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  1. HAHAHA me too man im just making color patterns lmao
  2. Is there some kind of strategy you need to use to win? Or do you just keep unlocking dragons and the strongest will win at the end? On another note, the scavenger hunt is so cute! Community spriters rock!
  3. Hmmm, the tails are a tad off-putting up close, but in terms of pets, I'm a sucker for anything small and furry!
  5. I might have to give it a try. Maybe my baking will turn out less horrible.
  6. The National The Mowgli's The Band CAMINO
  7. Serious question: Do you guys preheat the oven?? I was never taught to bake so I always just assumed it was an optional step that only occurred when making complicated desserts. I usually just stick it in and let it cook as it goes. I seriously thought this was normal until my boyfriend moved in and told me it wasn't??
  8. My biggest issue is that I don't have the patience to preheat the oven. It usually turns out ok when I bake stuff like pizza or oatmeal cookies, but I can't imagine what would happen if I tried to bake anything else.
  9. This has me pumped for DC Holiday Season!!!!!!
  10. I don't know much about fish care but the breed is definitely gorgeous!! Best of luck I hope everything works out!
  11. Farmer, and after that, olympic speed skater. It's really kinda sad that none of the dreams in this thread came true, huh?
  12. Wow! Thanks so cool! Keep us updated if you do end up raising them!
  13. Thats great! I hope your day went well!❤️ I've been doing weights at the gym! I've always been self conscious about going in that section but the more I push myself to do it the more natural it feels!
  14. Sweet but Psycho Give me a break, seriously everytime I hear that song I refuse to turn on the radio for the rest of the day
  15. i relate to this heavily. on one hand I know I'm supposed to be enjoying my summer break, on the other hand every day is the same
  16. This just happened where I live in Canada as well! The best thing about living up north is that nobody has AC (the houses here don't come with air conditioning) or electric fans so when the heat waves hit nobody sleeps for a few days.
  17. Spent my Sunday running labs for eight hours (literally... I tracked my time) :/
  18. Is there a thread somewhere where people coordinate breeding one type of egg to achieve this?
  19. Oh, that sounds awful! Hope you're feeling better soon!