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1Ip.png 29492.png ht.gifI will accept IOUs on a case by case basis. Thanks, guys, for creating cute badges! :D TJ's Leave And Take Page

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    Springfield, MO
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    Dragon Cave, Reading, Watching Movies and TV shows - adore Star Trek (all series), Xanth novels by Piers Anthony, Stargate (all series). And I love chatting.

    My avatar was made by a sweet person named Frayta - she knew I didn't have any pictures of my purely black cat that had gone beyond the Rainbow Bridge. She was a rescue cat whom I named Karma. She was very old and went peacefully in my arms. I had no pictures of her because I didn't have a camera at the time. The avatar is so sweet - I think it pictures Karma when she was a young cat and healthy. With all my heart, I truly believe she sent me Mila (another rescue cat, but much younger and healthy) a mere 3 weeks later on Christmas Eve. She got named Milagro - Mila for short - Milagro means miracle in Spanish.

    Unknown at this time... :D Just ask.

    If interested in an offspring by any of any of my dragons, then PM me. One thing that I **WILL NOT** do is breed any of my shimmerscales on request. From this time on, any pms asking me to breed them one will end up with your pm getting no response. Begging/sob stories gets you blacklisted. I don't believe in sob stories unless you can prove FOR SURE.

    Basically "I don't believe it unless it's proven to me."

    I repeat - NO PMs asking me to breed any shimmerscales.

    Shimmerscale swap may be considered if it's a lineage that I do not have. Yes, I have many, but none are the same lineage. So I am able to gift many people, gift my friends, lotto, shimmerswaps for ones (insane fort should be the subject line) that I have yet to get.

    Thank you for reading!