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  1. ION - particle with an electrical charge
  2. INU - Japanese for Dog (see also INUyasha)
  3. INJ (un Joe - a character in the Dresden Files)
  4. Cleaned out most of my inbox, so I'm down to own page and one message again
  5. IMW Intelligent Marvolous Women
  6. IMU I Am U (Fight Club Spoilers)
  7. ILQ Immensely Loaded Questions
  8. ILO I love otters (ILM = Industrial Light and Magic)
  9. If you hover the mouse over an egg in the biomes or the AP there's a floating little field where you can read the code, depending on the brower it hovers over the egg or somewhere in the corner of your browser window. Not sure if it would work on mobile in any way though.
  10. IKV I Knight Velociraptors (because there are too few Velociraptor knights out there)