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  1. !!! I recognize those blue ones !!!
  2. Ugh the halloween hatchlings I was so pleased to get because it would mean I have a frozen one of each halloween grew up without me realizing. >
  3. The adults are pretty nice, I managed to get all the 2gs I wanted this halloween and surprisingly all the frozen hatchlings too! The only disappointment was the zombies...oh well maybe next year.
  4. Yeah but I've only got 10 chances total so I wanted to get one when chances were highest. Also only three of them bred an alt black so far. Ugh.
  5. I had three attempts to get the zombies I really needed and all failed I was planning for this for months and all for nothing...
  6. I wonder who the first Halloween zombie will be
  7. Whew I got all the halloween eggs I needed! Which is a lot, seeing as I only had one pumpkin! Still missing a 2g male pumpkin but less bothered about that - I found a nice 3g if necessary. But I got all the pairs I want and they all have nice names ^^
  8. I'd rather have the chance to get CB holidays than have multiclutches, a CB is worth so so much more than a 2g.
  9. UUUUGH my chances of getting the zombie I want are down to two tries, maybe not even that. The three dragons I need to kill keep dodging and now I've only got two attempts before I run out and then halloween is over. Why don't we have a murder BSA > My chances are already super low.
  10. Ok so this might be kind of dumb, but I've got three adult dragons I want to try and zombie-fy on the 31st, should I kill them now?
  11. The dragon will be cured anyways, why not see what the disease actually does before trying to cure it? Disease curers are no fun!
  12. But the disease could help improve the chance of zombies! Maybe...
  13. Really? Oh neat! I've only got three chances so I hope the rate is high. Also are they just treats? I guess all the ones I got (Bats, mask, black cat thing) looked like tricks and then someone made me think there were 'happier' treat ones. Thanks for clearing that up.
  14. I have no idea. People also theorized zombie chances are better on h'ween but no proof.
  15. I really hope we end up getting spread and it increases the chance of zombify but I doubt it. Also, can you only get tricks or treats?
  16. Probably the worst game you could have chosen for a minigame. Rather disappointed. Everything else is pretty good.
  17. These were super easy to get, wonder where everyone is? Or maybe it's just cause there's only two. Very curious about the pink hatchlings from a diamond egg.
  18. Tango

    Flight Rising

    Started a breeding project, trying for a shadow/shadow/grapefruit wildclaw. I've got a shadow/shadow/banana coatl (so close!) and a obsidian/obsidian/honey wildclaw. Also if anyone wants to friend me I'm MurkyDepths! I might be up for nest rentals at some point.
  19. Tango

    Flight Rising

    Oooh pretty babes. How often do you guys buy a new dragon? I've only got three and I'm having trouble stopping myself buying tons from the auction house!
  20. Tango

    Flight Rising

    I joined ice. It was a pretty tough choice, I love the tidemaster but the nests water eggs hatch in make my skin crawl. The lightning clan looked pretty cool too but that's the one my friend is in, so I went for ice because it seems to like both breeding and the dominance and the eye colour matches with most dragons.
  21. Tango

    Flight Rising

    Well after watching my friend play for some time I decided to join myself, seeing as there was a registration period going on. My two genone dragons are alright but I got this cute baby: Shame I didn't get to name him. Do you guys often check lineages when buying? And how, I can't find a family tree sort of thing.
  22. Fair enough, just curious is all. Also another congratz for me, just LOOK at this cute code: Adorable! It's so close to my name I can't believe it
  23. Why do you have frozen caveborns as a scroll goal? Lineaged ones look the same and they're more valuable as adults cause you can breed them. I try and collect pretty lineaged hatchies though, don't like messy ones. My black dragons produced even moooore black eggs.
  24. I think this works in games like flight rising, where they only have so many different sprites/pictures. Having certain items only fit one dragon could help but we still have so many sprites, people would be clamoring for their favourite dragon to get an item or complaining if one dragon has a really nice item but others don't. Also because DC uses sprites, it could be hard to see smaller items. Only large items would work. I think it would be cool but there's a lot of issues in the way. One of the halloween events had something like this with the potions, some dragons got held items. Or effects that covered the whole dragon like sparkles.