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  1. I hate myself for doing it but... =.= I joined. My friend made me and it's... actually kinda fun. Confusing at first but... Meh I'm getting used to the controls. I'm... lvl 7... I think. Any tips for a newbie? o3o Edit: I downloaded the 10 day free trial. I'm still debating over getting the full version...
  2. I used to LOVE Weird Al I still have half his songs on my computer. I had a lot of the songs memorized too, I was a Weird Al freak a couple years ago. o3o
  3. Yay this was resolved Thx TJ! Now I can go to some of the threads without getting warning messages
  4. Yea thats one thing that really annoys me. They barely even follow along with the rules of the videogames. In the anime all the pokemon would be about lvl 15 and they're on like what? The elite four I think.
  5. I think they completely ruined it when they got rid of misty. They also always continue the same thing with every season and every episode. Its getting way to predictable =/
  6. Wind waker, definitely Btw I love the Zelda series. They're some of my favorite games ever
  7. Im not being stingy and I also dont want to fight with you. I'm sorry. I'll just let mine get deleted. I'm sorry for making a pointless arguement over threads. Edit: Please don't delete this thread btw. Youre right. Mine has none and yours has a lot more posts. I guess I was just kind of jealous o3o
  8. i didnt know that meant you can make a new one... <.< why not just comment on mine?
  9. Nuu I'm not tryin to sound mean D: I was just saying... I already made this topic...
  10. Not trying to sound mean but... could you please search before making a topic? i mean I have already created this topic. http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showt...95289&hl=bleach -.-
  11. Yea its down for me too... whats goin on...?
  12. well i just got some of em and now im scroll locked. Im gonna go enjoy the rest of my 4th of the July outside. Bye
  13. Oh yay a new release! I went to my scroll a couple min. ago and saw the badge and found out there was a new release =P
  14. I found Avatar a very great movie! And just because a plot is similar doesnt mean they stole it. For example: Giant Robots, Vampires, Giant Astroid, Etc. All of these have been used a lot and that doesnt mean they were stolen.
  15. I loved the tv show but the movie looks... meh
  16. Starwars Revenge Of the Sith (Just kindve disapointing) Twilight (never seen it but its just the dumbest movie idea ive ever heard) Cloverfield( Dont get me wrong it had a great plot and storyline but whos ever idea it was to make it like theyre holding the camera, i wanna know what theyre smoking)
  17. Soul Silver although theres not much left I can do in it :/ Thinking of restarting Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks...
  18. My first was an alt black that was actually my second dragon ever
  19. wow i just kinda fail, i just woke up to 74 pages of this
  20. If i can I would like to join this. Just found this and I thought it was a great idea! But if I can join I'm a little confused on how to pick one...(btw talking about cream cheese enchiladas makes me hungry)