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  1. No worries, Viirin. All that's left then is breaking apart the text with an extra line break between paragraphs Doing so will help readability. I'll get your thread moved right after. Are you intending to make an OOC thread? (For forum signatures, you can click the arrow beside your username in the top left corner and go down to account settings; you'll find the option for signatures on the left hand side after that.)
  2. I had to get Kyogre and Groudon through Raids. I feel on missing Lugia, though. I still don't have it and it's one of my top favorites I hope other legendaries cycle back in, including Lugia, because I've missed so many.
  3. Anyone in my list of friends want to trade two fodder Pokémon for a research task? Edit: never mind the trades but! My mom is looking to add some new friends 2696 6772 3795
  4. Okay, those are all fair Though, "may or may not" is a formal form of granting permission and/or discerning ability; "can" is the informal. Given the context of the surrounding paragraph, "can" better implies the permission you are granting and the potential abilities that players have through the RP than "may"/"might". Typically, the phrasing is seen as "which can include [insert item]" if specifying some possible ability/thing is desired. Using "might" suggests that someone could do something--but that something isn't necessarily allowed; this can lead to some confusion.
  5. I honestly don't believe they were trying to mimic the original anime. Why should they? I love the design of the new armor and it even has an interesting "standby" state :v edit: not everything has to be an exact replica of the games or series. If it were, PoGo wouldn't run as it does today.
  6. Hah no worries xD I just sent a request
  7. :'D I'm sorry then, I don't have you in my friend list. I don't believe we ever exchanged codes orz
  8. @Kaini I think I can. Which profile are you?
  9. It won't get taken down. ^^ You're welcome to edit and develop your RP whenever you choose/have the time.
  10. To an extent. Ask yourself questions from the mindset of a new member: -> Have you listed out the key/most important/influential points of the world's history? -> Have you listed out the key players of that history? -> In your plot, have you clarified what it is players should expect to do/accomplish? -> Leading a little into setting, have you explained what the members are going to be or how they will come to interact? -> What about the current, present moment that members will find themselves in? Don't be afraid to develop and elaborate on details. You don't need to repeat and rephrase the same thing in 10 different ways. But be free to explore any element of events that have happened. It's your thread to design EDIT to add: If you're more interested in a less-structured style of writing, we do have the Freeforms Section. There, you can immediately start roleplaying with your thread as is. You might still encounter some questions from potential members, though, if they have any.
  11. Hi there I'll help you get through the approval process. First things first, you're going to need a fair bit more information. Right now, excepting the rules, you only have a paragraph of information related to the RP. I recommend taking a look at this thread/post; it runs through some rules/expectations/requirements for unapproved threads. You also have some grammar mishaps that will need to be addressed, sooner or later; biggest one is the inconsistency in your verb tense(s). I can help point them out to you, but I'd prefer to wait until you've added more to the content so I can shift through it all together.
  12. Okay, I'm finally at my computer Here are some things I caught on the first read: No comma after "adapted". "on" -> "in" No comma. There are a couple different ways to phrase this sentence for smooth flow. However, this keeps to your original writing the closest. If you want to avoid repeating "to a degree" in back-to-back sentences, you can try: "The god only had limited freedom as well", "The god's freedoms were similarly restricted", etc. Word omission and missed space. "could" -> "can" ; the sentence (and surrounding paragraph) are completely in present tense. "Worshipers" is countable. Recommend "amount" -> "number"
  13. Hi there @Viirin I'm currently tied up at work but wanted to pop in and say I've seen this thread and will help you get it approved starting this afternoon I do want to start with recommending that you break up your paragraphs with an extra line break, creating space, so it's easier to read the content.
  14. Well that's fantastic. /sarcasm >:v Rage still exists because they never should have arrested/charged her to begin with!
  15. orz omg why? I caught a Groudon in a raid today, only to clear away a part for the Jump-Start quest and have one of the next tasks be "catch a legendary in a raid". *Shakes fist and channels MoJo-JoJo* "Cuuurrrrssseeeees"
  16. The Rift Wyrm face looks nearly identical to the Aeria Gloris face and I can't help but wonder if the Rift Wyrms were supposed to be the original concept for the Space Infinity Stone :v Especially since the stone's original color had been purple throughout all Marvel content from 1972 up until MCU changed it in 2017 to blue.
  17. [ Ready Player -- Charles Cornick ; Cody "CD" Davis ] { Support -- Hornet ; Anne ; ??? Status ; Health -- 100% ; | Status ; Health -- 100% ;t Brother Wolf ; Alert ; | Migraine Risk ; Moderate ; Shape ; Human } | Stress ; 73% }transparentx Howl ; Born Moon Called | Adapt ; Human Versatility "Fine. I'll leave you behind to figure your own way around next time." Charles was going to let that one slide. Maybe his Anna would have caught something that he missed. Since the strange woman could clearly jump a wide gap, he no longer felt obligated to assist her. Cody, on the other hand, was completely human and his physical limitations were likely to create further issues. The human will see the necessity, Brother Wolf assured. Leaping for the third time, Charles almost ignored the woman's comment about his attitude. Almost. Her name was too close to his mate's, yet she was nothing like his wife. It would have been enough to completely disregard her. However, he couldn't allow her words to stand. His dark eyes found her gaze, teeth baring. "Is that a threat? I'd like to see your friend try." His eyes lightened to wolf-amber as he let Brother Wolf come forward, revealing a fraction of the monster that he was. "Don't touch me. You're not human; don't touch me." Cody squirmed under Anne's hold, shoving her arm away. Stumbling, he nearly fell over his feet in the hurry to put distance between them. He clutched his arms around his stomach, grimacing. "You melted into a puddle of water! Charles--" Cody glanced over at the other man. Why couldn't all of this just be a dream? "He's human! Some kind of athlete. And, you know, he did kind of ask?" It was indirect, what with asking if Cody and Anne could make such a jump. And no, he wasn't just coming up with excuses. At least, that's what Cody told himself. "I only freaked because I didn't know Charles could jump that gap!" Absolutely not because of the sensory overload this was all starting to become and being surrounded by physics-defying reality. The thrashing drew Charles' gaze away, disrupting a display just before it began. Brother Wolf wasn't happy; he wanted to put Anne in her place. Charles was conflicted. Cody's distraction allowed for a neutral shift, a draw of sorts, and avoided further trouble. But Charles was just as ready to put Anne in check as Brother Wolf was. His Anna wouldn't have had this issue. He came to the only justification that settled them both: humans in need of protection was more important than disputing with disrespectful strangers. And not terrifying the human would make things easier. Brother Wolf reluctantly accepted Charles' reasoning, but only after Charles conceded the future potential necessity of properly correcting Anne. "If you're all quite d--" Charles' attention jerked to the edge of the platform. He heard something that wasn't easy to identify. Taking a step towards the end of the platform, Charles wasn't made to wait long before the source came into view and continued up past him. Craning his head back, he followed it with his gaze. "Holy--What is that?" He could feel Brother Wolf begin to pace at the abrupt appearance. As the--machine?--came closer to land, one of the figures dropped down as if performing on a stage. Charles examined the new arrivals, hackles rising when he realized what he was seeing. A tangle of too many equine limbs sharing a single body and bearing no head. A distortion of the earth's own blessings, raged Brother Wolf. Immediately, Charles opened his senses, reaching out with his mother's gift towards the miserable beast and steeling himself to hit--Charles nearly faltered. Peace and bliss were not what he expected. Dark eyes searched the two humans--who didn't smell quite right; were they human? "Let me guess: you don't know where you're at either."
  18. @Soomin Hi there! Apparently, it went a little unnoticed that you had made the couple tweaks that @TehUltimateMage pointed out. Apologies for the wait. Since this does not strictly involve DC dragons, I'm going to move your thread into the Other RPs If you need an OOC thread, feel welcome to make one here in the Unapproved section and it'll be moved over to join the RP thread.
  19. I think the credits should go at the bottom of each Encyclopedia page, just like the artist credits. Where else should they go? It easily helps identity who worked on what breed and is easy to find. Credits should also go on each individual dragon's personal page. It's just common sense here.
  20. We can't forget that this bill and police are going to specifically target WOC and women of poverty. Has anyone seen the sections that criminalizes miscarriages? And criminalizes women who go out of state to get a legal abortion (although, I think the language specifies criminalizing the doctors--who live in another state--for providing legal abortions)? EDIT to add: For the conservative men and women who are excited to have this bill because "life starts at conception and abortion is murder" -- how do you feel about going to jail for second degree murder because you (or your wife) had a miscarriage?
  21. Yeah and the artwork of the dragon is supposed to be something the PC/scroll owner has drawn but we still give the artists their credit where it is due. Why shouldn't we do the same for the contributors who put in the hard work, time, and energy, to write the descriptions/encyclopedia? Why not. Give. Credit. Where. Credit. Is. Due?
  22. Well, why not? There are contributors who wrote all of the information about a dragon breed into the Encyclopedia who wasn't responsible for the sprite/artwork. I think it's fair to give them credit for their work, their time and energy, on the very page where people are to find it. Just like artist credits are given at the bottom of a dragon's bio (which I think so also including a credit line for the contributor that wrote the description of the dragon).
  23. Well, see... rape isn't extramarital sex and.... well the girl is 11 years old. I don't think "did you remember to take Birth Control?" applies to this kind of situation. EDIT because: you made an edit. Kind of feel free to disregard my reply?
  24. Can I come in and just point out that this Heartbeat Bill does not exclude cases of rape or incest? So the 11-year old girl who was recently raped and is now pregnant cannot, under any circumstance, abort a really unwanted and dangerous-to-her pregnancy.
  25. @Epyon you should post your trainer ID here in the thread so people can add you lol