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    TX, USA; At Mah Computer, Lurkin' Yer Forums
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    Goofing off, drawing, writing, collaborative writing, Dragoncave, cream cheese enchiladas, roleplaying, fanfiction, animals, Discworld, Phantom of the Opera, Star Trek

    List of the roleplays I'm in!

    Active Roleplays:

    New Beginnings (DC RPs)

    Though the World May End (Freeform-- my RP! Squee!)

    The Other Realm (Freeform)

    Dreams Come True! (Freeform)

    Foxes (Freeform)

    Inactive Roleplays (Need posters; hint hint):

    The Dragon Clans (DC RPs)

    Final Fantasy VII-3: Raze of Fate (Other RPs)

    12 Star Dancers of the Night (DC RPs)

    The Thirst (DC RPs)

    Skimmed Roleplays (RPs I haven't posted in much/properly joined yet, but am planning to):

    Hatchlings (DC RPs)

    Sueville (Freeform)