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  1. Hey y’all sorry I’ve been so Mia. We moved and life has been chaotic. I am going to try and figure out what I can about any updates and see about starting this up again. Love you all.
  2. @Pilauli so my guy showed me how to use Imgur better but here is the screen shot of what I see. https://i.imgur.com/E5RN8Kc.jpg
  3. For some reason this does not give me any options. I guess soon I’ll just have to pay for hosting because even imgur isn’t working for me for some reason
  4. This is such a beautiful lineage I am just in so much awe that I was able to get this. Thank you so very much!!!
  5. @GalacticSketch thank you for the silver sunsong baby
  6. Oh this is awesome. I think I may try my hand at this!
  7. Oh I totally understand where people are coming from but I mean the way I look at it is this. What will stop people from naming their dragons famous names just to be able to get say a 2nd gen of that dragon. It is not just my dragon I am worried about but others as well. There are many who work hard just to collect certain offspring. I am however all for having dragon names removed when someone has been inactive for an extended period of time. I do feel it should be a good period of time like a year or more without any activity of course.
  8. Well with so much anti my words earlier then I for one do not support this. I have a very special dragon named after my mom that I got shortly after she passed it would make me sad to see others with that name
  9. Oh my goodness these are beautiful and my first spriters alts babies thank you so much
  10. Why do you feel that is unfair? Those are special dragons and should live on forever. And I am talking original not their offspring. @Infinis I mean that someone else can’t take a name that is in use of of prizes or spriters alt. If the owner decides to change names go for it.
  11. I am for this but on a limited scale. Prize and Spriters Alts should be left as is
  12. https://dragcave.net/teleport/b23f1dd13f7ebc7677d7e9afab42b2e3 Let me know where this goes please and please name if you take? This is a Blusang Kin from a Silver Tinsel!
  13. So many beautiful dragons and now these two!! I am so glad I was finally feeling well enough to return to the cave. I have missed collecting all of these lovely babies. These two will be cherished just as all the others, poor lil emo babies! Thank you!!!
  14. Oh my goodness I could smell my kitty today!!! That made me so freaking happy. I haven't been able to smell him in like two months now.
  15. @Mochi yes I agree and sadly pretty has control over top posts so if she does not return then we do need a new thread not just a pruned one. I think your lineages will be fine. Also I am working on lore ideas that can be fun and no I am thinking not French. I am thinking it's someone who settled and due to the war we're able to grab some sort of strong hold. I will think of sunbathing. A Google doc would be great. Bullet points would be amazing. I will continue working on this after the weekend! It's so good to see familiar faces and I can't wait to meet t
  16. So Clark County Nevada (in the US) is supposedly still one of three districts that is not quite where the numbers should be. We also just had a horrible rally for Trump in which there was no social distancing or masks worn. Three of Trump's cabinet members tested positive for Covid after returning from their race through the US doing Rallies. Guess what Clark County is doing on Monday? Opening the bars!!! WTF?
  17. @Kigyptnee Ohhh yes there are a lot of things to think about when it comes to adding other styles of lineages, let's keep it stairs and spirals for now. Maybe one day we can go further by creating something else or maybe we will come up with something that allows it to be possible in the creation of it all. As for you breeding for the King's Court.. I LOVE that idea, like, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE that idea. Yes, let's do that. That way it can continue forward and if pretty returns she can help breed as well but it will be the two of you. If she returns I can find someone with a
  18. @Mow I believe we should keep the building here, because they do not look very happily upon unneeded threads, so let's just keep all the building here. As to answer those questions. I believe creating a third kingdom (Be it two or three active kingdoms depending on the return of @pretty_thumb or not) is the easiest way to not confuse things or ruin all the hard work that has gone into this project already. Peasants and Rankings... Peasants, I have a difficult time again wrapping my mind around this one as it goes against the idea of the project.
  19. Okay thank you both @Chaosdawn and @Serotina that was what I was thinking that it would indeed make it a whole lot easier to join without the clutter and confusion of reading allll the other stuff in this thread.
  20. Big support. As the years continue to pass here on dragcave we are running out of room and having to make decisions on how we wish to breed and what we wish to breed due to the window of opportunity.
  21. Yea I think if we cannot reach @pretty_thumb then we should created a third court, one who can oppose both the King's and the Queen's Court. In doing such, I think it could be very easy to create even more intrigue when pretty does come back if we cannot find her by the Halloween drops. Let's give it till Halloween to see if she returns, and if she does then we will discuss with her and figure out how we want to proceed, if she does not then we can move ahead with creating a third court so that when she does return she can always pick up with the King's court if she wishes to!
  22. @Kigyptnee If this can be done without inbreeding, I would be happy to help it grow. To continue breeding my pairs, do we have any word from the pretty ? I did not see any posts from her.
  23. Happy Birthday to Me! Scroll: rekha Forum name: rekha Birthday: October 11th List: 1. CB Gold 2. CB Yellow Zyumorph 3a. EG Blacks 3b. EG Whites 4a. Red Hatchie My favorite dragons are silver Prizes! I don't know why but I just love love love them.
  24. Thank you so much I love them!