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    Everyone says duck unless someone says goose. The person who said goose then says something that the person above them has to put in their signature. Rules: - If you have been goosed, you can't say you have been in your signature. > - AT LEAST 3 people must say duck before the someone says goose. -Nothing too brutal please >_> - You MUST keep the message in your siggy for at least a week. - If you want them to put a picture in, it must be smaller than 100x100.. Guys, seriously there would be no point to this game if you decide to refuse to put what you are supposed to in your signature. And of course I have to start. DUCK!!
  2. Ninetails

    What are you allergic to?

    What are you allergic to? I'm am allergic to nothing. EDIT: Actually I recently found out that I am mildly allergic to seafood and eggs, but it doesn't really affect me much. Or, If your allergic to nothing, what are you intolerant to (what makes you sick)?
  3. Since the new forum update, many users have changed their forum usernames. Such a feature is absolutely great, but I'm having a hard time remembering who is who! So basically, this thread is here to report name changes if you wish.
  4. Ninetails

    DC Community Notice Board

    CB Nebula hatchling
  5. Ninetails

    Funniest Dragon Name on the Scroll Above You

    Thuwed Be Amazed hmmmm 🤔
  6. Ninetails

    Dragon Codes V2.0

    IT'S JCEnA!!! Also, if anyone really really likes John Cena, send me a PM. I'd only be keeping it for the memes anyways
  7. Ninetails

    Dragon Codes V2.0

    Got PlSSh, xPuKY, and sTfuf ! 😂
  8. Ninetails

    2018-03-07 - Forum Moderator Applications

    Congrats to the new global mods! Your minty positions are well deserved! Edit: Glad these applications are happening. We need some fresh mods!
  9. Ninetails

    You know you've played a game too long when...

    ...On pokemon X the time-played meter will no longer rise because I have over 999 hours....
  10. Ninetails

    Funniest Dragon Name on the Scroll Above You

    Leafing Snakers
  11. Ninetails

    Funniest Dragon Name on the Scroll Above You

    Illuminti Illumiminti Illumimiminti
  12. Ninetails

    We want Forum Feedback!

    I'm sorry if someone has already mentioned this before, but can we get a dark forum theme? The two options given are very hard on the eyes, especially at night...
  13. Ninetails

    2018-02-08 - Valentine's Event Schedule

    Pfffft it's like black friday for dragon cave
  14. Ninetails

    2018-02-08 - Valentine's Event Schedule

    In the end, this seems like a disadvantage for those who have put quite a bit of effort into making huge lineages out of their alt sweetlings. I don't see why they had to be retired. It's not like they were tradeable anyways. You can't please everybody, but I don't see how this could please anyone at all. These lineages can only be expanded once every year, and therefore I'm sure there is going to be a lot of people out there who are not very happy with this decision.. Nonetheless, I'm excited for the Valentine's Day event.
  15. Ninetails

    2017-10-31 - Happy Halloween!

  16. Ninetails

    2017-10-25 - Halloween Event

    Not really a fan, but I guess it's cool that others get a chance at CBs.
  17. Ninetails

    Funniest Dragon Name on the Scroll Above You

    The Fluffybutt Man
  18. Ninetails

    Alternate Lives Raffles : Raffle Closed!

    Mae, you were smarter than me, I entered a bunch! Thanks to the host and the donors <3
  19. Ninetails

    Funniest Dragon Name on the Scroll Above You

    FLIP NUGGET I spat my water out. Anything with nugget is funny.
  20. Ninetails

    Do *You* have a Thuwed? V2

    7th gen PB Thuwed
  21. Ninetails

    2nd gen Shimmer Giveaway (winner chosen)!

    Ninetails I love anything gummy-related
  22. Ninetails

    Zombie Success stories

    LOL, the same happened to me. I guess I should have read the "only revive once" part more clearly. I had a ridiculous amount of dodges. Like around 3/5 of my experiments. No zombie turns, which is unfortunate.
  23. Ninetails

    Funniest Dragon Name on the Scroll Above You

    I can't see your scroll
  24. Ninetails

    2017-08-30 - Forum Upgrade

    Cool beans.