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  1. Yo, I did that. Santa was my holly. I killed Santa.
  2. Thank you. I probably won't ever get back into the actual game. I used to post them on a couple other forums I was on and I remember there was a big appeal to me to have your friends be the ones to help you hatch and grow the dragons. Once the incubator sites showed up, I kind of lost interest. It became a bit less social, which was the main appeal to me then. I did have some of the rarer dragons though. I had a 1st gen holly named Santa, one of the very first neglected dragons, etc. But to clear up names and give everything a bit of closure, I've killed off almost all the dragons from my scroll. I'm not sure what I started at, but I've got the silver trophy, so at least 200. I'm down to just 1 and some zombies. I guess I'll need to get the dragon that lets you kill zombies tho if I want to finish the job. Otherwise, I just remembered about another old MMO I used to play called The Chipped Dagger that I had a lot of fun playing and exploring. It never had a very large playerbase, and I think the server is totally inactive now. But a big part of the game involved entering crevasses in the overworld to fight monster hoards, and since I first played the game, the word crevasse has always had ties to it for me. Any time I hear the word it reminds me of playing that game.
  3. I've been playing DragonCave for over 8 years. I joined from the Onslaught forums, which no longer exist unfortunately. I remember refreshing the DC homepage and seeing the Forum link suddenly appear. Since day 1 I've been a member of the forums, and at the height of it all I had the highest post count and was a global moderator. This was the first big online community I was ever a part of, and I haven't really had a similar experience since then. For a while I was active on the Wildshadow forums for Realm of the Mad God, but the game changed hands, and got monetized and the Wildshadow forums got nuked too. I remember searching through pages of Final Fantasy sprite sheets to find cool looking dragons to suggest for the site back before the overhaul to original art only. I remember playing through Act Raiser on the SNES and getting to the final boss and thinking "Wow! That's the original gold dragon!" I remember immature attempts at trolling the irc and getting kicked and banned constantly . I posted a lot of ignorant opinions in debate threads, some of which are still archived unfortunately . But I really miss the days of posting regularly, checking for updates on the threads I was a part of, and just the feeling of having a role to fill in a group. Hard to believe I was 12 when I started playing the game. A hell of a lot has changed in 8 years. I really wish I'd have checked in more often or kept in touch with some of the people I've met here, but I haven't been relevant for a long, long time. Not sure what to make of it all, but I was feeling pretty nostalgic seeing the bookmark link to the forums on my old PC. It's been too long since I've popped in, so hello again to anyone who may remember me. Sorry for any stupid or offensive things I've posted in the past; keep in mind I was pretty young and obnoxious. Best wishes to the current moderator staff. I don't even recognize a good many names there now. But yeah, this whole forum and the years I've been here tend to put me in a nostalgic mood. Change is a good thing, but man, I miss the way it used to be.
  4. Sometimes you've just got to take some time to remember some of the great things from your past- music, shows, movies, games, foods, friends, experiences, etc. In general, I'd say try to abstain from those "Only 90's kids will understand" kinds of things. Every generation has cartoons, snacks, etc. that all have their own nostalgic value to someone who grew up with them. It's one thing to say you miss the old stuff, because you can remember it with a childlike innocence and wonder, but don't be that guy saying "They just don't make good ___ anymore." It's all a matter of preference.
  5. I'm not totally sure why, but I've spent the last year or so routinely killing off 5 dragons every time the restriction is lifted. I've only got 94 left to go.
  6. It's hard to believe I joined this site when I was 12. Nearly everything has changed, and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I only recognize a handful of people on the forums anymore, and of those I can only call a few friends. This wasn't my first forum, but it was certainly the first one that I became deeply invested in. This was the first internet community that got to be a real part of, and now it's been a few years since I've really been active or even lurked much. I resolved to leave permanently about a year ago, but I haven't really been able to stop myself from checking things every couple months. I guess it's mostly because I haven't found a new forum that I can really be a core member of like I was here. This is the kind of whiny, attention craving post that I hate most, but I guess I just need a bit more closure. I'm 19 now, in college, with a job, and an entirely new life that doesn't include dragcave.net (or dragcave.net for that matter). I realize most of it is just nostalgia, but I do miss the old way of things here. I'd give a lot to be able to relive some of that, but there's no use dwelling on the past. I guess I just need to find a new community, but it's hard to find a good one small enough to be a real part of without getting lost in a sea of thousands of members. I'm not sure what my goal was in typing this out and posting it, or if I even achieved it. But somehow it felt necessary to do, so here it is.
  7. Sometimes I want to go home and stay out of sight for a long time.
  8. I think it is beautiful that you are 256 colors too
  9. Cheeze

    2011-01-18 - Blackout

    Google is against it; there is no chance of it passing. Calm down people.
  10. Yeah. It happened. http://imageshack.us/g/215/kille.png/
  11. "Oh I've read the whole thread. It's one of the one's I've been watching, and you'll notice I've posted in here before. I'll quite happily hold my hand up and say I'm part of the voluntary human extinction movement. With the rate our population is currently expanding I *do* think we're parasites. If humanity showed itself capable of anything other than mindless expansion I'd likely say there's no problem with us being here - but while we're so obsessed with this idea of growth (and you only have to see all the reactions to the recent shrinking of economies to see that we are) then we're doing ourselves, and everything else on this planet, no favors." One of the problems with everyone saying that humans are parasites is that they are part of the disease. I'm sure at least one of the people here who have said that have or will have kids. I would also argue that humans are indeed capable of more than "mindless expansion." Technology is advancing rapidly, and humans can already clone animals. It won't be too long before we can clone a dead Wooly Mammoth and other such endeavors. But I suppose I need a clearer explanation of "doing the planet a favor" to tell if that counts. And out of curiosity to you and everyone else arguing for the animal supremacy, what is it that gives animals value? If humans lack value because they hurt animal populations, etc, then that implies that animals do have value. Why? What is valuable about them, and not humans? "I also didn't say "You invoked Godwin's Law! Your arguement is invalid". What I said was offering no help =/= actively wanting to kill people, therefore the Nazi argument is completely irrelevant. If you do think that offering no help is the same as actively killing someone then you really aught to go an take a look at medical law - it's considered legal and ethical to withdraw treatment from terminally ill patients, yet immoral and illegal to end their lives with an overdose." Like I said before, that is an arguement for a different thread, and isn't too relevant anyway, but I don't think it is too far fetched to compare a "human extinction movement" with the most popular genocide in human history. "You addressed people that would place the animals over the humans. Which does, I'm afraid, mean you addressed me. If you make a generalized statement, without naming a specific person you are pointing it at, then anyone that falls into that vague camp is well within their rights to disagree with you. Saying "But I wasn't talking to you!" when you can't actually counter my points doesn't really help your argument at all." I made it clear who I was addressing through the context of what I said. When I say that people who eat animals that they value more than themselves are hypocrites, then I am obviously not talking to people who don't value the animals that they eat more than themselves. That should go without stating. You value humans over farm animals, and so my arguement was not for you. I don't have to counter your points when they never countered mine in the first place, since mine were specifically and solely for those people who value cows and chickens more than humans. "Most of the "would send money to an animal charity over a human one" people here are not the complete monsters you seem to think. Most of us are dealing in shades of gray. If you can't see that there's a vast difference between eating an endangered animal and eating one specifically raised to be food, or how that completely negates your 'hypocrites!' argument, then I would suggest that it's you that has more trouble seeing the world in black and white than most of us arguing that the animal charities would be the ones to get our money." I never said anyone was a monster, but I do think it is morally wrong to choose an animal over a human. You can argue that morals are only what society has ingrained in me, and I'll give you that, but they're still there. Most of those "would send money to an animal charity over a human one" people were putting humans below even farm animals, specifically raised to be food. So my "hypocrites!" arguement is indeed still valid against them. "I've never said all life is equal. However I *have* said that the unintelligent life that cannot help itself is more deserving of my help than the so-called intelligent life that's currently doing it's damnedest to destroy the planet we're living on. Why should I help *any* species which is damaging the environment it's in? I wouldn't help minks, or gray squirrels (both of which are invasive species in the UK, which have done a lot of damage to native populations like water voles and red squirrels) any more than I find myself driven to help humans." If unintelligent life needs help, then I am all for helping it. But if intelligent life needs help as well, then I am more inclined to help it. If intelligence isn't valuable then I'm not sure what is. According to you the environment itself is valuable, yet the most intelligent dominant life in it is not. What makes the Earth so valuable that it is so outrageous for humans to "destroy" it? "Really, you know, adding this at the end of your posts is very arrogant and self-satisfied. It's hardly checkmate is I can continually negate or counter every argument you've come up with. None of which, I must add, have been very convincing." Only trying to lighten the mood. If it wasn't obvious that that was a joke then I apologize.
  12. "Also, I think humanity is a beautiful thing. We are an extraordinary race. It's amazing that, from out of the rock and dust that comprised this universe, a single self-replicating cell was formed and from it evolved into an intelligent multicellular organism that is self-aware and has the potential to accomplish many great things. This, by itself, is already an immense feat of nature and a massive improbability in chance; though it could also be an evolutionary inevitability, but that's besides the point. The universe could've simply floated on forever, full of rock, ice, and dust, and nothing would've happened except for billions of supernova explosions and then who-knows-what at the end of it all. The very occurrence of intelligent life forms is amazing and certainly not something that should simply be eliminated because of a handful of corruptions; none of us are "perfect" and many are incompetent, but everyone deserves a chance at life since we all value ourselves as well as those that we love. Not saying that other animals don't deserve a chance of life as well, because I'm all for animal liberation. But Oxytoxin simply makes me more attached to humans." - A guy on a different forum that I posted this same discussion to. I don't agree with all of what he said, but I think he worded it well and it's worth putting here.
  13. Fine. Humans taste gross. Why not? That still leaves you defeated unless you can somehow justify eating animals that are substantially more valuable and important than yourself.
  14. You completely neglected to counter any of the arguments against you there. Whether you verbalize it or not, you just admitted defeat.
  15. "Just because I am not a vegetarian does not make me a hypocrite. Tigers are carnivores; they eat other animals, including humans sometimes. Therefore, it is acceptable for me to eat other animals" Yes, it does make you a hypocrite. The tiger would also be a hypocrite if it valued the animals that it eats over itself. But it doesn't. Your logic does not make much sense there. Especially since you specifically say that tigers sometimes eat people, yet you would not. I'll use your own arguement of "if a tiger can do it, then it's ok for me to." "(but not people ." Why not? If you consider yourself better than humans, which you later said you do, then why should it be any worse for you to eat a human than for a tiger to eat a human? It couldn't be that you actually value human life quite a bit, but can't bring yourself to admit it, could it? The very idea of eating a human is clearly ridiculous to you since you played it off as a joke. Why is that? I'll answer my own question here and tell you that it's because you and most everyone else here DOES value human life, whether they will admit it or not. We have this thing called Oxytoxin. It's a certain chemical in our brains that makes us value human life above animal life. Studies show that high levels of oxytoxin in a person's body makes them more attached to other organisms that look the same, since we are driven by a natural urge to perpetuate life. You can try to convince yourself otherwise, but the chemical is in your brain and you can't do much about that. "Personally, I refuse to consider myself a human. It is not what I am spiritually, so I will not acknowledge any connections to humanity. I do put humans, as a species, below other animals, but perhaps above insects. This does not mean that I refuse to recognize individuals, however." Not to be a jerk or anything, but you ARE a human. A spoon can call itself a fork, but it's still a spoon. "I think therefore I am" unfortunately doesn't work too well in reality.
  16. "@Cheeze invoking Godwins law - there's a difference between killing people and doing nothing. It's a difference that's well observed in the medical profession. Withholding aid is in no way, shape, or form the same thing as commiting mass genocide." You clearly haven't read this whole thread. There are people here that would wipe the human race off the face of the planet if they could do so without harming the precious tigers. You may not be for that, but there are people here who are, and my comment was directed at them. Saying "You invoked Godwin's Law! Your arguement is invalid!" is a pretty childish thing to do. My point still stands. I would also argue that withholding aid that you can easily give with no damage to yourself or others is indeed just as bad as causing the harm yourself, but that is an arguement for another thread. "I also don't eat endangered animals. I wouldn't eat a tiger if you paid me. I am, on the other hand, quite happy to eat a cow for the simple reason that it's been raised to be eaten. It's not a case of all animals > humans. There's a scale, and humans fit somewhere along it. Admittedly, in my mind, that's only marginally above farm animals and pests. But that doesn't change the fact that it's a scale." I wasn't only talking about eating tigers here. You may put humans in the middle of the scale, but the overwhelming majority here puts them at the bottom. That is who I was arguing with. My post was in no way directed at you, and I'm not sure why you seem to think it was. "Really, can't you come up with anything better to argue your point?" Well, since you still haven't gotten to the meat of my arguement, I think it is fine as is. But if you insist, I'll throw this one at you as well. I value intelligent life over unintelligent life. If you disagree with this, and say that all life is equal, then you are more than likely a hypocrite as you are probably that same guy arguing for abortion by saying "it's just a ball of cells." Double checkmate.
  17. I am going to take this opportunity to ask every single person who said that they would rather save a tiger than a human, if they are vegetarians. If not, then they are hypocrites. It's one thing to say that humans and animals are equal, but most people voting for the tiger are actually putting humans BELOW them. So why then, as a human, would you eat these gods of animals? Checkmate.
  18. There are people here saying that they would rather let a human child starve to death than a dog or tiger. These same people are saying that they dislike the whole human race for being disgusting, cruel, etc. Well you are certainly proving your point. That kind of mindset is very dangerous. I bet Hitler didn't value human life too much either. What you people are suggesting is that all he did was help bring the overpopulated human race down to a better level.
  19. Lyth, I was "that guy who threw 6 grenades in his friends base killing 3 NPCs and both of us" so...
  20. With the multiplayer thing it isn't necessary to add others on Steam. You just have to use Hamachi or something similar. I could make a "Dragon Cave Terraria" network on Hamachi, but I don't know how we would work out when to all get on. And if we did decide to do this, would we create a new world with new characters to start from scratch, start a new world to explore but bring our mains and supplies, or use an existing world with our existing characters?
  21. I got a goblin thing once. It was pretty fun, but I didn't get any of the cool stuff that they sometimes drop. To beat the eye I just used a gold bow and some wooden arrows. It's easy enough to dodge him if you have a large flat area made out to fight him at. Starfury is also pretty good so long as you have the mana for it. But if you had goblins and the eye at one time, then idk. Tough luck. Dx