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  1. So happy that you are feeling better @pretty_thumb I completely know that feeling. My health fell, I started to get better, then it fell again, and continued to spiral down and down and down.However, I figured out something that could be causing it and underwent surgery and have spent the last five months healing, getting better, healing, getting better. I have watched as my health has increased, I have become more active, I am doing a lot better. I have missed all of you!
  2. @Kigyptnee *Squees!* Thank you, it's really good to be back. I can't wait to see what we decide to do. Either way, I know we will make it work. The holidays are great, my birthday was this month, Halloween just around the corner, the 30th going and seeing Twenty One Pilots OMG! How have you been?
  3. The Holidays did make me go... ooo, I am healthy again, let me check in on dragcave... let me look at the forums! I have missed you all, I will wait to hear about @Minkerbell as well but I am here!!! Glad I peeked in before it became too late! @pretty_thumb have missed youuuuu! I've missed ALL OF YOU!!!
  4. It is so good to be back and well. Life can really throw curve balls at times. I hope all have been doing well? @Mochi since you are jade clan as well, could you message me and catch me up both on Courts Intrigue and the Imperial Harem?
  5. Thank you for the welcome back. I am going to wait a little to see if I can hear from @pretty_thumb before I start breeding and trying to get things organized and caught up.
  6. So this is just a check to see if there are still people out there. I have not been able to get ahold of pretty yet so I can't promise anything from the Kings Court but I could possibly breed from the Queens Court if people so desired? I am only just now returning online. It has been a while and I have been away due to medical reasons. All that you need to know is I wasn't okay but I am now.
  7. @Ariento I'll have to talk to pretty on this one! @Everyone So I know I have been away. I have been dealing with health issues and things along those lines, the stress that comes with them. I am going to breed tomorrow so long as nothing stops me from getting online. I just wanted to make sure that people who are on the list, are ready for possible babies.
  8. So I just wanted to do a quick update. I will be taking the time to breed in the next couple of days. I have been ill and stressed waiting for medical tests. I will explain everything eventually I am sort of just letting everything settle in my mind right now before I announce everything but I will work to update the Queens Court in the next few days. Just know I haven't forgotten about any of you!
  9. It appears both of you want to be added to the Kings Court Pairings Lists... @pretty_thumb I am tagging her so that she will see this!
  10. Wowza. Okay so this post will be edited once I am done with everything but I wanted to say that I finally got caught up on francs. I did notice that I was actually 2 francs over what we really had with my last report but I fixed that and edited everything on my document that I keep. I may be switching over to the document that pretty made for us soon but I am trying to just maintain keeping up with everything here. I am about to go ahead and go through the breeding lists and breed sorry that I am late everyone I didn't mean to keep everyone waiting! We have a total of 251 francs for the Queens Court now, that's crazy! Way to go everyone! Alright, so with three computer crashes, I finally managed to breed all the Queens Court babies and have sent them off to their prospective owners! Here are the updates as to what will be unlocked and what has been unlocked! You have unlocked your first court icon/banner I still need to work on that. I am sorry that I haven't been on my game as of late! When the Kings Court hits 225 you will unlock your first Kingdom Duel which is a competition between the Kings Court and the Queens Court At 250 you unlocked your next Queens Court Decoration, which I am currently trying to decide which it will be. The next Queens Court Ranking Bonus is unlocked at 300 you are only 49 francs away from this!
  11. I finally got the Gaia to breed with my Prize. Sorry I haven't been updating as of late, I have been really ill. I am updating the first post after this.
  12. Alright so I have added the following to my lists and I will be breeding in a couple hours after I eat dinner I just wanted to let it be known that I have added you all to the lists! @Mochi @esse @Warriorchick2000 and @pretty_thumb
  13. Alright. So let me begin by saying, it is very good to be back. I had to take some time to get everything put together over at The Courts Intrigue first as I didn't want to overwhelm myself by trying to jump into both projects at once. I am starting off slow here just as I did there. The first thing I am doing is opening the Jade Hall Honored Line! You may find all the information HERE so please feel free to go ahead and check it out and then sign up here with a new post using the following form. I'd like to be placed on the Wait List for a Jade Hall Honored Line Egg Name: Clan I belong to: Generation of Egg: (second or third available) Jade Clan welcomes ALL Clans to sign up for the waiting list so please feel free to sign up as you can. There is a four slot maximum on my waiting list just so that I don't feel overwhelmed with people waiting. Each waiting list has four slots available so I will take eight at a time. You may only be on one waiting list at any given time and this includes the waiting lists for the other Clan Hall Honored Lines.
  14. It seems our Lords and Ladies have been very busy and have had plentiful bonuses added to the court. We are sitting at a total of 175 francs now, and are very close to our next reward! Goodness gracious everyone at the rate you're going I don't think I'll ever be able to fully catch up! Thank you to @Oxuna for her lovely graphic donation and thank you @Ninjakittee and @Mow for your beautiful lineages and sharing them with the Court. You all have worked very hard to announce a decent amount of francs! Great work everyone! Now for what you have been waiting for and anticipating for now. The announcement of your new Court Bonus Event and what you will unlock next, in just ten more francs! New Court Bonus Event +Taking a Chrono Affair / Lover +Birthing a Chrono Baby +Marrying a Chrono All of the above will net you a bonus +1 franc than it would have before. Meaning if doing such would usually net you +4 francs for the marriage or whatever, then you will be earning +5 francs instead! Please make certain to denote the difference when you report your earnings! This event will last till either the end of March or the unlocking of the next Court Bonus Event! Thank you to everyone who donated during the previous event, it was nice seeing all the friendly donations being offered to both sides of the Court. The next thing you have been waiting for... The announcement of what is being unlocked next. Your next unlock is.... A new Graphic, not sure if it will be a banner or an icon but keep your eyes open for it when it comes! You only need another 10 francs to unlock it! And finally, the big reveal of your first Court Decoration that you unlocked at 100 francs! Your New Heraldry!
  15. Breeding Report I would like to report that we have had three successful breedings for all three pairings from the Queens Court. I have sent all three eggs to their prospective owners and one has been picked up so far. I would like to say that I am still a bit slow to the upkeep right now, so while I have completed the breedings I have not added any more francs yet to the Court nor am I going to announce the new Court Competition or add the new Court Decoration until tomorrow! I want to space it out and give myself a slow break to slowly introduce myself back into this project. I thank everyone for being so very patient with me! Congrats to all those on the list who have gotten their babies, and hopefully next week we are as prosperous as we were this week. I have seen the new requests to be added to the list @Mochi so I will be adding you right after I finish this post. Keep your eyes open for tomorrows announcement of the new bonus event, today is the final day to get in any points for the current bonus event. Be prepared, the new bonus event deals with breedings, affairs, marriages and offspring so you may want to wait to breed if you haven't already!
  16. @Oxuna @TempestSea @MinkishMinx These names didn't mention above for some reason so please look up to the previous post!
  17. So I am slowly going through the pages and pages of stuff that I have missed and am updating our spreadsheet. Please can you list the francs earned for all of this if possible? I am still feeling a little under the weather and having a bit of an issue with trying to do the math myself right now. I am sorry! Okay then here we go! Well then my dearest Lords and Ladies of the Court! I know I have been away for some time but I have just finished going through and adding quite a number of francs to the Court. I will look to see what this unlocks later but I wanted to at least get in here and welcome our newest members and announce that we have hit 142 francs! Wow what a number! The Court is definitely growing very wealthy that is for certain. I have added all francs that have been announced, and I ask that all members of the Court please start using the francs announcement form to make it a bit easier for us when we are scrolling through quite a number of posts just in case one of us has to take another absence at any point. I am only slowly making my way back into this realm of things and I should begin breeding very soon I just need to speak with @pretty_thumb to check and make sure that we start breeding at the same time as I have seen that the King's Court has been on hold during my absence as well. I thank everyone for being so patient with me while I was ill, and for all the warm wishes for a speedy recovery! Thank you all! I would now like to take a moment to welcome the following members to my Court. It is a pleasure to meet and welcome all three of you, @Kurokosworth @mistywolf77 and @Oxuna (and for some reason I can't seem to mention anyone else) Welcome to the Queens Court all of you have been added to the breeding lists you requested to be on. I have also added @TempestSea and @MinkishMinx to the breeding lists they asked to be put on as well. I think that I have gotten as caught up as possible and now tomorrow I will post what has been unlocked and what we are close to unlocking! Thank you all again for your patience and understanding during my sudden illness.
  18. Hello @Kurokosworth and welcome to The Courts Intrigue and the Queens Court. I will respond more in fully when I get back. I am on a minor leave, doctors orders. Probably shouldn't even be here right now but I wanted to make sure that you know you are welcomed and also leave a note for all of The Queens Court that I will be breeding again next week when I am allowed to be at the computer again!
  19. Just peeking in while taking my meds. Wanted to say I miss yall and congrats pretty on the winning of that baby! If someone would like to be put on a list for a baby from that pairing just let me know in PM and I will happily breed them for you!
  20. @MinkishMinx and @Mochi @pretty_thumb and I have discussed the naming and breeding conventions that we would like followed. The offspring are to be known as the Heavenly Princess and Heavenly Prince. And we only want them bred with CB Xenowyrms and CB Radiant Angels.
  21. I just sent a message to pretty for us to discuss this, we will announce any requirements, naming and breeding soon! <3 Congrats to the winners, I can't wait to see what happens and would love a baby from them next Valentines if possible by either one of you!
  22. I cannot say as that is totally up to pretty. She may have not fallen asleep in time last night so she may still be in bed.
  23. I am adding you now @TempestSea and then I am going to go use Random.org Edit: Congrats @MinkishMinx your number was 12 and the random generator chose the number 11! Don't worry everyone we will have plenty of raffles like these! I cannot wait to see this pair start to grow and what you do with it!