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  1. ⇢ Log In....... ⇠ ⇢ Isaias ;; Anubis ;; Non-combat ⇠ ⇢ She ;; He ;; They ⇠ ⇢ Condition ;; Okay ⇠ ⇢ Distortion World ;; Junction Garden ⇠ ⇢ Update ;; Possible Threat? ⇠ "You're really not good at this. Are you?" Isaias muttered, eyes rolling. Louder, so that he knew that Add could hear, he said, "I'm not about to blindly trust that you'll be taking any of us somewhere we'll find answers." They gestured with their hands, arms sweeping outward slightly to emphasize what should have been an obvious, common sense, thing. They didn't hide the bewildered contempt
  2. The site appears to be down for everyone. I'll alert when it's back up. Hopefully the downtime won't be too long and I can find out an answer as to why. EDIT: the site is back up.
  3. Jorath Watching Vaz as they gripped the sink, Jorath tried to keep the ache out of his features. He nodded once when they mentioned the water. "She's always felt like ice since the beginning, like I could never get warm enough or--" he said, gesturing with his hand at the end as he tried finding the best way to describe the sensation. "Or like I'm constantly drowning, with how her aura washes into my senses." He caught their gaze in the reflection of the mirror for a moment before turning to see the side of their face. A low rumble would have risen from his throat for the ang
  4. Jorath 'Lady of Judgement'. Right. He'd almost forgotten about that entire situation. "Do you think we go to far, duping this Order into thinking we're somehow the answers to their prayers? I mean, even Argia feels uncertain about the whole "Lady of the Just" affair, or whatever the title is." Jorath twined his fingers together to mime the connection of their tethers and bridged Realms, trying to indicate where he was getting the emotional insight from. "Did she say anything to you about it earlier in the day?" Following Vaz into another section of the store, he listened to Vaz's theory
  5. I have approximately 100 eggs left to grab; nearly completed 2012. After that, it's all 2011 and 2010. I might be able to finish in time??? :U
  6. The glitch egg appears to be gone from my side of things.
  7. The url that the glitch egg sends me to ends with /easterget . There is no /easter# associated with it.
  8. Jorath Something was making Vaz hesitate, he could see it in the distant look to their gaze. He just wished he knew what it was and why. Whatever it was, however, seemed to pass by and Vaz returned to more assured mannerisms. And then it was Jorath's turn to feel shy. Again. He gently nudged the floor with his shoe. "The laughs?" Of all things? Briefly, he started wondering when, exactly, he had started laughing around Vaz. He remembered it had been very unexpected, no matter how small it was. Distracted by the switch of focus, Jorath considered his next reply. It wasn't that he wanted
  9. ⇢ Log In....... ⇠ ⇢ Isaias ;; Anubis ;; Non-combat ⇠ ⇢ She ;; He ;; They ⇠ ⇢ Condition ;; Okay ⇠ ⇢ Distortion World ;; Junction Garden ⇠ ⇢ Update ;; Possible Threat? ⇠ No sooner had they asked their question of the two strangers did someone's confused shouting attract Isaias's attention back to the cluster of individuals behind them. They frowned, unable to fully parse what the screaming boy was saying as he spoke too quickly. Something about a thing, the number seven, and what was that about death? It didn't sound like Spanish so Isaias could have been wro
  10. I don't know if this is the exact same issue?? But I keep having an issue with a previous year's FoE egg. Namely this one that keeps sending me to a /easterget error page but it won't go away. I circled the egg in the screenshot since it's constantly there. However, fortunately, it doesn't seem to hinder my ability to get other FoE eggs.
  11. Jorath He balked at Vaz's correction that they were asking about Dirzarok's gesture. Jorath made a sound, caught somewhere between acknowledgement and sputtering embarrassment for his misunderstanding. Unable to put actual words to his thoughts, he opted to just snort at his own mistake. "Oh, well, that was a form of farewell. More of a friendly type of gesture, though you'll have to ask Dirzarok how much familiarity exactly she wanted to imply with it." Thoughts drifted back to Vaz's statement about informing him when they were uncomfortable with something, their question of him doing
  12. Jorath "I think I'm going to ignore the fact that you just called me a clown," he mumbled, the frown playing at his lip and causing his eyes to squint with displeasure. Jorath wasn't exactly comfortable with being on someone's list of 'favorites' before he even knew them. His verdict was still out on whether he even fully liked having nicknames, given only two that he was aware of so far. One was a nauseating knot in his gut but the other.... Dirzarok was attempting to make assurances of good company as Jorath redirected his thoughts, preventing the wash of warm color from edging his ea
  13. Jorath He'd been prepared for Vaz's surprise, something he'd intentionally anticipated. What Jorath wasn't prepared for, was for his mind to stop working and his mouth to slacken slightly from his own surprise at seeing the dress upon Vaz's figure. It'd been awhile since they'd last worn something of the sort and he'd grown used to the more business-oriented attire of suits and nice coats. When, at last, his mind sputtered back into motion, Vaz was already responding to his change in clothing. Suave was a pleasant word that Jorath hadn't realized till then he enjoyed hearing as a compli
  14. Jorath When Vaz had winced in pain from their back, Jorath's lazy gaze faded just enough for concern to peek through while the guard picked him up. He was still focused on their well-being, even if that focus was more at the back of his awareness while navigating a situation involving demons he was unfamiliar with. Zoe was still talking, her sharp clap drawing his attention in time to absorb her choice of phrasing. "We made up but didn't kiss," Jorath mumbled, staring at her with a wrinkled expression, not sure if that should have been the first thing he responded with. He glanced at th
  15. Jorath There was a shift as he swam downward, becoming an upward trajectory back to the mortal plane. Jorath could see the hovering guards through the water as it brightened, a smirk playing at his mouth and entering his eyes. At the threshold separating him from being hidden or visible to the rest of the world, Jorath lingered in waiting until-- A guard passed and he surged upward, a stream of water spitting from his mouth to strike the guard’s shoulder and head. The demon swore, startled, before turning to him. Jorath was already jumping over the ledge of the fountain’s base, skipping
  16. Jorath “I wouldn’t mind...” So soft, he had nearly missed it. As Vaz moved about the lounge, grabbing the visitor passes and the articles of clothing that had been hung on the coat rack, Jorath watched them. Half of him had had the mind to clutch the scribe's hand at his chest when they'd slipped one of the visitor passes into his shirt pocket. However, Jorath didn't. Even with the permission to find whatever new boundaries were lingering beyond that blurred line, he wasn't exactly certain of what all he wanted to do. His gaze kept falling to their mouth, though. Their back wa
  17. Jorath He had very little time to understand Vaz's words and start to formulate an inquiring response when the scribe shifted closer. Their lips touched his forehead for the briefest moment. Jorath blinked dazedly. That wasn't a demonstration. Though the contact hadn't at all been long, his skin continued to tingle. The sensation threatened to travel past his brow, but ultimately faded before it could do so. It made his pulse quicken again. Vaz had shifted once more, face angling away as they stumbled through a reply to the flirting question. "You're blushing...," Jorath murmured b
  18. Jorath "We are good friends, fistrund, yes?" The tension seemed to ease a bit in his shoulders, though the uncertainty melted into confusion. What was the 'perhaps' that Vaz had trailed into? The question was at his lips but the Scribe moved on, their voice taking up the air. As they mentioned their assumptions, they laid back down upon the bed and fixed Jorath with a studying gaze. It brought Vaz's face a bit close and Jorath blinked, ocean blue eyes trapped by amber. He missed the first fraction of their explanation, only catching up at 'universal sign'. That... made sense.
  19. Jorath Their fingers were running through his hair again, a sensation that Jorath allowed himself the private admission he could grow used to. Vaz's touch wasn't a cold one and the gentleness behind it was... different, somehow. Their hand moving against his cheek suddenly made him realize he'd closed his eyes at some point. Blinking them open, he met their gaze as they continued talking, their hand falling away as they then worked to retrieve their shirt. For a moment, Jorath's gaze drifted, tracking down then back up before he registered the fact he was watching in the first place. Wh
  20. Jorath "Don't knock the bell-bottoms; I'll bring them back in style just for you," Jorath said, ease genuinely etching itself into his features and letting mischief arise in its wake. Despite the memory floating in the air, Jorath continued to smirk, absorbing Vaz's compliment. "I have my moments," he acknowledged, fully enjoying the Scribe's expression while it lasted. As their grin faded, replaced by hesitation that ruled itself out as being connected to distrust or irrational thought, he fell back into a patient silence, hands resting upon his lap for lack of knowing what else to do with
  21. Jorath "Now I'd like to hear that story," he said, responding to Vaz's confession of taking some of Malvorin's titles. Part of it was distraction and part of it was recognizing Vaz's hesitations about their back. Sort of. He didn't understand why Vaz was worried about his reaction--he'd already seen their wings. Still, he was going to approach the matter gently since he, himself, was particular about his back and who was at it. "The roles have reversed," Jorath said. He stared at their hands as Vaz grasped his. A soft huff of a chortle broke free at the dawning recognition. "When was it
  22. @soullessheartofsteel Thank you for your response. You put it far more nicely than I would have. Racism and misogyny (as well as "religious") are not mutually exclusive things.
  23. Jorath He had taken to perching upon the bed next to their wing, allowing him proximity without loss of leverage or awkward angling. Jorath kept his gaze upon the bandages that were coiling within his hands, feeling Vaz's extra eyes gracing his skin. As soon as the silver smoke started to billow free, feathers peeling away with the wrappings to leave the concerning presence of creeping tendrils visible, Jorath could sense another aura mingling beneath Vaz's own. His. Though he suspected he already knew, Jorath asked anyways. "What did she get you with?" he breathed out, momentarily igno
  24. Are you trying through the link of a creature you posted here or directly to the site itself? I get the 404 error when clicking one of your creatures, but not when I try the site directly.