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  1. Just sent mine, been waiting for this since Halloween^^
  2. Aryena and Billie mini-madness: I managed to multiply the last 2 and it was the best part of the event and the moment I actually enjoyed it, it felt so rewarding to be able to share my work around! after no working duplication method was left, I tried to produce those simple ones but got bored very quickly: <-the few recipients got very confused I bet:v (unless they Googled 😧 ) This WIP anti-racist project turns 15 this year!
  3. I have the last 2 Aryena & Billie cookies to give before I go to sleep soon:
  4. And last 4 of Aryena & Billie cookies:
  5. I have 6 Aryena & Billie cookies left: 1 tree and 5 stars
  6. Oh, I wish my scroll could be named that^^; Just send back now you got the cookie**
  7. Didn't make nice new cookies for obvious reasons but I still have 8 total left if anyone wants
  8. oho the precious multiplier (RIP;-; ) didn't let me make more than 15 copies per design, unless I should have ignored the fact cookies beyond 15 were turning into a black rectangle?:P (no matter what I did, anything beyond 15 would black out like this)
  9. oh well, fun is over, can make no more cookie designs then... I planned another Aryena&Billie but I won't bother now, they take over an hour. I wasn't sending to randoms except once or twice, so I still have 15 total left:
  10. but in those the change is so subtle it won't affect the lineage view much, unlike Aegis
  11. I still have some of both left:) + received these meanwhile<3
  12. Made another Aryena&Billie cookie - Star, I do have some of the Trees left too. Ping me saying which one/s you'd like : > If anyone's wondering why the peculiar bg colors, this is not the Earth:P Tree is early sunrise, Star is night. [If you don't get the requested cookie within 12h since asking, note me, I could make a mistake, the existence of cooldown increases the chance of it 😧] ----- I received these ❤️ TY! : >
  13. Who wants Aryena&Billie tree-shaped cookie? :v (15 seems to be the limit no matter what)
  14. 2/2! Which makes 4/6 for the entire day Which means I FINISHED MY ZOMBIE GOAL for now! (until any of the missing subtypes gets released) The perfection made out of 90 zombies can be admired here: https://dragcave.net/group/13377
  15. I can't believe it, it's the last thing I expected to happen: after all those frustrating years since the zombie sprite update and expansion, I suddenly finished my entire zombie goal until any of the missing subtypes gets released! A set of 5 per subtype, that's 90 zombies! Each set made exclusively out of 1 chosen breed from 1 assigned biome Just admire the PERFECTION https://dragcave.net/group/13377🙀
  16. Same, my hatchi goal is all done, I'm only missing 2 adults and I'll be done until the missing types get released:P I just gave even safer numbers.
  17. at times some gender much sooner, around 200UVs here's the possible range: https://dragcave.net/view/nv6ej a still s1 vs aready s2 https://dragcave.net/view/S8FE5 So keep below 2000Vs AND below 180UVs to be safe
  18. Wait with hatching them until they are rather low time and don't let them exceed 200UVs (try to keep at below 180UVs), refreshing your own scroll gives regular views and speeds up the moment they hatch too (just notice that the max amount of regular views is the UVs multiplied by 15). Using Kills on those is a waste ifyou still have adults to make.
  19. 2/4 (happened to get a success at the one I had 2 fodders killed for, I was just 4 adults short for my goal) now, waiting for 4 of my Kills to get off cooldown (due to excessive dodging on 17th, I had to try to use my last kill after 17th), I bet I'll get too many dodges to use even them today... Tonight's successes finished my Eastern Pygmy and Pygmy Lindwyrm sets 2 undeads left to go! (until we get the missing subtypes released)
  20. I would like my art added to the database! Forum name: VixenDra Image of event token you created: Event your art was included in: FoE 2016 Brief description of treat: my favorite flower, lily I would like my art added to the database! Image of event token you created: Event your art was included in: FoE 2016 Brief description of treat: a chick, because I couldn't find one among the former Eggs I would like my art added to the database!
  21. Thank you:) Sometimes I feel guilty I don't use pencil anymore:P (They are snuggles^^)
  22. It seems that most of forum users are already busy collecting past years' treats, so I'll go ahead and finally introduce my Treat for this year, because I've been dying to: Meet Aryena and Billie from my WIP project "Draffectill", that I started half of my life ago (2006) to tell a (sapeint)Dragon-protagonist fantasy story of the power of Love that reaches beyond the surface - a project with strong anti-racist vibes and following a general "what is essential is invisible to the eye" motif while featuring loads of magic and some weird, occassonally horrororish even, elements