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  1. I actually managed to get a Bronze Shimmer from October's raffle \^-^/ A silver would have been awesome but I don't mind having a Bronze instead :3 I'm just excited it's a Shimmer since they're my favorite prize <3
  2. Happy Halloween and good luck hunting!!! I don't free up for another 12 hours but super excited :3
  3. Oh my gosh this is awesome, CBs of the Halloweens I wasn't here for!!!!!!!!! Thank you TJ *SQWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*
  4. I am totally late for this but congrats Seahorse!!!
  5. 1. What's your forum name? DevilAngelWolf27 2. What's your favorite element? (e.g. silver, tin, antimony, xenon) I think I'm going to have to go with boring old Oxygen [O], I enjoy breathing a lot Thank you for hosting this raffle!!!
  6. Didn't think I had enough Waterhorses at first, surprised myself Thanks again for the opportunity and congrats to Chaser11 :3
  7. My favorite code I got was for a black one: YpMAx I was like "Nooo! His name is Zack ;-;" ^-^
  8. The White Tiger is making fun of the Sabertooth Tiger lol Thank you for pointing this out
  9. Woo! Thank you so much for all of this and Happy Bday DC!!! Just started hunting for these new ones >.<
  10. Also it seems like both of them will have "S" names, since the harmless one sorts between Sapphire and Seasonal and the warm glow one sorts between Silver and Skywing :3
  11. Wooh new release! Caught me by surprise when I went to look in the biomes and I was like, "Where are all the eggs?? o.O" Thank you TJ and Spriters! ^-^ (Locked myself completely with these new little ones :3)
  12. I thought that the hatcheries use the core Dragon Code, so you'd have to give the dragon a completely new code to "reset" it, plus also at least the two I use just need the username of the scroll to look at and add dragons as I see fit. I'm just not sure I get it, sorry ^-^