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  1. IJD (VERY Southern, mumled, 'idiot')
  2. IIO That seems like it should be some weird smiley
  3. IIM French accented 'him'
  4. IHQ (FYI: ihn and ihm depends on the grammar - I like 'him' - Ich mag 'ihn' vs this belongs to him - das gehört 'ihm')
  5. IHM German for 'him' also an anagram of him'
  6. IHK - a health provider in Germany
  7. Herk

    Z Project

    z'elfbred zecond gen z'elfbred Checker
  8. IGS International Gluten Snobs (IGR - I LOVE the Muppet version with Fozzy Bear)
  9. IGM IG Metall (one of the bigger unions in Germany specialised for metal workers)
  10. IGK Irregular Gnome Knives