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  1. Not necessarily surprised it wasn't taken, but "Winter's Enigma" is one of my recent new favorites I just recently got.
  2. I'm glad you liked it! Can't ever have enough yules! You're welcome ❤️ Zombie lines are fun!
  3. After 7 years, it has finally happened. Mods please close this thread. There is no longer a point to any of this. (don't really please xD) 8429
  4. IT'S JCEnA!!! Also, if anyone really really likes John Cena, send me a PM. I'd only be keeping it for the memes anyways
  5. Got PlSSh, xPuKY, and sTfuf ! 😂
  6. Congrats to the new global mods! Your minty positions are well deserved! Edit: Glad these applications are happening. We need some fresh mods!
  7. ...On pokemon X the time-played meter will no longer rise because I have over 999 hours....
  8. I'm sorry if someone has already mentioned this before, but can we get a dark forum theme? The two options given are very hard on the eyes, especially at night...
  9. Pfffft it's like black friday for dragon cave
  10. In the end, this seems like a disadvantage for those who have put quite a bit of effort into making huge lineages out of their alt sweetlings. I don't see why they had to be retired. It's not like they were tradeable anyways. You can't please everybody, but I don't see how this could please anyone at all. These lineages can only be expanded once every year, and therefore I'm sure there is going to be a lot of people out there who are not very happy with this decision.. Nonetheless, I'm excited for the Valentine's Day event.
  11. Not really a fan, but I guess it's cool that others get a chance at CBs.
  12. Mae, you were smarter than me, I entered a bunch! Thanks to the host and the donors <3
  13. FLIP NUGGET I spat my water out. Anything with nugget is funny.
  14. Ninetails I love anything gummy-related
  15. LOL, the same happened to me. I guess I should have read the "only revive once" part more clearly. I had a ridiculous amount of dodges. Like around 3/5 of my experiments. No zombie turns, which is unfortunate.
  16. Wow, idk know why I didn't expect this! Love the look of the eggs!