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  1. I'm definitely most excited to see the Alpine dragons. The hatchlings look stunning! Then a close second would be the ones from the Jungle because I adore Eastern style dragons. ❤️❤️❤️
  2. I mean, I saw the Christmas hatchies behind the Garland wall, but I didn't see any non-Christmas hatchies.
  3. I'm surprised there weren't any low time hatchlings. It just went straight to low time eggs.
  4. The 4 day eggs are all gone! All the Garlands in the AP are now 5 days or above. Hoping it'll clear sometime soon!
  5. It still looks like this for me. How is it different for you?
  6. @Dragon_Arbock "And it makes perfect sense to have an annual holiday biome- new users join every year, therefore they also need CBs- should they miss out for not joining in time?" I mean, that's the way it's been for the past 10 years. We just had to accept the fact that there were some CB dragons that were simply, unobtainable. So it wouldn't surprise me if the Holiday biome didn't come back. Or maybe it'll be back every two or three years. I'm not holding my breath that it's a yearly thing.
  7. This is some great advice right here. Not sure why I never thought of it.
  8. I want to know too. I really want to be there when it ends.
  9. Oh my gosh the Garland dragons are BEAUTIFUL! Definitely my new favorite Holiday dragon. <3
  10. @Snowwall @Ruby Eyes Thanks for the tag about the prize badges. Yes, I am looking for the silver pie one. Unfortunately, the one on @Amazon_warrior's signature was edited to say "catcher" instead of "winner" since she got her's from the AP. If worse comes to worse and I can't find the image that says "winner" instead, I suppose I could try to edit it myself. I'm not sure it would look so great though since I have no experience with that. ^^;
  11. Does it hide it from everyone, or just me? In my experience on other websites, "hiding" something usually just hides it for myself, so I'm the only one that can't see it anymore.
  12. Anyone know how to delete a post? I accidentally double posted and I can't figure out how to delete the second post... Is the "hide" function supposed to be the delete function?
  13. Is the precognition BSA 100% accurate? Should I influence just in case even though when I used precognition it told me it would be the gender I wanted it to be?
  14. As of today I am one of the 2nd time winners, and even I agree with this idea. It's been over four and a half years since I won my first prize, so I don't feel that bad about winning my second one today, but if by some miracle I win for a 3rd time in the next few months, I could see myself feeling super guilty. I could just not enter for a little while, but I'll be honest... the temptation is too strong not to. So if there was a cool down period, that temptation would be gone, and the guilt would be less if I were to win again because then I'd feel like it was more fair since I had to wait for a while before entering again.
  15. I won a gold Shimmer! I am SHOCKED! This is my second CB prize (my first is Dazzling Girl, one of the first silver Shimmers) and you better believe I'm gonna be breeding them together. <3 Here's to hoping they don't refuse each other! D: <--- Click me! Edit: Oh... I feel a little bit bad now after reading the post right before mine, even though it literally says not to feel bad. >______<
  16. I'm suck in the story on the "Look closer at the collection" and "Wait for him to speak" page. Anybody know what I can do to get unstuck?
  17. I'm also stuck in a loop. I want to go down the Forest Path, but I can't get back to it! D:
  18. Aww man! I was kind of hoping that the special badge would be in addition to the stocking instead of replacing it. I thought the stocking was super cute! The present is cute as well, but I'm selfish and want the stocking too! lol
  19. Yes, I did both of those things, but I will try again. And my day started in the house from yesterday with Ansel and Luna, which I also thought was strange.
  20. Strange... I can't figure out what to do today. Normally there is some sort of unavoidable character interaction that tells me what to do, but today there is nothing. From reading the comments, apparently I need to do something with the pocket-watch? Where do I go for that?
  21. I keep telling myself, "Ok. Today I am going to be naughty!" ...and then I lead the reindeer back to their stables. -sigh-
  22. I can always move the name, but I wanted to snatch up the name before it was gone and the only male Magelight I have already has a name. I actually double checked my scroll, and I had one hiding in the part of my scroll that I haven't organized yet! Quark the Pygmy
  23. I loved Quark so much, I decided to keep him. Teehee :3 Click me!
  24. I LOVE the Geode hatchlings. They are adorable!