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My Scroll ❤️  I name ALL my Dragons, I accept IOU's ❤️ Shiny's, I breed on Request. Shiny List

Currently Seeking: CB New Xenowyrms each x 2

Recently returned from Covid Battle

I will be resuming my Prize’s breeding after the Holidays

 Wishlist Here



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    Traveling with the Doctor
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    Adobe Photoshop, Graphic Arts, Painting, Dragons, Being Kind to Others, Gifting, Play Station 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. I love to cook and bake. Reading. Drawing. Coloring. Singing. Dancing. Good Music. Making new friends.

    All My Shiny List's May be Found HERE

    I have a CB Prize, Silver Tinsel named Rozemyst in November 2017. I will take a maximum of five people on the list at any given time so please check back if my list is full.

    Prize List:
    1) Rhikasa (Blusang Lindwyrm) (Last Bred 9.22.20 -Kin-)
    2) -Closed for Seasonal and Project Breeding-

    Prize Kin List:
    1) Peij (Pillow)
    2) -closed for seasonal breeding-
    3) -closed for seasonal breeding-
    4) -closed for seasonal breeding-
    5) -closed for seasonal breeding-

    Prize List Rules:
    1) You have 48 hours to collect what I have bred for you or I may do with it whatever I like and you will be moved to the bottom of my list or removed if no contact returned at all.
    2) You may select the mate as long as I have it to breed for you with. If the breed you select is brand new and or controls breedings the cost of my prize offspring may go up.
    3) I have the right to either trade or gift my prize babies away as I see fit.
    4) If my dragons are being stubborn I reserve the right to try a different pairing to mix it up a bit. I also reserve the right to breed for my own purposes or trades during the Holidays since these are very rare times.
    5) I will keep you up to date as often as possible and will be posting about my progress in a thread under site discussion named CB Prize Breeding. If you decide to start harassing me I reserve the right to either move you to the end of my list with a warning not to harass me again or remove you completely if you did not heed the warning.
    6) I would prefer you to name the babies you get from me but I understand that they are on your scroll and ultimately yours to do with as you see fit.
    7) Do not use what you get off of my list as trading fodder. Should you happen to get something of mine from the AP then feel free to trade away as you see fit!
    8) If my prize continues to remain stubborn I have the right to completely close off my requests list once it is completed till I deem otherwise or permanently.
    9) If the mate is a New Breed of Dragon and my prize is being stubborn about it I will probably alternate the breeding for those who have requested more common less new breeding mates so that my list can be shortened.

    IOU's [Cleaned up and more recent list]

    From Me to You!

    Rhikasa - Offspring of Rozemyst
    Tears In Rain - Offspring of Rozemyst -PAID-
    Dragonwolf256 - Offspring of Rozemyst -PAID-
    Rare_hunter21 - Offspring of Rozemyst -PAID-
    Dragonaxew - Offspring of Rozemyst -PAID-
    Feesh - Offspring of Rozemyst -PAID-
    Nqli - Offspring of Rozemyst -PAID-
    darkmoore - kin of Rozemyst -PAID-
    JadeEyedJasmine - Kin of Rozemyst -PAID-
    Toyo - Kin of Rozemyst -2/2 PAID-
    prpldrgnfr - Kin of Rozemyst -PAID-
    Jade Dragoness - Heartseeker and Bronze Lunar Herald Offspring this Valentines Day (IOU Glomp Gifting) -DONE-
    Lurhstaap - Valentine Babies from Radiant Angels and Heartseekers (Working on this up through Valentines Day / Gift) -3/4 Done-
    Red Dorsal CB Hatchie - Lady Natasha -PAID-

    From You to Me!