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    i was InvaderAlexis in-cave for 7 years and on forum for one, but as of may 18 2021, i am now lexi_!

    i'm always looking for 2g's from brimstones x prizes or SAs! i'll almost always accept that on a trade. i love those ugly stinky little yellow monster babies :>

    call me lex or lexi. ​feel free to message me! i got a forums so yall could talk to me if you needed me ^^ ​🧡​
      - if you want anything from ​🔆​group/118795 (common pairs) OR 🔆​group/153337 (holiday pairs), let me know and ill breed it for you gladly! just pm me and dont take too long to pick it up :3

             > current profile picture is drawn by myself

    if you want any 2g from my ​🔆"​SPECIAL NAMES" (group/138713) group, please let me know, i'd love to share!

          i have a list of reserved names that i most likely don't plan to keep. pm me for name trades. (sorted by order of may not part with --> willing to part with more easily)
    Racecar / Kellog / Appraised / Deprecating / Spuds / Meebo

    if you ever found any variaton (caps messed | O/0 | I/1) of a cb "toshi" "oboro" "mirio" or "guzma" code and gave it to me, id be in your debt forever. seriously. (those my fav bois!!)

    neither of my CB aegises will ever be enraged (they are both named after specific characters!), so i can breed two unenraged aegises during the holidays, but cant breed any enraged, so i may need help with that!

    my favorite breeds are brimstones, jesters, magis, arias, azure glacewings, kingcrownes, and fire gemes!
    i'm also a big fan of aegis, snow, witchlight, and radiant angels for the holidays!