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  1. New Sector filled with a rare or super rare for a whole day? Oh yeah, I let it happen with CCC. It doesn't bother me to do that. I consider it a nice thing for the people who are around for that specific day. CCC was a test of my theory of being able to release a bunch of species at once in a manner where if a player showed up once every day during the event, they would be able to acquire everything released. It worked out pretty well and on the execution side went off perfectly fine without much issue. The breather days and staggering of rarities made it so players had slots to pick up a batch of new things each day there was something new. Of course I didn't consider that part where a few more clever players intentionally abandoned a bunch of rares into the nursery while they were flooding, but alas. I don't even know how many Sectors I'm going to make, if I'm being honest. But my intention is absolutely to avoid too many species appearing in the nest for Sectors. I don't even plan for the nest and Delving rewards to be the only way to acquire WC creatures, but they're the ones I'm focusing on the most as I'm working on other core features right now (namely trading and studding, I'm acutely aware of how much that's wanted).
  2. I'm doing the same thing I did with the original Lightcatcher LR pickup, where I've intentionally released a species from a new work-in-progress Sector before said Sector is available. There will be plenty once that Sector arrives. If you weren't around for when Crop Circle Canyon was released, you can read through this article announcing that once-upcoming Sector and the article of the CCC release itself. The gap of time from this LR pickup and the Sector release should be shorter than the previous one was, but that'll also depending on how chaotic real life is for me too, since I've had a lot of really important stuff to deal with, but I've kept up with managing to work on a lot of major updates coding-wise (you'd be surprised how much changed internally just to make that maturation page update).
  3. Tweaking the box to have a fixed size regardless of what's inside is easy enough, I did something similar for Sector/Nursery claimables when someone else inquired about it months ago. I'll probably slip it in as part of my large update to the CSS files (hopefully finished sometime this week, one of the things I'm working on right now is site themes so there's actually some native dark modes). Printing out the creature name I can see about doing as well.
  4. Updating FRIC to have Delving information for creatures is on my itinerary, but I don't have a timeframe for when I'm going to work on it. I work on a lot of things concurrently, which is a mishmash of improving/expanding already existent things, creating new things whose scale is small in regards to coding, and building entire large features most often from scratch. If you're talking about having colours in the Delving turn text, due to the way it's handled I don't know if there's a way for me to have formatting within that text. It may be possible, but it would no doubt be something that involves some kind of weird contrived coding solution on my end. I know that probably seems pretty ridiculous for what is just a list of lines (and it kind of is.), but I can't really explain why exactly that is without basically writing some crazy technical essay. Most instances of printing text out like that isn't like that, mind you, that specifically just happens to be the exception to the rule.
  5. You shouldn't be EQing eggs with the intention to hatch them until they have enough views that they start cracking. They can only die or be unaffected otherwise.
  6. Please re-read what I said carefully. I said I've never not had a hatch, not that I've always had a 100% success rate. Granted I have had 100% success rates, but that's when I was EQing like 2-3 things. When I've got a full 8 there's always been a death or two for me, but I've never had 100% dead when following all EQ requirements and best practices. I didn't even have 100% death when I did the riskiest early-time EQ I've ever done (I don't recommend trying that, by the way.). It also often takes me multiple EQs to go through an entire batch of 8 eggs. I've had to use 5 EQs in a row before.
  7. As someone who is a lurker-type on forums but very active on one of the Discords, I can tell you first-hand that many of us often experiment during atypical releases like this, organise our findings, and someone goes and posts it to the release thread to help inform others. I know I've done this, someone in this thread has already done it, and if you go and look in release threads of the past, many others have done it as well. It may not always be stated the information came from Discord, but when it's stuff to do with hatching and not to do with things discovered initially (like hybrid combos), odds are pretty good it came from Discord. Not wanting to be on Discord is fine, but I can confidently say that at least the Discord I'm most active in doesn't withhold information from people—quite the opposite, actually, it's just that for us when we post it to the forum we prefer to have it mostly figured out and organised for your convenience. Discord can be very chaotic when we're initially figuring stuff out, so much so that even many Discord regulars just wait until the more chaotically-inclined among us have mostly figured stuff out and condensed it into one or two pinned posts in a Discord channel. Anyway, as a madman who liked EQ before it was all the rage, I appreciate another forcing variant. It's still a bit tough to catch more than 1-2 Cantors in a day due to their having so many forms, but with this new kid on the block I can totally lock myself on a bunch of these that will be so much easier to catch alongside those 1-2 Cantors, and just totally go to town all at once. When I'm really busy and won't check in more than a few minutes for a given day, losing a few slots isn't so bad. I've never not had a hatch when doing EQ anyway, and I've done it quite a lot at this point. When you do it properly, it's great when you've planned ahead and have a batch of stuff all caught within a few hours of one another. There's a ton of dragons with completely normal hatching mechanics already, and I will always appreciate something more user-controllable (EQ does have a twinge of RNG, but it is not pure RNG at the end of the day) over complete and total RNG to get variants.
  8. I would like to propose a different way to tackle this problem: Using CSS rules to make every other row in the table have a different colour of some sort (I'm not proposing this exact colour, I just chose one at random to demonstrate this in action) so that nothing's being moved around, but it's much easier to tell which row you're on when you've got a long list of dragons. This is very easy to do in CSS, taking me only a couple minutes to cobble together.
  9. Protochroma is sci-fi themed adoptables game where you collect document various creatures found on a faraway planet with a lost civilization. Explore around various locales to find creatures of your own to raise as well as search for items as you battle against wild creatures. You can breed the creatures you raise together to make your own fully traceable ancestry trees; if two creatures share a grouping, they can breed together, allowing for tons of (sometimes unusual) combinations. Each species has 14 variants (called Chromas) to choose from, and you're free to collect whatever variants speak to you the most. There's no randomness involved in getting variants—once the creature is ready to mature into adulthood, you pick which Chroma you want to use. Protochroma updates very regularly, and advance notices are posted ahead of a new regular species releasing. There are also four sets of seasonal creatures, which can be acquired most easily during their month-long breeding season. When new species release, it's either an addition to an existing Sector, or a few species released over a span of several days when there's a new Sector. Delving is a turn-based game where you can either take an adult creature alongside you or fly solo to gather items and battle. Resources you find can be turned in at the Dropoff Station in exchange for Credits. Limited Run Delves offer additional rewards each them they cycle in, such as a guaranteed item or rare creatures. Creatures don't need views or clicks to mature—just a set amount of time for each species until you can mature them to the next stage. That said, sharing links and images are provided so you can still easily share your creatures with others, or link to them via other creatures you own. You can name and describe your creatures using any unicode characters (and, for describing, you can also additionally use BBCode and images of your own), so emojis, non-English alphabets, etc. are all free game to use. Helpful Links Introduction to Protochroma | List of collectible creatures | Help page on basic game mechanics | Site news archive
  10. Eggs appear according to last abandonder, not according to who bred them. So when people sift through AP eggs, walls can still form because of that. You can also help break a wall by picking up and abandoning eggs as well, so that you're the last abandonder instead. It's working as intended, according to clarifications and extra posts TJ made about it in the original announcement thread.
  11. I'm having the same issue as well, and I know a couple other people from the Discord servers are as well.
  12. For anyone who likes this sort of info, I bred my one desert Magnesium (thanks, EQ!) to a Gilded Bloodscale, and it appears that the resulting Magnesium egg is sorting with my Volcano hatchlings.
  13. I bred all of my Stratos to the AP just before the release began. Have fun with that when they all arrive.
  14. That's only if you do a search in the wants filter. If you just use the breed dropdown, you will only be given results containing that breed. The dropdown option doesn't check for whatever is written in wants. I checked just now and this is indeed the behaviour, so I think that's what Tini meant.
  15. Oh, I guess I was slightly confused by your wording then. As I understand (and well, the fact I'm even using the word "understand" here speaks volumes.), saying stuff like "PM me on forum" is fine, though I've not personally asked a mod about linking or referencing to a specific forum post. But I have known people who asked a mod if mentioning they can be PMmed on the forum is okay, and they said it was. Though given how unclear the rules are, I wouldn't be surprised if there's confusion and conflict regarding this between different mods, as it wouldn't be the first time there's been miscommunication like that (this is not an attack, it is just an observation of a few incidents over the years.). That said, linking to a forum post in a trade sounds horrifically difficult given the strict character limit but I agree, clarifying that the forums are not considered third party and sticking to that is a very good idea.
  16. The no links to third-party websites means just that, a link to any website that is not affiliated with dragcave.net in any way. The trade itself no matter what would be conducted on DC through teleports, because that's functionally the only feasible way to do it, what the purpose of this rule (and is indeed the case for many other places that forbid links to third-party websites) is to prevent people from posting links where the content of what lies in said link cannot be verified and also lessen people/bots trying to spam/advertise something. Yes, I'm aware that can be circumvented by clever naming of dragons within a linked group, all I'm saying is if you see a "no links" rule somewhere this is usually the reason for it. There's plenty of reasons that someone would want to post links in a trade, usually just to expand upon what they're after/offering. As it stands, teleports right now will prevent you from posting any sort of link at all, which is why you see people type stuff like "group/####" in their trades instead of posting links proper (though the harsh character limit definitely plays a role as well).
  17. In my experience of writing things while keeping things in mind for non-native speakers, "disallowed" and "not allowed" are both comprehended by people and handled by translation tools just fine. Maybe for others it is different, but that's how it's been for me. Regardless, anything I wrote in there was basically stream of consciousness anyway, along with the fact that I agree with there needing to be tweaking in regards to the actual list. My intention was only to provide a basic visual so people could get an idea of what it'd look like. If people want to work on making a more finalised set of stuff that's fine, as I think all of it is worth being looked over (each list bullet point, what is worth having an example provided, and any additional wording such as the warning message in my example), and if people collectively come together to make an improved list I'll gladly inspect element it.
  18. I decided to take this list verbatim (I do agree it can use some rewording, but it's a good enough sample for the purposes of my post) and do a quick and dirty inspect element to see what it would look like with whatever DC's basic styling is. So, if any spacing looks wonky or excessive, keep that in mind that I didn't touch any of that, and such things can easily be adjusted if something similar to this would be put into practice. The only wording I changed when making this was for the warning at the very end, just as an example of how it could be reworded to better suit there being a more concrete list and tie in the site's ToS because obviously, there's a lot there that I feel like would automatically apply to trades in there that don't have to be put into the list (namely not harassing other users in this case). Hopefully this visual is helpful for people to get a better idea of what this proposal would look like.
  19. By making a clear and concise list of rules instead of a vaguely worded couple of sentences. So, the very thing this thread is suggesting. There is such a huge demand for trade rules to be more clear, similar to how the rules for descriptions are laid out (and, mind you, trade rules wouldn't need to be anywhere nearly as long, it wouldn't be difficult to make a simple bullet point list of the rules), instead of leaving it up to interpretation. There's no need to make a large laundry list, just a simple few types of disallowed trades and examples of such, it wouldn't be that hard to do.
  20. Well, I'm assuming whatever was causing this issue for me was fixed between me getting my lunch and having eaten it just now, so I'm able to properly access my account again.
  21. I hastily posted this thread last night as I was pretty preoccupied, I should've included I already did this (it's one of the first things I do whenever stuff acts weird on a website) and, as I said, this behaviour of site works fine until I actually login is consistent across two different devices. It even still acts this way if I authenticate through a private tab/window.
  22. So I logged myself out of one of the devices I have, which in turn logged me out of every DC instance I had (across 3 different devices I own). Fair enough. Upon logging back in on one device, the entire site, no matter the page, now returns the tombstone error page. I tried it on a second device, and same thing. Waiting for a bit didn't change this, and I tried going to some URLs that I know are login-only, and they too throw me at the error page. So, yeah. I literally cannot access my account right now because of this.
  23. I just bred all of my CB Stratos, please look forward to their arrival.
  24. Actually, it is completely possible to build an element that displays hover-over text for touchscreen devices. You just need to make it obvious said element is something you should be clicking/tapping, and, well, it would be simple as just a simple tap (not even a long press). So, both absolutely possible and very easy to build.
  25. I've seen people abandon market eggs many times, the latest being angry at misinfluencing the egg (they bit it and it repulsed, hahah). Have seen several people who buy rares from the market just to abandon them for someone in the AP to grab and enjoy as a nice surprise. I would imagine some also get dumped to the AP due to a sudden release and needing the slot, I've caught a few market commons that definitely were abandoned for that reason.