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~ Collector of Vampires, Thuwed/Dorkface/SA Lines & Inbreds ~

Seeking: Mates for / / / (unrelated to ), RAxWitchlights, Original '08 Bitten Vamps, DQ/DQI codes


male-vamp-5-anim.gif   LLEjtAj.gif   gggbanner_by_terra_anne-dcqdeti.png     shoko.png    Current Fire Gem Cycle    sdojvb.jpg.gif.7a450820dddb2a11ea8c7bc4edc4a268.gif    2038344643_IWNyCBtest2.png.3cd2a7cf7c61c12b907e41aaf9e9f68c.png   female-vamp-5-anim.gif

| Egg Drop Soup | The AoND | DragHatch | Valley Sherwood | Silvi's LairAVBO | CountProject vamps by pinkgothic |

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    Olde Englande (UTC/DC+5h) ['Last Visit' Ninja]
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    April 2019 Silver Shimmer Winner -- Rhaedgulyr (82WJf) [~~will be open for breeding shortly~~] is **open** for breeding! PM Me!

    My personal scroll surname is Draca. Please name the offspring of my dragons! (If you'd like me to breed or bite eggs, ask!)

    ~ ~ My Vampires Never Bite Gifts ~ ~
    If there's a dead egg on my scroll, it's the result of a Vampire bite.
    I'm a Count Project (http://tinyurl.com/yc6wrc77) 'Breeder' (http://tj.k.vu/1Ou)!

    Interests? Dragons, Tolkien, vampires, films, rock music, anime, gaming, reading, writing, drawing...

    Dreams: 2Gs from Infinis' and birdzgoboom's Alt Radiant Angels [xDvER], 2Gs from Odeen's Alt Witchlights, 2Gs from LadyLyzar's Alt Heartseekers, 2G Tinsel from Luthien's Anguish (Frodo) [k1fa9], 2G Tinsel from Snape (Sycamore), 2G Shimmer from Rinoa (Rinoa26) {Witchlight?}, LowG Tinsel from Zuko the Firelord (harlequinraven) and 2G Vampires (bitten by Original '08 cave-borns) [IG2Kl, EycrK].

    Thanks ♡: So many to Dracaena for my first Tinsels, various mates and tons of other help. To Tecca for EeziH. To Ylvanne for help. To Frodo for 5DQIx. Many to keijaidyyn for IG2Kl. Many to silverthornsilvergirl for poezw. To Aleoleo for yMP73, LZC22, Sl3sf and AegwS. To bloodonmyfangs for 00WS5. To lovecats99 for FDDJP. To harlequinraven for hyQW3. Many to Frodo for k1fa9. To Skythestral for Aacdr. To cyradis4 for RiwbW. To nxtashaxt for rnqqv. To banban007 for lKMV3. To Dianacat777 for EycrK. To The Dragoness for AoCXJ. Many to Infinis for wPz57, hdsrD and OljzA. To miaou for yrTyD, MxhOF and bBZVP. Many more to Infinis for xDvER. To tjenni for KyIaf. To NightEagle for kcgfI. To pinkgothic for ZngBT. To Omen for Q9e4C and IlvAP. To dragonpuck for 78MRV. To Riverwillows for vM46f. To chrispy for VxSxk. To lovecats99 for mVTJQ. To Rubin for kotKK. To Kigyptnee for bouncing GAd6q and ES1QE. To ADN6 for 895JQ and b4KIS.

    From Dracaena: Tinsel from Aurea Lauri e7c2k and Crimson Flare from Koujihot Thuwed MZhpH x Cutie JFK Dusk Q2jFK. Also mate for V3UgV*. Also Shimmer from 1ztu1**. Also Tinsel from Roxxor NJCGt***. Babies from Evhf3 and HBNzw****. Witchlight from BJ the Crooner at Halloween*****. (added 09 Dec '16 / *12 Jan '17 / **17 Jan '17 / ***1 Feb '17 / ****19 Feb / *****16 Mar) (qsagL 04 Jan '17) (3hry1 26 Feb '17) (sLfB4 12 Mar '17) (nnkZt 4 Apr '17)
    * From Aleoleo: Sibling to Tolkien Lineage ZP5uA (from 18 Nov '16) (yMP73, 11 Dec) / * Witchlight from Radiant Angel at Halloween. (added 17 Mar '17) (AegwS, 25 Oct '17)
    To Dracaena: Children of Lightning Queen lga58 and Glittering Luck S4QSm. Also Grimm Glitter HH7Gv*. Also Midnight Sun Magic u6Twc**. Also Penkoncia eiZub***. Iced Latte pQIOe****. (in Jan '17 / *added 17 Jan '17 / **30 Jan '17 / ***1 Feb '17 / ****19 Feb) (sxQYT 12 Jan '17) (TQMSp 1 Apr '17)
    From synditrix: Anagallis egg from daREU x UDaRE (also sibling to YAtDY?) (from 3 Dec '16)
    * From silverthornsilvergirl: Sibling (Holly) to Thuwed SA L8xDM (added 11 Dec '16) (poezw, 20 Dec)
    * From harlequinraven: Sibling to Winter Silver Checker 83CCC after Holidays (added 12 Dec '16) (hyQW3, 27 Jan)
    * From cyradis4: Sibling (Valentine) to Horse Valentine Checker 2GRRn once Valentine breeding starts - SEND REMINDER (added 31 Dec '16) (Reminded, 07 Feb '17) (RiwbW, 08 Feb '17)
    * From Skythestral: Sibling (Heartseeker) to Heartseeker Ember Checker FkmHN once Valentine breeding starts (added 1 Jan '17) (Aacdr, 08 Feb '17)
    * Swap with The Dragoness: Shimmer x Witchlights - Bronze from Rinoa-line > A, Silver from Grimm-line > TD (added 14 Mar '17) (6BpOj, 19 May '17) (0t8ca, 21 May '17)
    To Aleoleo: Children of SilverFyre Gyft ygTyu and/or Sage Prince IHuh1 (added 17 Mar '17) (l8kK5, 29 Sept '17)
    [D> 1ztu1, Evhf3 / D< S4QSm, HH7Gv, eiZub, pQIOe]
    * From tjenni: Sibling (Grave) to RA Grave Checker FGaMG once Halloween breeding starts (added 18 Oct '17) (KyIaf, 25 Oct '17)

    ~ I never saw the LagMonster on 12-Jan-17 ~ (http://tj.k.vu/1OK / http://i.imgur.com/TcbNyi0.gif)
    ~ I was stuck in the Bush of Entanglement - Valentines '17 ~ (http://tj.k.vu/1OF / http://tj.k.vu/1OL / http://oi59.tinypic.com/503c0i.jpg)
    ~ I'm all upside-down - April Fool '17 ~ (http://i63.tinypic.com/sdojvb.jpg)

    Holly Contest 2017, Olive Apocalypse: I'm participating! (http://tj.k.vu/1OE) Pg3 / I came 25th! (http://tj.k.vu/1Ow)

    * Glittering Gold Giveaways - A place for players to win! (http://tj.k.vu/1OH)
    * PF4E PRESENTS: Lotto Metallics (http://tj.k.vu/1OS)
    * Pluviophillia's Raffles (http://tj.k.vu/1OR)
    * Alternate Lives Raffles (http://tj.k.vu/1Oc)

    * Breeding, Gifting!, Breeding your requests since 2012! (http://tj.k.vu/1OU)
    * Special Release Offspring Gifting Group 2.0, Find holiday mates! (http://tj.k.vu/1OT)
    * DC Community Notice Board (http://tj.k.vu/1Oq)
    * Random Scroll Help and Missed Connections (http://tj.k.vu/1PT)

    Tabs DRAWS for your ENTERTAINMENT and EDIFICATION, WARNING: What is seen cannot be unseen (http://tj.k.vu/1OJ / http://i.imgur.com/NahTHqN.jpg)

    Z Project, Warning! Highly addictive (http://tj.k.vu/18f): I'm not a part of it but I use the prefixes [Z' and z'] purely for reference.