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My Scroll <3 Hubby's Scroll  I name ALL my Dragons, I accept IOU's <3 Shiny's, I breed on Request. Kindness Goes a LONG Way! -I am only recently returned so bare with me as I get used to my surroundings again Shiny List

I just won a Silver Tinsel Prize! (YAY cant believe it!) Am taking breeding requests for interesting trades. CB Silvers always wanted.

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    Las Vegas
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    Adobe Photoshop, Graphic Arts, Dragons, Being Kind to Others, Gifting, my Hubby (NexusDivine) is the scroll name he uses. Xbox 360. I love to cook and bake. Reading. Drawing. Coloring. Singing. Dancing. Good Music. Making new friends.

    All My Shiny List's May be Found HERE


    From Me to You!

    thenameisplissken - CB Ember Hatchie -PAID-
    TurboSilver - PB Black Offspring -PAID-
    ICE_SW - 2 Striped PB EG -1 Black PAID-
    fuzzbucket -2CB White's- - PAID -
    Raven13dragon -Silver Shimmerscale- PAID
    red2111 -Silver and other Metallics because I want to- -Lots Paid-
    bonvoyage -Silver Shimmerscale Lady Shimmersque- PAID
    Rascal - 1 CB Opal -PAID-

    From You to Me!

    Silver Shimmerscale from bonvoyage