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  1. Life as we know it is coming to an end. Hydra and Turtle have stated their desire to return to the human world. Nobody knows what will become of them but they promised they would visit often. I would miss them though. More Whiptail eggs. The hatchlings love me to bits, and I don't mind so many of them nomming my face and ankles as long as they're happy, right? ~ScrollKeeper, happy tabulator of DracCave
  2. I'm severely paranoid over what I do. I have a fear of heights so I break down after a certain level(let's just say about the 50th floor...) I cannot look down anywhere or I'll start feeling this urge to look away.
  3. In some sadistic brainwave, I thought of hoarders who name dragons after song lyrics. (I'm building a Whiptail army right now and yes, their names string together to form a song.) So how in the world do you call your dragons in this sense? Play the song and they come in a single row?
  4. I began giving up after shouting for help awhile. I was too far down for them to hear me anyway, and my wings were too tired to propel me upwards. As I slumped down by the side of the mountain, I saw something emerge from the woods. It looked like another dragon, only orange in colour and wearing a strangely detached look on his face. I flailed, before feeling myself being dragged rather unkindly by the tail. I tried to send out a discharge but the new dragon seemed to not notice or care. Resigned to fate, I gave up on a valiant struggle and let whatever awaited me decide what was my demise or fortune was. He carefully set me down on an open field before leaving as strangely as he had come. I stood up on my hind paws, wondering why I was here. I felt a strange new power inside me, and felt my wings and scales flake away to make way for something else. As I began to shift for the first time, I felt my bones crunch painfully and shrink. When the transformation was complete, I dragged my new body to the lake conveniently beside the field. I looked strange, to say the least I was human. At least I wore something- my scales had somehow changed into a navy T-shirt and yellow jeans. Okay. Still, my legs were immobile despite my new 'step' forward in the change. Daddy Collin will be impressed. Now, to go back to the cave. I dragged myself through the dense grass, feeling that this human body was a bigger hassle that my dragon one. As I mused inside over this being a hindrance than a blessing, I found myself with wings once more. I stood up on my front paws, back to being a dragon. Opening my wings, I flapped them wildly to start their engines before dragging myself in a half-running leap to gain speed. Jumping up, I was airbrone once more. This was less tiring than with a harness so I was back in the cave within seconds. Everyone stared at me as if I was possessed. I looked down to see that my T-shirt had never really shrunk back to being scales, hanging loosely on my torso like a human's. I didn't care though- I just had to tell them my discovery.
  5. Michael felt the jaws clamp down on his thigh, almost uttering a yell of pain. He had enough as well, now it was battle time. Removing the pipe and holding his breath, he attempted to ram the pipe into the shark's open mouth. If he did succeed it would hold her off for a while so that he could have some time to deal the final blow. Even if it didn't work he could always ride on the fin and decide what to do next. No shark could bite behind its back anyway,
  6. We moved in the night, leaving a crudely-carved pear as some sort of signal that we were safe. By the time we reached, it was already dawn. I felt angry at myself for lagging behind, since Hydra and Red had to constantly stop to wait for me. This caused them to lag behind time, since we could've reached much faster had I not been struggling to keep airborne. As we settled down to this strange new enviroment, we noticed the large papers with symbols scrawled on them strewn all around. Red gathered them up hastily, telling us lightly that it was a 'novel' he was writing. I couldn't understand how the worm-shaped symbols constituted to a full-fledged story so I clamped my jaw and commented about the scenery. Hydra was out like a bullet, exploring the forest and scaring some of the animals. This was when I noticed that another dragon was with us. She sauntered forward, green scales glittering in the sunlight. Rocky. I blushed deeply, pawing the ground and refusing to make any eye contact. Our first encounter was clearly out of the blue and I wondered why we met again under such awkward circumstances. She grinned, showing fangs. "You came," she started, red eyes searching me like the way she did before. I looked up to acknowledge her words, meeting with her piercing gaze. Immediately I drew back, feeling a lump in my throat. She was now so sleek and beautiful, with much more grace than in our first meeting. An inferiority complex opened up inside me and I said nothing in reply. Red nudged me but still I pondered. I was just a disabled dragon, worlds apart from her, such a powerful predator. I was dependant, and felt that I was to be a burden. Rocky seemed to realise what was going on. Red, blissfully unaware, kept telling me that Rocky had the hots for me. I hesitated, finally breaking down and running off the side of the mountain. When I tried to open my wings and fly off to somewhere I could be alone, I suddenly lost balance and crashed down the steep slope. My harness had caught onto a rock, making me roll down like a huge boulder discharging frantic charges at every bump. When I finally reached the bottom, I was disorientated and seeing stars. The most unfortunate thing was that my harness was crushed beyond repair. This is great, just great. Now how was I going to function without a harness? Drag my feet? Screw this.
  7. Red, as he was named, lived in a bookstore until he grew too big for it. After that, he moved to the mountains. As he described the scenery he saw when he looked outside his cave, I began to dream of it. There was a beautiful forest within walking distance, with small animals darting around and birdsong filling every corner. Up in the mountain, you could get a bird eye's view of everything within a few miles. Red said that he could see our house from his mountain. I could almost imagine it, and wondered if we could signal to Boris and Collin that we would be away for a few days. It shouldn't take up too much time- just a sightseeing roadtrip. Boris and Collin had been off to peddle drinks to the masses. Apparently there was a big warm-up concert for the others in the town so they quickly seized the opportunity to start their business. I suppose business was brisk, since they didn't bother to say goodnight and flopped dead tired onto their beds. Even Tiger(the lady, mind you) was in no mood to tick us off for bringing Red home. So I guess that was settled. Hydra and I packed a few things, putting the fruit basket onto te table. Red said we just had to carry light since he had everything in his cave.
  8. I hate people telling me what to do. "You ought to do this, you should do that...etc" All the superlatives makes me want to hug a boulder and jump down a cliff. By the way, 'should' and 'ought' usually means a must in where I live. People can't stand me because I'm ADDing a lot and running around getting my head stuck in the blender because I don't like social norms.
  9. ((RISE!! *commands work to revive self from dead*)) As we bade farewell to Grandpappy Hammie with a basket of well-picked fruit, Hydra picked up some strange rustling noises in the orchard. In the dense foilage of the trees, we could see...jets of flames? Two figures burst out, one larger chasing the other. We could see a fire-bird, flames illuminating the night with a larger red dragon hot on his heels. I noticed the dragon made a 'clunk' sound at every 4th step so I was curious about what had happened. As the dragon gave up, panting and sending puffs of smoke behind the fire-bird, we finally had a closer look. There was a crudely-made metal trap clamped on its leg, painfully crushing through bone. Hydra blew some icicles onto the trap and I crushed it with a powerful blow. "Thanks," The dragon, thankful to us and still injured, followed us home. As we flew(me still dipping up and down from that horrid harness), he told us stories about how he used to live with things named 'books' and earned a lot of knowledge by looking at the symbols inside. Those were 'words', like how we communicated by telepathy. I listened, intrigued as I flapped my wings wildly to keep myself airborne. It sounded all too interesting to let up and I could hardly wait to get my paws on these 'books'.
  10. No, it was a purple dorsal. I had my priviledges revoked for a while so you'll have to bear with me. One did touch me though- it was short, but I really liked it. For a Whiptail, but one line. For a Whippie lover/hoarder like me, you could've imagine my happiness seeing it. My response was: *sheepish grin*
  11. Same. Because I called something ripped straight off the dragon description idiocry I had my rates revoked entirely. I've responded with a lot of 'no's regarding one word descriptions and one related to the usage of leet, if I recall.
  12. Name: Michael Age: 45 Gender: Male Powers: Super-strength and shifting into a large Raticate(mouse) whenever required. Also, he is a sharp-shooter. The Raticate is known to be able to expand infinitely in certain versions of this form, giving him the strength as a result. The Raticate is a mutated form, with gives him 4 arms instead of 2. Appearance: Michael looks slightly older than his age, with greying black hair and blazing hazel eyes. He always wears a tuxedo jacket over a loose collared shirt with long tapered jeans. If you looked closely enough, you'd notice that Michael's legs are actually atrophied from paralysis. Hence, he also leans on a cane. Personality: Michael can be nice, and is fiercely protective of his family. He is powerful and is proud of it, not hesitating to flex his muscles over what would be right. Unfortunately, he is known to be manipulative and quite defensive if he treats you as a stranger. Yet, you would also put yourself in danger by being his friend as he may double-cross you or worse, use you as a pawn to achieve his motives. He is also very stubborn and inflexible in certain areas, meaning he will not let you have your way if he feel that he is right. Weapons: His cane conceals a sniper. Also, he has 2 revolvers in his belt. Alignment: He walks both sides of the law. Self-explanatory. You'll have to dangle a carrot for him to help you though. Residence: A house overlooking the sea, with a thick electric fence and a 'beautiful' minefield conveniently lining the entrance to deter visitors. Nobody ever drops by for their safety anyway. History: Michael used to deal drugs. An accident left him paralysed so he fled from his home country(or if he would say, deported.) to enter another country. After he felt like he had built his base, he was drafted for a genetic experiment that changed him entirely. Sure, he retained most of his human traits but inside, there was something else- something very dangerous. His devious nature, combined with the lethal abilities of the large rat Pokémon proved too much for the scientists working on him. Fun Fact: Michael's character orignated from a show I caught but I tweaked it eventually to this.
  13. I've had people come to ask about Blunas but rarely is anyone begging. My blunas are a specific MagmaxBluna pairing so they usually tell me that they want to trade or I'll just gift them if I know they need Blunas. I've never been pestered for eggs by random people all my 2 years mentoring. I'm just lucky, I suppose.
  14. I thought it strange when Drac went to get her mail today, only to find the usual descriptions sent in all gone. "They tossed my vote," she snapped when I probed. Apparently she got into trouble and they wouldn't let her help with the descriptions anymore. Drac's always been a rash human and I'm not surprised she got into hot soup for it. All those 'warns' permanently carved in an inhibited part of the cave serve as proof. Still, she's still hatching bunches and bunches of caveborn Whiptails. The names string together to form a cool song. I can't wait for them to stand in a row once it's done. ~ScrollKeeper, worried but excited tabulator of DracCave.
  15. I got my priviledges revoked. Da-da-dum. Still, •Accept: It's DraGCave. Lol,just kidding. Great description. •Accept: Adoreable I want a scroll keeper! •Accept: Hey look, it's Dracoon. •Accept: What.
  16. Eric's form is gone! I shall go find it, it should be here. Back, with no dust. *blows*
  17. I smiled...then pressed 'Reject'. *not nice at all* I know, but c'mon. I've seen people as old as 15 writing similar to that standard, and that is truly saddening.
  18. A rhyme I saw while reviewing. I dunno whether to laugh or cry at the falling standards of descriptions.
  19. What- she taunting him? Michael was almost outraged but kept his temper down. These cocky fish-shifters thought they had the upper hand, but they had met the wrong Tazzy Tiger today. Besides, he was already in a bad mood over his spate with the two other lady-shifters who knew Willow's daughter. For Willow, he had to keep his head down. At least, for now. He let his back legs paddle while he squeezed his button nose into the hole, so that his mouth was free to snap whenever required. Now, where was those two strange transparent things that fit on his face? Those that helped him see better on land. The water got into his eyes and he knew it was time. The tiger lunged out of the water, surging into the air before diving once more. No one took a chunk out of him, with or without permission.
  20. Who wants Michael's wife to make an appearence?
  21. Oh, I should've said. The pipe is like the average toilet pipe, and he ties it to his back so when he shifts it's still there. The L-shaped part. The longer side is always attached somewhere his mouth can reach so he can draw it. Sorry for the confusion.
  22. Oh, maybe I was too hasty in moving the story. Sorry, I've been caught up and was really coughing up a post with my mom behind me. I'll edit.