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I’m friendly. If there is a dragon you need or would like please ask… ninety ninety percent of the time I ask for nothing in return (except patience). 

Things of interest I can bred:

CB Silver Tinsel.

- With the exception of a couple, I have a male and female cave born or market of each dragon
Summoned Dragons.

Thuwed Dragons.

- Linage Project Dragons from Captcha and Z’.
- I can bred my Code (general group) and Agent dragons. Codes that are not named are first gen. 
More Specific Code Groups: TVBSDJDrNumbersTime RelatedSeesawFirst Gen, and UFO.
- Nothing real amazing, but here’s my personal linages
Prizekin and GoNkin and Stateraekin.


Things I am looking to trade or swap for:

- Agent Dragons (like these). 

- Codes: TV, BS, DJ, Dr, Numbers, Time Related, Seesaw, UFO. 
- Neglected. I need an ungendered adult and one to freeze.

- Pure bred Aeons.
I can bred up to 6th gen if you’d like to swap. 

- Pure bred Golds and Silvers. 
I can bred up to 2nd gen Gold and 3rd gen Silver if you’d like to swap. 
- Soulstone x Candelabra.

I can bred up to 4th gen if you’d like to swap. 
- Amarignis x Elux Lucis.

I can bred up to 2nd gen if you’d like to swap.

- 2nd gen Prize and Prizekin.

- Mates for my Prize Dragons

- Alt dragons. I need a laying down black for freezing. 

I do not like messy, inbred, or stair dragons (not even for freezing). Any dragon over 2nd gen I prefer to be even. 

Interesting things to look at: LinagesNeglected, Zombies, Misc Unusual and Incestious Dragons.



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