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  1. Just found this beautiful color hue lineage in the AP. Thank you, Saikachan!
  2. Isn't it? I wish you would ward the same dragon once again but perhaps TJ will implement that later. I'm hanging in there now willing to help!
  3. When 4 of your eggs are ER and 3 of them are sick >_> WARD TIME!
  4. My suggestion is to implement a group description under the group title. Sure, we can elaborate in our group titles, but certain punctuation isn't allowed. Basically, it would be quite similar to giving descriptions to your dragons, but to the whole group overall instead. Some people have a lore behind why they have grouped certain dragons together, and it would be interesting to know why. The review process for the group description could be similar as to that of the dragon descriptions. Or, maybe we could skip that part altogether as long as there is a report button next to the description of the group. It would create slightly more work for the mods, but not as much as another approval service.
  5. Does anyone have cracking eggs? Mine haven't cracked at all.
  6. No problem! I literally did the same thing too; I asked about it in Tiny Little Questions. I think that it's because there was so many big announcements that we were bound to miss the little ones.
  7. TJ said in his first line that he would eventually add custom sort. Since it was the first line, I kind of forgot about it too.
  8. I tried to do it twice on an egg because I had the exact problem you mentioned, but sadly it didn't work.
  9. I don't know about the others, but I use randimg.
  10. Has anyone found out a way to customly sort the groups?
  11. The raffles <3 Thank you for adding this. I am so happy that I will have something to look forward to each month on DC.
  12. Just bred this tonight. Pretty happy, as I caught a mate for the tetra within a week after he grew up! Will most likely abandon for some random soul to catch, but if you want it let me know and in the morning I can send it your way.
  13. Silver Tinsel (Last FFA of the day) Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  14. Silver Tinsel Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Bronze Shimmer