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  1. Got this game late Saturday night. According to Steam I've played it 25 hours. ._. So far I've got some pretty cool stuff. I found 3 floating islands in my world and got a few semi-rare items from those. I've got silver chainmail and greaves and gold helmet. I have all but 1 mana star maxed out. I've only found 1 heart in my massive cave complex though. I've got several of the NPCs moved into my tower / pyramid where I set up my base. I still need the arms dealer and the Dryad though. I could get the Dryad easily if I could only find a demon alter. I found the dungeon and tried to kill the skeleton boss a couple times, but I'm not ready for that yet. I set up a massive star / mushroom / tree farm in the sky which I used to get a ton of mana crystals. I've got a gold pickaxe and sword, as well as a statfury I found in an island chest. I've got a shiny red balloon and a cloud in a bottle, which makes getting around much easier. I also made a gold watch, which is more useful than I thought it would be. I made some goggles and some sunglasses for the hell out it, even though I don't need or use either. I only use my gold helmet or my mining helmet. I need to go into the corruption or underworld to get some better stuff / more hearts. I completely explored every inch of my massive naturally occurring cave, but it never went deep enough to get my to the underworld. I did find some corruption area by accident from falling from one of my floating islands. Fortunately I had a lucky horseshoe. But I came very close to dieing when it became night time and I had a devourer plus like 5 eater of souls. I barely made it out, and haven't had the courage to go back in yet. I would like to play multiplayer, but I haven't had the chance to yet. Definitely worth the 10 dollars. Someone should start a DragonCave server O:
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    Rebecca Black

    I love how in the video there is clearly only 1 open seat. Plus the fact that they are all "driving" around while not a single one of them looks old enough to drive.
  3. Techno has taken over my mind. I left some room for some psytrance though, since Can't Stop and Forgive Me by Infected Mushroom have been stuck in my head for a while.
  4. While generally yes, people are just calling themselves mature to boost their own ego and whatnot, some people are genuinely mature, and they see that in themselves. Saying so doesn't make them any less mature.
  5. Blue Monday by New Order (I also like the Orgy cover a lot. I dislike the original's intro. Takes way too long to get to the actual song and the held out choir note just sounds bad. Otherwise, I love it.) by Blur
  6. I can be childish and silly, but I'm a generally serious / mature person. But if you didn't know my age, and I told you, I don't think it would come as a shock.
  7. Last year at lunch, I had an apple, so I randomly decided to stab a plastic knife into it. Then I couldn't stop, and I made an apple monster out of forks, knives, spoon, and a milo's tea lid. I actually still have the picture somewhere. I need to find it.
  8. Oh. I didn't realize it was only the 26th. Derp. Anyway, I still wish I could have gotten yesterday's. /complaining grumble
  9. I'll certainly still try, but that does drastically lower my chances.
  10. Crap. Family sickness made me miss the first few days of Christmas tree ornaments. =/ And that rules out winning the contest as well. Oh well. I got 2 new eggs easily enough.
  11. I'm going to go with the beast in Out of This World, and I don't expect a single person to know what I'm talking about.
  12. Intelligent life > unintelligent life That said, if a species is endangered, then some priority should be given to it, because extinction could upset a whole food chain, etc. Plus just for scientific research and stuff.
  13. Tetris, Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Dr. Mario, Bejeweled I guess I prefer casual, yet challenging, puzzleish games But I also enjoy a few FPS's such as TF2, Halo 1 & 3, Turok, etc. Most of the other games I play are old NES, SNES, or N64 games.
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    Misheard Lyrics

    Killing In The Name Of by Rage Against The Machine I first heard it is "Some of those who ride horses." as opposed to the actual lyrics of "Some of those that were forces"
  15. My new favorite song. Very underrated. Great song. Great video. Catchy, good lyrics, deep meaning.
  16. There are 2 empty cups, a used bendy straw, a couple gum wrappers, some junk mail from some college, and a broken pencil.
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    Misheard Lyrics

    Warning: language I heard it as "Why do we always teleport?" instead of "Why do we always send the poor?" I think mine actually works though, because later it repeats "Where the f*** are you?" several times. So teleporting seems logical enough.
  18. Yes, I wasn't denying their faith, just that they are "Christian rock." And they even say themselves in there that they aren't. I realize that, like Relient K, some of their songs such as "You Found Me" do indeed have religious implications, but just that doesn't turn them into a Christian rock band.
  19. No it's not: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/How_to_Save_a_Life_%28song%29 It's about the lead singer working at a camp for troubled teens. =/
  20. I don't recognize many of the others, but this one at least, is not Christian rock. They may have a couple songs with an Christian undertone, but they are just a alternative rock / pop rock / piano rock band. I see Chris Tomlin on that list, and I've been to a conference where he performed, and for anyone who's interested Louie Giglio preached.
  21. Yeah, I wasn't criticizing your list, I was just pointing that out for someone who might come along and call a band like Disturbed "Christian rock." because it has 1 member who may or may not be a Christian. =/ Yeah, some of Relient K's songs are pretty obvious with a Christian message, but then some are about sweaters. =/
  22. Add math rock and ska (Streetlight Manifesto, Reel Big Fish, etc.) I've only recently discovered math rock, and only recently found some ska bands I really like.
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    Yeah, the little mom rant completely kills the rest of the song, which is only decent to begin with.