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4WJnx34.gifshoko.pngM9nwHVC.pngSeeking certain names, own some good names. Check profile if interested.TRADING 3G TINSELS, CB XENOS AND HATCHLINGS FOR HALLOWEEN IOUS. PM IF INTERESTED.

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    I'm pretty much only on flight rising now, any questions should be sent to Murkydepths on flight rising.


    These specific 2g prize pairings: (some undecided)

    Any 2g prize from Luckiest Catch (My fav prize!)

    2g male bronze tinsel from a female golden wyvern
    2g female bronze tinsel from male ember
    2g male gold tinsel from a female gold
    2g female gold tinsel from a male summer seasonal
    2g male silver tinsel from ...*to be added*
    2g female silver tinsel from a male celestial

    2g male bronze shimmer from female pillow
    2g female bronze shimmer from male silver
    2g male gold shimmer from...*to be added*
    2g female gold shimmer from male autumn seasonal
    2g male silver shimmer from female frostbite
    2g female silver shimmer from a male Falconiform Wyvern

    These specific 2G spriter alts fails (Although I'd love any 2g spriter alt!)

    2G Chrono from a blue radiant angel Owner: Birdzgoboom
    2g Gold from a black radiant angel Owner: Infinis
    A 2g sunsong from a FEMALE purple grave spriter Owner: Aangs-sister
    A 2g moonstone from Jewel the DIVA Owner:Mysfytt
    A 2g sweetling from Penk Owner: Marrionetta
    A 2g brute from purple heartseeker Owner: Ladylyzar

    Always wanted, but less specific:

    CB silvers
    Cb golds
    2G prizes
    2G spriter alts
    Cb hatchies
    Cb xenos
    Cb coppers
    Lineaged hatchling for freezing

    Halloween wishlist:

    Female Shadow walker from male gold
    Male Shadow walker from female storm/fog (IOU GOT)
    Female Cavern lurker from male daydream
    Male Cavern lurker from spirit ward (IOU GOT)
    Female Grave from pyro
    Male Grave from female spearsstine (IOU GOT)
    Female Marrow from ???
    Male marrow from brute
    Female despis from
    Male despis from
    Female caligene from gold lunar herald (IOU GOT)
    Male caligene from gold lunar herald (IOU GOT)

    Name trading:


    Little fang
    Murky depths
    Murky skies/sky
    Murky Night/Nights
    Bill Cipher
    Murky Abyss
    The King in Yellow
    Shallow Depths
    Gore Magala (or any monster hunter names really)
    Murky Mist
    Murky Haze
    Murky Ocean/oceans
    Murky Sea/seas
    Murky Water/waters

    Names I own:

    Shining Brook
    Aww its a cute baby dragon
    Killer cuteness
    Primrose Dragoness
    Team Instinct
    Summer Spirits
    It dead
    Freezey Cheesey
    The End Of Fall
    Zombo Fodder
    Deaths Sire
    Celestial Vision
    Life Gifter

    Will trade names for special eggs


    I owe Seirye one xeno and one gemshard for mistletoe eggs (recieved)(Missing?)

    I owe brightflashes 4 golds from common mates.
    1. from brown lunar herald (SENT)
    2. from male fog (SENT)
    3. from female red
    In return for one gorgeous CB gold (received)

    I owe Tawanda001 some 2Gs from bright pink, frills, other stuff. They will Pm me details. In return for Cb almandine(Received)

    I owe Sylph264 some tan or silver offspring from male silver/tan ridge. In return for some tans from silver male (Two recieved, one gendered wrong) Sent one silver and one tan