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  1. i'm always selfishly yoinking them from the AP to freeze because i love the s1 sprite (i have a mini army) but i very rarely see them on the AP myself, let alone CBs. i had to specifically look for them and even then it took me a while to find any as well when i needed CBs, so i'd say theyre on the slightly more uncommon side.
  2. i'm going to have to start now i have a 2015 bronze tinsel that i didnt give a custom code to who i breed with a radiant angel very often... if only i had the foresight to give her a code name back then ..! she would have fit right in.
  3. oh crap... i stayed up last night because i knew there was going to be a release, had an empty scroll and everything, and got carried away talking to someone and playing pokemon... 😕 but i caught 4 of each already! im glad theyre still flooding... thanks all!!
  4. https://dragcave.net/lineage/wxtCH this little one is again lucky that i really like brimstones, and that i kinda like the misspelled code but i get a funny feeling if someone else here caught this, she would have gone straight into the jaws of a vampire...
  5. be careful not to give it views too early in its life, though! fresh eggs can get sick easily, i see you have some things on your scroll that are starting to gain views and are only an hour old, so im afraid that theyre going to get sick and die just be careful, i'd wait a couple hours (some people wait a full day) before they start to give it views!
  6. i agree with this... im bummed. i hope they come back the only thuwed pairs are the ones that are on that page, that and some vampires. (i forget the codes and im too lazy to go look )
  7. i would love to do some testing on this, but i would have no idea where to post my results.
  8. this breaks my heart to see. that is truly unfortunate.
  9. this all makes a lot of sense, thank you very very much for explaining !! honestly im still a bit confused why 2gs/offpsring from a pyro thats changed color is orange instead of its parents color, but its fine
  10. this would be very convenient. while were at it, i wouldnt mind it if dragons dodged way less than they do now, but...
  11. hah- looks like i accidentally ninja'd quite a few people my 2gs grow up late at night... 4am dc time, so when i wake up for classes tomorrow ill keep an eye to see if they turn out to match their parents, or stay green.
  12. they do, it just doesnt show the changed color until you click back on to their page.
  13. https://dragcave.net/view/Uk9r4 only 1 success out of the 6 i had lined up... i was originally suppsoed to have 8 but earthquake took up my last kill slots, since they kept dodging. 🙄 but if anything, im glad that the one succes i had was a two headed wyrm zombie!
  14. i should do this with my brims, actually.... hmm.
  15. exact same thing happened to me a little bit ago. i even tried to make the most out of it and tried to zombify it, but it dissolved my current bad luck today is not being able to come across a single ash dragon egg in the cave... i could have sworn they were common. always that problem of running into things all the time when you dont need them, but the second you start looking they all run and hide.
  16. i have a project of very inbred very messy dragons thats gone well over 100 generations. youd be surprised whats out there!
  17. you might want to post these in the encyclopedia helpers thread but some of the links are a bit... wonky. /purple and /green made me laugh when i clicked the link and checked what was wrong
  18. its been 3 months since the release, and im chiming in to say i rarely see pink sapphires in the AP anyway, now. and im pretty picky about lineage most of the time, so even if i do happen to see one it most likely wont be to my liking anyway. i start classes now too, so i have even less time to hunt the ap, so less of a chance that ill happen to be in the right place at the right time, when someone else just happened to abandon a sapphire and have it show up for me to catch. i check in on the site a few times a day for a few minutes, and i rarely see pink sapphires. i think it would be nice for players like me to be able to make their own with the low-view method on their own time.
  19. the hatchling i was deliberately trying to kill with sickness, which was sick for at least 2 days or more and steadily gaining views (staying mostly maxed out and only gaining more when it got more UVs), managed to somehow get over her sickness and grow up normally. sigh.
  20. ooooh! that makes a lot of sense. thanks
  21. whens the best time to kill them if youre looking to make zombies on the 31st? the early hours of the 17th? (12am cave time) ? how does this work ? i know tombstones stay on your scroll for 14 days, so do you gain those kill slots back all on the 31st to be used again to kill another batch during the day ?
  22. thank you- its in good hands ill try to remember to name it right away
  23. just tried again with spitfires and they are for sure orange thats upsetting...