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  1. Thank you so much! I will name her!
  2. Finally finished this moonstone x monarch even generation project: https://dragcave.net/lineage/vT1J7
  3. Have: 2nd gen aeria gloris from male silver tinsel Want: bloodswap or other 2nd gen prizekin from male silver tinsels. The egg is still available, please pm me!
  4. I took one, thank you!
  5. Thank you for this beauty!
  6. Whoops, well I really liked the codes! Thank you! Edit: Claim my egg! - This tinsel is still available Dropped to AP Claim my egg! You're welcome!
  7. Took the horse dragon, thank you!
  8. Each slot comes back 2 weeks after you used it.
  9. Oh, I've got "Place Eggs and Unfrozen Hatchlings on top" checkmarked. Does that no longer put the leetle tree with the eggs and unfrozen hatchlings? I could have sworn it used to get sorted there.
  10. My leetle tree is no longer sorting at the top of my scroll with eggs and unfrozen hatchlings. Is this happening to anyone else? I haven't changed how my scroll sorts.
  11. HAVE: 2nd gen spirit ward from female gold. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! WANT: Exact bloodswap Other 2nd gen metalkin from female golds (I use decline)
  12. Got this one’s mom here and she finally produced something to pay it forward. Claim my egg! Didn't get this one's parents from here, but I hope someone still enjoys it! Claim my egg!
  13. Have: Gen 2 male silver tinsel x female stratos. Want: Bloodswap Pm me please!
  14. I didn't get a screenshot, but I saw two fool's mint eggs in the AP and they were upside down.
  15. Naked light lumina: https://dragcave.net/lineage/vPM6t Naked dark lumina: https://dragcave.net/lineage/j4aRB
  16. Have: 2nd gen gold from male silver tinsel. Want: Bloodswap. Make an offer on my egg!
  17. Have: 2nd gen gold from male silver tinsel. Want: Bloodswap. Make an offer on my egg!
  18. 5th generation even-gen purebred geode thuwed. Claim my egg! Extremely messy golds. Feel free to freeze! Claim my egg! Claim my egg!
  19. There is a yellow dino egg bundled with a risensong dragon on the trading hub.
  20. I need scaleless light lumina dragons if anybody has any. Thank you!
  21. I got the gold x pillow, thank you!
  22. This was the last one I needed to unlock the encyclopedia entry. Thank you!!
  23. Thank you for the Bronze Shimmer x Blusang checker!