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  1. I'm in the "yay finally capitalization" camp
  2. Lord of the dance traditional methinks
  3. Cecilia Simon and Garfunkel
  4. Nur für dich Wise Guys (Torchwood Fanvid)
  5. I will survive Gloria Gaynor
  6. Waltzing Matilda the Tom Waits one
  7. (the) underground song from the film 'Peter's Friends'
  8. Quando, quando, quando Toni Renis
  9. Daydream Believer Monkees
  10. Wonderwall Oasis
  11. Uptown Girl Billy Joel (sorry I'm incompetent when it comes to tablets and links)
  12. Sunday Bloody Sunday U2
  13. Paradise City Guns'n'Roses
  14. Never Gonna Give You Up Rick Astley (does it count as rick-rolling if I'm open about it?)
  15. Aber bitte mit Sahne - Udo Jürgens 1976
  16. Yellow Submarine - The Beatles
  17. Got my first shot no idea if/when I get the 2nd one because of the AstraZeneca panic here
  18. You're welcome Did you get lucky this year? I got eaten
  19. In celebration I did a bit of a Magi - massbreed. I haven't bred my bebbies in ages but I thought this might be a good opportunity. I did the checker/almost checker/mirror ones plus the EG PB ones that gave g4 and upwards gen. I refrained from breeding my g2s and CBs as to not clock the AP for too long I wonder what @Mathcat thinks about this update too
  20. *psst* I've got a feeling that she might like the update
  21. Just to be extra sure: If a Cantomaris egg changed colour (by being teleported for example) then a neutral BSA like influence WON'T change it back - right?
  22. JAY @Lagie JAX I'll just stop until I've slept enough to make my brain work again - so see you guys 2020