll----Always looking for even gen eggs with Bright Pink lineages. I also need water, deepsea, magi, and skywing eggs from Frills . I will gladly trade for them! I respond to all pms :)See a lineage I have that you like? Pm me for breeding requests or future trades! :)

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    **CB Tan egg <--- Need badly
    **2nd gen Tan egg from m Tan Ridgewing X f ( Marrow, Frill, Black, Pebble, goldwing Snowangel, Harvest, Val. 09) <--- Need badly
    **2nd gen Tan egg from f Tan Ridgewing X m (Sweetling, Alt Sweetling, White, Albino, Marrow, Frill, Black, Yulebuck, Harvest, Pink)<--- Need badly
    **Any 2nd gen egg from bright pink
    **2nd gen egg from m Frill X f (Water, Magi, Deepsea, Skywing)