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  1. 5' Shortest in my year level, and I'm sixteen.
  2. Dragon Age series. Utterly amazing. <3
  3. Chewing food with your mouth open... Drives me insane!
  4. Mage Pride -Inon Zur Ahh, classical music, I love you so.
  5. jazz

    Any Musicians?

    I can only sing... But I've been learning to play piano in attempt to be more musically diverse. (Also because my dad's Grand Piano demands me... It's so beautiful.)
  6. Dragon Age: Origins. Two years old and I still play it. <3
  7. Clean. Very, very clean.. I can't stand being messy.
  8. Last year when I fell off a horse. Fractured my spine and caused the spine to slip 8mm from my pelvis. Sounds worse than what it actually was.
  9. I LOVE Spyro. Twas the very first game I had ever played. Could never get over such a classic. <3
  10. jazz

    Sad songs

    I Am The One, from the Dragon Age soundtrack. I lost my breath when I first herd it.
  11. Iron -Woodkid. I've been obsessed ever since I saw the Assassin's Creed: Revelation's Trailer. |:
  12. jazz

    Unkown Bands

    Ohkay, I feel slightly stupid now. D:
  13. jazz

    Unkown Bands

    Fair enough, But from what I know, theyre not very popular where I live.
  14. jazz

    Unkown Bands

    Hah, I remember when Owl City was just a little band on MySpace.. And now look where they are? I believe every band has the right to be recognised whatever genre they are: List some of the bands that seem to not get enough love. (; - Madina Lake. - Mayday Parade.
  15. jazz


    Gahh, I hate Linkin Park, I didn't mind them before they went all big. I prefer lesser bands that no one have herd of. (;
  16. I used to have a couple Sugar-Gliders. They were cute, but my next door neighbour let them out of their cage.
  17. Oh, thanks. Its been ahwile since I've read them... now I feel like an idiot. |:
  18. I havent read past the second book from the first series. But in my opinion.. I hate FireHeart and GrayTail because theyre so perfect. +Bone (For killing TigerClaw) TigerClaw and BrokenTail were cool. D:
  19. The All-American Rejects Breaking Benjamin Boys Like Girls The Fray Madina Lake Mayday Parade My Chemical Romance Owl City PANIC! At the Disco Sum 41