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  1. Yay to the winners!!!! Congrats! I'm definitely joining in next one again.
  2. 3g EG SA lines. For yourself or your giftee. GONE GONE
  3. I can't unhide an egg for some reason. I cleared cookies and cache. Using Win7 and Chrome. I haven't tried other actions yet so I don't know if other actions aren't working for me.
  4. Thanks, ComatosedRoses. The Blue Zyu is gorgeous.
  5. Hope this is done correctly! Thank you for running this thread once again.
  6. Gorgeous dragons this release... but aren't they always gorgeous every release. I feel so blessed!
  7. Happy Birthday, DC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Congratulations, LadyLyzar and purpledragonclaw! You deserve that! I look forward to seeing the new mods.
  9. Thanks. I sure woul love the green skin - I love it, it's so soothing on my eyes.
  10. As of tomorrow afternoon, I'll be gone without internet access for a few days, possibly much longer. I don't know right now. I've PM'd Z to lock this thread down. When I return, I will contact those who pm me with interest in running the SS account for 2016. I DO expect to be back before end of August. HOPEFULLY.
  11. Heya. Setting the 14th as the official END date for the 2015 Secret Santa. I don't think the big raffle will happen. I really really apologize about that. As for using the spreadsheet - it doesn't have everything that I needed. Even with trawling through the thread, I still wasn't able to complete the information that I need. I do know the majority of people did get gifted and very handsomely, myself included. As far as I can tell - maybe only 2 or 3 people did NOT get gifted. Unfortunately, I couldn't confirm WHO were supposed to be THEIR gifters. There were some gi
  12. WWE is correct that we're trying to finish Secret Santa (of 2015). Thank you for adding that in your signature, WWE. As for me posting a list of members that didn't get gifted - that's a problematic issue because I can't tell without the official list... who actually didn't get, who gifted, etc. I don't have enough information to do that. Same issue with setting up a reshuffle or the huge raffle - I lack the "official" list. I've told Origin (when things weren't gone so hectic for me) that I would take responsibility for the list as I'm much more organized than she is
  13. Thank you for your kind generosity!
  14. I am so sorry for the extreme delay. This is unusual for both Origin and myself. I will let you guys know that I am going through a very very very very bad time, I was never able to complete the lists for Origin, mostly because I don't know who was assigned who, so I can't even 100% be sure what's what. And at this point, considering what's going on in my life, I'm not gonna be able to help Origin. I don't know what's up with her right now. I think she's caught up in the post exams stuff, I don't know. I really don't know. I'm so sorry, folks. I am not logging
  15. Happy Birthday to DC! Loving the beautiful art and updates!
  16. RL is still interfering, sorry, folks! I meant to update you guys earlier!
  17. Aww... I'll treasure my BBW mug forever, then. Understandable reason, tho.
  18. I has all 40 items plus a blank space. I did have to replay two different days to get the statue (I was too nice and left it alone, rofl) and the toys from day 6.
  19. Origin's working on college exams (oooh, college exams!)... so she's not gonna be free till the 10th. I've been pretty sick but I'm getting there on the info that I need to provide Origin for a reshuffle. I was just reminded that V-Day breeding is coming up and there's no longer that limit for bred v'days - so we won't reshuffle the ones until after the 14th. That way, you guys can hoard for V'day!
  20. Heya, guys. You asked if you could help me? Well, there are a few people in this thread that has mentioned that their giftees never picked up anything. If you're a gifter and your giftee did NOT pick up the gifts, then please PM me and be specific in the PM title (I don't want to have to trawl through 50 same titled PMs by different people!!!) Fair? I need to correlate some of the wishlists, and the above info will go a long way in helping me do that. Thanks. I will be back later this afternoon - have appt to go to. But good news, I'm feeling better!
  21. Thanks for the offers! With smiles!