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  1. Pack | Veronica Jason was most definitely a wolf; she couldn't mistake the scent, no matter how emphatic he was about being human. His scent just happened to be layered with various other things that blended together into a label painted "Jason". One wolf, two wolf... three wolf, four. It almost sang itself out in her head. Where is wolf number five? She didn't enjoy having an invisible unknown, especially when Kubo, who had been introducing everyone, was withholding information. Well, that seemed a bit harsh. Maybe Kubo didn't see it as relevant while the fifth individual wasn't present. Assuming, of course, he was outside of the camp instead of lurking nearby. "Hunting sounds alright," Anthony responded. His voice almost cut through Eliora's sobbing. At least, to her sensitive ears. Veronica could sense his hesitation though, familiar as she was with his natural syntax and behaviors. She smiled at him, gently nudging his knee with her own. "Go ahead and go. I'll rest up here. Besides, I've already had my run." She ignored the other woman's blubbering--it was likely she just didn't understand the humans' motivations for firing a gun. People had all sorts of reasons often motivating the exact same course of action. Humans and Shifters alike. Even ordinary animals. "But--" "None necessary. Did Kubo tell you where we're staying?" Anthony sighed, letting his breath go on a drawn out exhale. "We get free pick of the available ones. Might as well take a look before I run off, then." -- | Anthony Standing, Anthony stretched his arms above his head before gathering one of the bundles that suddenly belonged to him and his mom. "Any preferences?" He motioned with his hand, lazily gathering the few cabins up for grabs with it. He watched her face as she examined them from the campfire. A heartbeat later, she started walking towards one erected further at the edges of the encampment. She snatched at the second bag in the same stride. Following her, he managed to avoid looking back at the group and only keep his ears on alert for any indication of the others leaving. Or coming up behind them. "Are you sure you'll be okay?" Stepping into the cabin, he briefly studied the small space that shaped itself into a front room, a kitchen, and bedroom which likely had a washroom or bathroom of sorts. "I'll be fine. Now go on and see the jungle for yourself. You might enjoy it or you might not. Kind of depends on how you view this entire... situation." His mom set her bag down against the wall, giving him a hug and patting his cheek. Freeing his hands of the other bag, he frowned. "I think this is BS. That's how I view it." He chose not to say anything further for the time being, and exited the structure before shifting into his coyote shape.
  2. I'll be sliding a post in tonight. After that, I'll need to pull back for the week+weekend in order to get some heavy schoolwork done before Monday.
  3. Oh :v Foxes--along with otters, owls, and eagles--are considered apex predators in places like the UK. :'D Had I known the definition was being more limited....
  4. Pack | Anthony He stared at the offered plate with its mound of eggs. "I don't have much of an appetite right now. When she gets back, my mom might. I'll take some tea, though, thank you." Two wolves. Possibly more. If only his nose wasn't as weak as a human's, it could tell him so much more. Being surrounded by wolves was not his ideal, let alone a situation he wished for his mom. Letting his gaze scan the campfire setup in the center of the camp. Then he studied the cabins that nearly surrounded it. There weren't many, but certainly more than the number of individuals he had been introduced to, presently. It meant either the group here was bigger and simply out of sight or there was an expectation for future arrivals. Anthony didn't know if he favored either possibility over the other. He swallowed down a sigh before it escaped, stepping closer to the campfire and taking a seat upon one of the wooden benches. "Well, guess it's like school all over again; first day equals icebreakers. Okay, you likely saw me as a coyote, if not, now you know that. I'm twenty years old, grew up among humans in the city. I was thinking about college. What happens now that all of us are here?" Reaching a hand up, he combed his fingers through his two-toned hair, letting a light chuckle brighten his face. His worries were his own to keep, his anxieties to grapple. There wasn't much that a couple of strangers could do, so what would be the point in showing just how somber he felt? And the last thing he needed were wolves smelling fear. But coyotes were good at adapting and he knew how to keep himself relaxed, barring any sudden aggressions from the wolves of course. -- | Veronica When she had run far enough away to not be disturbed, Veronica came to a stop. Bile slicked up her throat and filled her mouth until she couldn't stave it off anymore. After a few minutes, she was left only with a small fit of coughing and tremors that rippled through her frame. Her body was chilled despite the layers of fur that bristled against the morning air. Shaking out her body again, her ears flicked as she listened to her new environment. A jungle of sorts, she picked out the early activity of birds and other diurnal creatures within the trees. She kept her head and tail low, trotting through the dense vegetation, Veronica struggled to push her way past at first. She already greatly missed running in the woods or being surrounded by busy city life. Panting, she slowed her pace and quickly licked down a portion of her fur. The humidity was going to wreak havoc on her beautiful pelt, she just knew it. An older scent of wolf touched her nostrils and she halted. Ears erect, she sniffed the air more thoroughly to sort out its directionality. She promptly went the opposite way. Veronica wasn't a fan, sure, but she could see some of the appeal of the jungle. It was green and lush. Alive. Inhaling deeply, Veronica crouched close to the ground and shifted. She felt skin pull tight and muscles strain. The change took much longer than it usually did on better days. But it was good enough. She sat on the jungle floor for a few moments to rest before shifting back. It would be faster to return on four paws than on two feet. Given the thickness and overwhelming presence of underbrush, humans clearly wouldn't have an easy time traveling through without a way to cut it all away. Fox again, Veronica picked a steady but quick pace and backtracked along her own scent trail. She wagered she hadn't gone far. After all, it hadn't been long since she left Anthony alone with strangers. She figured she might have to apologize to him for that later. He was grown, though, and capable of handling people without her so long as no one tried to get violent with him. Before she could start to worry about that likelihood, she returned to her starting point. The encampment was in sight and only a brief distance away. The scent of several wolves lingered in the air, thick from their regular presence. The awareness of it slowed her pace, even caused it to hitch for a step. Sort it all out. Keep it slow. She drew nearer, taking her time to separate each individual scent until she could count the five. One was recognizable already. Veronica could see her son, his face cheerful and his body loose. Good signs. She passed through the camp's boundary, stepping within at last. She thought about shifting then, but that would leave her too vulnerable. A knot formed in her stomach again. Flicking an ear, she tracked the trio who weren't at the campfire mostly through sound and partially through scent. She could shift when she reached Anthony's side. That seemed best. It helped to ease the tension in her gut. "Hey. Good run? Did you see anything you like?" Anthony, bless him, was giving her something to focus on. She gave him a slight nod, coming to rest just at his left with a buffer of space between them. Becoming human felt agonizingly slow in the presence of the wolves, even if only two of them were close. But when she finished, Anthony held something out to her: a plate of eggs. "Oh, thank you." Taking it, she stuffed the few cold bites into her mouth and swallowed before answering his questions. "Yes, and sort of. The jungle is very different from the woods or city. Hi," she greeted, switching to the strangers. "Veronica. You two are?"
  5. Lmao most definitely not in 10 minutes xD On most street roads in the US, it takes an average of 1.5 hours for a car to travel 50 miles (using 35 miles per hour). Since a wolf's speed caps at about 40ish miles per hour when running, I'd imagine a Serval to take longer than that. So it wouldn't be a giant blip in the timeline hahaha just something I find amusing and wanted to double check for multiple reasons/purposes. (Such as, if Rica ran to Point B, how long would it take her?)
  6. 50 miles to the territory boarder :U whoa. Does this mean Deric, Kikyo, and Tenebris are running in the slight future from everyone else, timeline wise? (Mumbles to self: Veronica won't reach the boarder then before she turns back and heads to the Pack camp.) Though, since the two territories aren't that far apart, how likely is it that anyone from Pack or Pride has gone to the divide and sniffed out that other predator shifters are in the area? Or even the possibility that they've traveled across said boarder? (That is, a Pack member stepped into the Savannah for a while and vice versa, especially since Kubo mentioned being familiar with the Savannah [instead of the Jungle].)
  7. In terms of miles, how far away is the Pack's camp from the boarder where jungle ends and savannah begins?
  8. Pack | Veronica I think I'm going to be sick…. Veronica's head bounced, hitting against a hard surface that left her ears ringing. She panted as she came-to, eyes tracking slowly. She almost didn't recognize the cage in her disoriented state. Her stomach tightened as bile coated her throat. What had happened? It took a moment to realize she was in her fox shape, tongue swiping across teeth and lip. She tasted flesh and blood; not hers. Someone else's, then. A memory flashed, just a flicker of an arm, a hand. Gradually, recollection returned and as her body bounced again in the cage, her ears twitched. They were filled with the grumble of a moving vehicle. Thriving, humid, life filled her nostrils, cutting under the exhaust. Stumbling to her paws, Veronica began shaking off the cloud of sedition. Now she remembered taking a bite out of a man's arm when he thought he could shove-- Her ears perked up and her fur bristled. "Anthony?" Her call came as a sharp yip. When she focused, she could smell him, barely. The cages weren't designed for easy viewing, only safe transport. She pressed her nose against the metal side, searching for where her son might be. "Anthony, answer me." Her stress began to build, causing her to pant more. "Mom?" It was faint, nearly consumed by the roaring truck as it traveled over rough terrain. She felt her fur flatten with relief. Her panting ceased when she heard a soft string of curses. Anxious laughter bubbled up, almost breathy. She couldn't help it. Anthony stopped swearing. In the next breath came "Why are you laughing? I don't think this is funny." "Neither do I b--" Tires skidded as the vehicle stopped moved, the jerky motion causing her to lurch into the front of the cage. Anthony groaned something. A woman stepped in front of Veronica's cage as it lifted and settled on the ground. Her pupils adjusted with the change of light. Jungle trees flooded the space behind the human. Veronica stared at the woman, watched each movement as she unlatched the cage. The moment there was a gap in the door, she bolted out, making a quick snap at the human who was, unfortunately, ready for such a gesture. Her teeth smacked against metal instead of gripping into flesh. She still wasn’t happy about how the humans roughed up Anthony when her son didn’t agree to being forced into coyote shape. She backed away from the cage and humans, Anthony’s larger figure coming close so they both could watch them leave. She wondered if the tranqs had been because blindfolds and burlap sacks wouldn’t work on captives that could shape shift or because they were more than a little snippy. Perhaps both. It wouldn’t do a human any good for either of them to score a nasty hit or memorize which way was out. Her stomach was still churning with nausea. The truck receded from sight, letting Veronica obtain a better view of where she and Anthony were left. Her ear twitched at the sound of distant voices. “There are others here,” Anthony murmured. “I suppose there’s no hiding at this point.” She heard him take a sharp breath in before his body changed. Fur melted away and blended into the uniform color of his skin. A small grunt left his lips as a joint popped into place. It never took longer than a few moments. His sneakers scuffed the ground and Veronica looked up to see his shoulders roll out any remaining tension. He looked down at her. For a heartbeat, her throat tightened and swallowing was difficult to do. The fox wasn’t letting her shift back. Shaking out her body, Veronica flicked her tail. “I just need a bit to relax. I think those darts were a one-size-fits-all case and you know how those are; always bigger than I need.” Her son clearly wasn’t pleased, his lips pressed into a thin line. Beneath his displeasure, though, she could see his sadness, that near constant shroud that hovered over his shoulders. It bothered her. She wanted him happy again, unrestrained as it used to be. “Run?” He meant ‘are you going to run off the stress?’ “Yes,” she replied. “I won’t be long.” He was going to protest, or at least suggest tagging along in the unfamiliar territory. But she trotted, and then sprinted, away before he could. -- | Anthony Anthony watched his mother disappear, rubbing at the back of his neck. His jaws clenched together for only a second before he forced his body to loosen. It wouldn’t do any good to meet unknown beings while tense--they might mistake his intentions. Inhaling deeply, then exhaling slowly, he stooped to gather the bags the humans so graciously left them and started walking towards the group of… homes. Someone had mentioned eggs but he presently had no appetite. At the edge of the encampment, he came to a stop and studied the gathering. He saw four people, heard four people, and he couldn’t trust his nose to detect if there were only four scents. “Hi, name’s Anthony,” he started, letting words roll in his thoughts as he organized how to approach this. It was, frankly, the only thing he could control for the time being. “The vixen’s Veronica.” Whether to explain that she was his mother was a toss up; it could prove a useful thing to keep to himself for the moment. However, there wasn’t any doubt that the strangers might be able to scent that they were together in some form--family, or at least the same household. Well, he supposed he just reasoned himself out of the half-baked secret. Though maybe it currently didn’t matter. “Safe to assume everyone here is a shapeshifter of some species?”
  9. Yup, I'm all finished with Veronica's post. Just working on Anthony's portion now.
  10. Awesome, thank you ^^ This helps me sort out what exactly my duo might know. I should be able to post their introduction(s) tonight, all things going well.
  11. Okay. So basically the world has undergone the same wars, the same revolutions, evolution/development of civilizations, etc. as we have IRL, they're just a bit further ahead now in technology than us. Correct?
  12. I also have questions to add: 1 When shifters talk in animal form, is it telepathy; animal verbal and body language, or straight up human comes out of their mouth? 2 How identical is the history/setting of this RP to our world?
  13. Want to ask for clarification then :v Humans can and do get ear infections on a regular basis--most of the time, they just clear up on their own without the need for antibiotics. If a Shifter can only get them while in animal form, they're just automatically healed in human form?
  14. *Raises hands* I am I don't know if I'm going to shoot for the 50k but I plan to do my best :V I'm super excited to have a gander at the new site and see how it runs during NaNo. Hopefully, I'll come that much closer to finishing the first draft of a manuscript I've been working on for a couple years now; the story keeps changing and evolving which demanded rewrites.
  15. William Shakespeare and all his plays always make me mad; I'm tired of people popularizing him and his work when he was an awful person and there are so many women of color writers/playwrites several times his superior.
  16. @purpledragonclaw There's no feeding option for adults. Yarolds is a good site to obtain clicks to grow creatures if forum signatures and the like aren't generating enough
  17. A new adventure is beginning! Read the news here.
  18. Yes, please. Omg. I want Darkrai research super bad. However, since Cresselia was only in raids (I believe?), I'm not holding my breath--it's likely they'll put Darkrai in raids to match. If they do, however, I hope it's for a good several weeks+raid hours.
  19. It's good to have additional clarity on several rules. Although, I could have sworn it was already allowed to have an egg to our scroll in our signature? Or am I just misremembering/misreading?
  20. Glad to see this thread already up and running ^^ Admittedly, NDs are something I've been wanting to try but been to hesitant to actually do because 1) I've no knowledge/experience in the process and 2) always felt it might be a bit time-consuming and difficult to plan around work+school. I intend to follow this thread and hopefully get more into the discussion/actual process of it now.
  21. I'd love to participate and have a reminder too, please I actually somehow managed to snag a 4th gen stairstep from an SAlt in the AP last week ^^ But it's my only one so hopefully it'll be a success :v
  22. After some searching and a bit of help, managed to find this thread... I support the idea of a BSA for nurturing hatchlings to grow faster. I think using Time magic to do so would be more appealing as it'll easily avoid any questionable real-world practices. Dragon Cave has grown significantly over several years and it's still growing. We have a good couple hundred dragons, minimum. However, our scroll slots are not increasing to match the pace. At some point, there's going to be a pinch between the two. We're going to have to address that sooner or later, and doing it sooner (with a way to speed up hatchling growth, for example) would be the ideal.
  23. [The links are being weird?] Also, bringing an update from Rhynn.
  24. Thank you both! That unlocked the alt for me!
  25. Is it possible to get some help unlocking the Aeon dragon's Precognition alt?