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  1. Still in its beginning stages, but I'm pretty happy with how this looks. Not too hard to breed either! https://dragcave.net/lineage/53B0D
  2. *Disclaimer: I tried my best to browse through the first ten forum pages, and used the search engine to find similar topics. It's also very late where I live, and quite possibly I missed something. If this is a dupe, mods please accept my apologies and feel free to close. Thanks! I thought we could reflect/share our experiences with ending an "era" in our lives, and starting a new one. Whether it's moving cities, the end of your childhood, changing your career, or the start of parenthood: what was the experience like? Were you exhilarated? Scared? What kind of challenges did you face? Do you have a funny story about it? I have two days left to accept a college offer and it's giving me major anxiety. I can either stay in my hometown with my boyfriend, or move *quite literally* across the country, completely alone. Since I was little, I'd always wanted to move out, but the older I get the more big changes terrify me. I can't even begin to comprehend how different life is going to be, and the idea of graduating into the less than decent job market in my (already struggling before coronavirus) province terrifies me.
  3. The pillow one has to take the cake ahhhhhhh
  4. They're so beautiful, very Jack Frost
  5. With nothing else to do atm I've just been working out. If I'm gonna go out, might as well go out (slightly) more buff than before 😂
  6. We really took normal life for granted
  7. took far longer than planned lol
  8. Wow the adult sprites are absolutely beautifull
  9. hmmmm nothing's popping up for me and i've been browsing for quite awhile. maybe i'll try tomorrow on a different computer
  10. does anyone know if the ingredients are meant to pop up around the site for the baking? so far all I've been able to bake is dough
  11. yayyyy!!! merry christmas dc fam
  12. i live next to a national park in canada. we usually drive into the mountains and eat at a restaurant
  13. do you guys think spine tattoos hurt
  14. Thank you to whoever massbred SALTkin whites a week or two ago. I thought they were just regular old whites until I looked closer at the line.
  15. excited to see the lineages everyone comes up with
  16. Where I live in Canada you're hooped if you don't have snow tires by late September.
  17. Wow, this is the most diverse I've seen the AP in awhile. No walls, so many colors
  18. Gotta go w the classic 2am Mr Brightside