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  1. I'm excited to play with Obidar, Umbra, and Pharos lineages the most. I think Obidar with both Pacified & Enraged Aegis, Radiant Angel, and Floral Crown have me the most excited.... but Wintertide, Black Marrow, Omen, and Valentine '09 get shoutouts. I don't think you can go wrong with most holidays honestly. For non-holidays, I have actually fallen in love with Obidar x Bronze Prizes... and the bronze are my least favorite! o.o I'm going to be pairing my Pharos with my Sweetlings and Female Moonstones. I love the previously shared Umbra x Omen, and Umbra x Cloudplumes are also gorgeous.
  2. Gorgeous art, birdz (both sprites and in your post!) thank you so very much for putting up with us and giving us such beautiful and well loved wyrms ❤️ I quoted this particular part of your post because the absolute mayhem that erupted upon that first Staterae egg being shared will forever be ingrained in my brain - the responses and just how fast that chat moved was absolutely hilarious 😂 The excitement was very palpable and I very much appreciate the community that DC has, even when we don't always agree. I look forward to many more exciting lineages with these beautiful beasties!
  3. It is rarer to find in the biomes and has a description, "Mana flows like a current through this glassy egg." It's purple and the hatchling is adorable. You can also randomly breed it from a Xeno, but it's hard to get!
  4. I'm not saying it's bad to be frustrated by the secret egg! And that doesn't make you less invested. I understand the frustration. But that is completely not the point of my post lol. What's unfair is getting mad at a group or community within your own that's actively trying to help. It's not like the discord discovered something and kept it a secret from everyone. Be mad there's a secret egg if you want; just don't be mad that other plays utilized all of the tools at their disposal to get answers.
  5. Heaven forbid people who are more invested in the game get rewarded? There is nothing different about this release or any other release with a new mechanic. It's been this way since the very beginning. Now there's discord, an extra way for people to find things out, actually making things MORE accessible than when it was really just the forums. The game doesn't rely on people to frequent the forums or discord to find out something is different - they will through their own style of play over time. This happens for new hybrids, new breeding or alt mechanics, whatever. People will find out whichever way works best for them, whether that's on their own through breeding, biome hunting, the trade hub... or by knowledge seeking through the capacities provided to them - wiki, discord, and the forums. Community secrets are amazing. It is awesome to see a collective group get together to figure something out so that common knowledge can be spread and provide opportunities for the masses. The players are only trying to help and you're criticizing that for something that is completely out of anybody's control. People get excited and share. That's going to happen to the end of eternity.
  6. It seems like any Xeno can produce them - we've seen them come from bred xenos, and a few of us the other night got them from CB Xenos. I myself got a 2G Flow from Gaia x Deepsea
  7. Oh, were those xenos bred to lineaged or caveborn mates? When a Xeno is bred to a lineaged, market, or cave biome dragon, they can produce a random Xeno.... so it makes sense that things like the avatar were random. If you bred a Thalassa to a CB Coast common and it produced a volcano, pretty sure that's not supposed to happen. And no worries, ComatosedRoses! Glad to help :3
  8. No no, any Xeno can randomly breed it. Xeno x nocturne just happened to be the first pair bred that produced one
  9. I'd like to point out that a lot of folks are getting stressed and feeling rushed to grab these new eggs, but the only one putting on the pressure is... Yourself? I understand the want to grab release day eggs and whatnot, but you have zero control over being able to get every single thing every release right off the bat. That is not the point, either xD defeats the purpose to make a new dragon easy for you to get your scroll goals on day one 🙄 I'm terribly excited for more xenos, so I'm on that boat too. I know we can expect great things from Birdz, I'm a very happy camper this release.
  10. As soon as people bred the other variant, information was immediately starting to be gathered and shared BOTH in discord and on this thread - liferally the two most public avenues that us players could utilize to spread awareness. That is not cliquey, I'm sorry. Obviously TJ's intent was for the other variant to be dropped this way or he would have them on the front page.
  11. Bred 111 xeno pairs, and of those I only got 1 of the mysterious egg - mine was the gaia x deepsea. Was hoping to send a few more to the AP, but alas...
  12. Honestly, if the dark mode could just be tweaked even to be a bit lighter there wouldn't be much of an issue... but as it stands, it is difficult to see certain dragons or lineages. So either a toggle-able option (beneficial either way) or just fixing the dark mode would work. Trying to see these on a significantly smaller screen is what sucks. Here's some examples (light mode to show how blinding with the rest of my phone being dark mode), though they're obviously easier to see on PC.
  13. Some of those things would just add too much to the notification bell, I do agree, but it would be awesome if you could get a notification for an action cooldown or a breeding cooldown.
  14. On mobile DC, your phone or browser settings for Dark or Light mode are now what dictate the color/mode that default mobile DC shows as. I love the option to have dark mode on DC, I just personally struggle to see sprites in lineage view on dark mode and much prefer to see them on a lighter background. However, I prefer dark mode for pretty much any of my other apps 😅 I was hoping it would be possible to actually have a setting that can be toggle or changed in the Account Settings section rather than how it is set up now.
  15. I experienced this same issue a few weeks ago, and it does only seen to happen if I'm out of Magis. If I run out again I'll take a screenshot. I'm using Chrome on my phone.
  16. Had a 3EG from both green parents turn out red today. And breed sort did indeed sort it as red before it hatched, as well
  17. I saw this thread a while ago and was intrigued, which was odd as I don't usually show interest in other adoptable sites. Moon convinced me to give it a shot, and now that I've seen Girafos I'm dead set on getting one. I've currently got some Saltantas from the quest and managed to grab a pupper today, I'm excited!
  18. Have 3G Amalthean from M Alt Undine x F Amalthean "Checker" (influenced female) - Influenced fu8pf to be female with Whusovic Thuwed Delar. Jun 12, 2020, 1:59 am EDT Want Exact bloodswap please! Amalthean only :3 Teleport
  19. Tried to test Pargulus x Pumpkin and got - Blue from M Blue x F Pumpkin Green from M Pumpkin x F Red Bred at the same time, both Pumpkins have Cave biome
  20. Took the second pack - thank you! ❤️
  21. Several of those people did get hub bans for those trades. So mods are doing things.
  22. There seems to be random lag spikes in cave when trying to do anything - doesn't matter if breeding, hunting, etc and I'm not getting them at specifically 5 minute intervals. I'm actually noticing them between the 5 minute shuffles (such as :23, :58). They are significantly worse on mobile. I know a few others have noticed lag spikes as well, and this seems to have been happening since afternoon cave time yesterday.
  23. Neglected egg: https://dragcave.net/lineage/JQBDJ Glowy Aeons: https://dragcave.net/view/3RfcE https://dragcave.net/view/LBvtg https://dragcave.net/view/KwmL6 https://dragcave.net/view/MPKfM https://dragcave.net/view/TL00X https://dragcave.net/view/oWEKz https://dragcave.net/view/58Ncs https://dragcave.net/view/M63qn https://dragcave.net/view/PGtEp https://dragcave.net/view/1hpHX https://dragcave.net/view/FxzLZ