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Currently looking to swap for a 2G Silver Shimmer x Solstice, gets choice of mate ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ

Dragon Spreadsheet List - Breeds for Free ^-^

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    East Coast United States
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    Video Games, Cross-Stitching, Legend of Zelda series, etc

    My activity levels are a little sporadic now, very busy job now that I can't play at anymore, and in college courses so my free time is prettttttty limited ;-;

    Nothing Currently

    jcunit (trade):
    4ZXB3/breed/kwMHj - bred 2/22/18 9:56am (RoyalBlue Fail)
    4ZXB3/breed/99PWC - bred 3/15/18 6:57pm (Shimmer) (Never picked up)
    [jcunit has asked for this to be put on hold, they want to focus on getting CBs at this time]
    CaPUV/breed/NkpgT bred 6/12 11:48am(Tinsel Produced and Accepted)

    Regarding Sheik Bronzedancer the female Bronze Shimmer:
    I will be taking requests, but I will have it limited to 3 for a list. Prizes are notoriously finicky so I feel this would be a good number. I reserve the right to take a week for myself if I choose (you, Ninetails! ;P)
    Current List: 3/3
    Last bred: 10/7/18, Fail (Harvest)

    IOU Friendly :3

    If you have any interest in any of the dragons on my scroll I'll be happy to try to breed it for you, just send me a PM ^-^

    I've been playing since December 2014