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  1. No, I was specifically responding to the part where they were talking about their low time Halloween trades being targeted. Hence why I clarified what I was referring to when I was talking about hiding a scroll in the second sentence of that post.
  2. Are every single one of your trades being targeted?? I don't know what people are doing to be constantly getting targeted by viewbombers, I legitimately don't lol I would find one person getting specifically targeted on the hub for most/every one of their trades to be far out of the norm, and while I'm sorry at the possibility & suffering, one person's gameplay isn't worth the balance of the game. Using the forums (and/or discord) to trade via private 2 ways or screenshots are you safest bet at that point. Otherwise just dealing with the cycle of taking a trade down to fog and/or ward 🤷‍♀️ But as Moriaty highlights this would just make the hub easy to use for other benefits, and hinder the functionality of what the hub is intended for, which is trading. If you post your egg anywhere publicly at all, trading or not, it's open to being targeted. That's just the nature of how this game functions at the core, unless sickness goes the way of the dodo. Also I don't understand why you linked to one of my posts.
  3. I stated - multiple times now - that I don't like the idea of optional/toggleable. I originally stated was I was neutral/okay with some things, but Rosastrasza has some very good points. I'm still neutral/okay with some specifics, but I think this suggestion needs to be seriously reconsidered and adjusted before TJ would even consider. I would love something that can prevent other people from having power over when my creatures hatch or grow; but I'm not sold on this solution. Once again: if sickness exists and TJ has no intention of getting rid of it, why would he implement something that completely negates that mechanic altogether? The tradeoff to stop views is hiding; ward is just an added security measure that doesn't prevent sickness and is not guaranteed to prevent death after the 6 hours wears off. I sincerely don't think he will implement something that allows us to publicly post an egg/hatchling (for anyone at all to see) and also prevent views altogether and thus prevent sickness completely. There is no balance to that. At that point he actually might as well remove sickness lol
  4. Literally nothing would stop people from posting the egg/hatchling on the hub with no description or even "offers" (with no intent to accept anything). Nothing at all - in fact it already happens! And it would only get worse if incentivized. Those are actually very valid points by Rosa. It would be easily abusable. It circumvents the "no sickness" thing while also having detrimental effects on the hub. ETA: again, there are other tools for trading. We used the forums only for a very long time. It is no one else's fault but yours if you do not wish to take advantage of opportunities provided. The forums and discord are already open to everyone, they are not closed communities.
  5. I have a hard time believing anyone here is getting griefed and viewbombed to that level on any regular basis. And if they are, that issue far transcends this thread. I'm done arguing the semantics of protecting yourself against viewbombing. There are plenty of options to protect yourself, it's not up to TJ to implement things because people prefer not to use what he has already given, barring him getting rid of sickness completely. I don't see him implementing something such as this when it contradicts part of how sickness works (posting anything publicly, knowing you're putting it where others have access, especially when it is too young). This is why I don't think it prudent to stick to the sickness argument, and I actually think it harms this suggestion. I'm just going to drop this here. No support if this affects all teleports without choice. I'm iffy on the optional toggle idea but I'll take that over nothing, but would much prefer this affecting ONLY hub posted trades. I do support this in the sense that I don't think it's right for someone else to have control over my critters' growth stages.
  6. Where do you think UVs come from?? Continuously accumulating UVs comes from... Hatcheries. Eggs don't gain views from people clicking on your egg in the hub (they do if people go to your scroll and then click the egg). Go click a hub trade, then the egg, then refresh, notice the stats won't change. That's why things can sit on the hub for days at 1/1/1. So this just tells me that you've already got your eggs in hatcheries when you post them on the hub, in which case... Yeah, you're letting people do this to you lol. But if you post a fresh egg, no hatcheries, on the hub and you hide your scroll, the most anyone can do is add it to the ONE hatchery that allows codes and AR it.... And it likely won't get sick, or can be easily removed if you notice this happening (and you won't have to go hunting down which hatchery or hatcheries it was added to, since you know it's just the one). I am not condoning targeted viewbombing in any capacity nor am I saying it isn't an issue. But I am saying that there are ways to protect your yourself against it, and I don't think sickness is the strongest argument supporting this suggestion, as this just negates part of his reasoning for keeping sickness. Especially because the ultimate response to "my egg is sick from trading it" is "take down your trade, ward it, and repost or fog it for a bit" and/or "hide your scroll," which is all inconvenient but doesn't stop you entirely from trading it, just for a time. This makes dealing with that easier, but not a necessity. Meanwhile if someone else makes your hatchling grow unwarranted, then you're screwed. No more trading that thing lol
  7. Yes, and this is the aspect I am talking about that makes me okay with this suggestion. My statement about hiding the scroll is specifically about viewbombing for sickness.
  8. I'm only aware of 2 DC specific* auto refreshers personally and of those, one of them only allows ER egg/hatchling codes to be input for it to even work. Granted, you only need one AR to blast an egg. If you're concerned about a trade being targeted, hiding your scroll absolutely will work. Again, there's only a few hatcheries that allow egg codes in them and none of them are high traffic. If your scroll is hidden, it is harder for them to get the UVs needed to blast an egg to make it sick. (And honestly I'd rather just sickness go away!!) Claiming that "oh there's absolutely nothing we can do to combat this!" is just... not correct? I'll concede that hiding your scroll can be inconvenient, but it's a valuable tool for preventing large amounts of views, unwanted eyes, or viewbombings - and I say this as someone who is very much aware and feels the effects of all of these things. I agree having your egg hatch when you don't want it to while it is in trades is very annoying, though. But I'm also very iffy on the "optional" aspect as everything that goes through suggestions nowadays gets the "make it a toggle!" treatment and I actually feel that degrades the value of these suggestions (we really don't want 50 billion toggleable options in our settings, as much as everyone keeps asking for them...). Not trying to target you, BringsTheSnow (you just happened to reply as I was typing this lol) but a good example of what I am referring to. If this WASN'T optional, how would you feel about this suggestion? I feel that public trades posted in the hub specifically would be the trades that get the no views treatment, while private 2 ways and transfers would be free game. This wouldn't hinder ND making and makes sense, as it's the public trades that are in the spotlight.
  9. If you hide your scroll, that alone can save a lot of grief if you know you're being targeted. There's only a few hatcheries that accept individual codes and in my experience those hatcheries aren't enough to get the egg sick, and would require a lot more time for them to hatch or even for them to be ER. Tools have already been provided to prevent the issue that has been presented. I'm definitely against time limits for trades. We already have time limits that exist in the form of hatching/aging. And I don't see this being at all useful for NDs lol just fog the egg. I am very neutral to this suggestion... I don't think sickness is an issue if you hide your scroll like I said. (Also I'd rather sickness just go away lol) Though hatching earlier than you intended can definitely be a thing, and the only protective measure that in my experience would be beneficial from this.
  10. You can try again at midnight DC time the next day I don't think previous dodges affect the success rate, but some have been persistent in my experience...
  11. I would like my art added to the database! Forum name: schenanigans Image of event token you created: Event your art was included in: ToT 2021 Brief description of treat: Jack-o-lantern mushroom and a firefly Forum name: schenanigans Image of event token you created: Event your art was included in: ToT 2021 Brief description of treat: Shai-Hulud/sandworm from Dune Forum name: schenanigans Image of event token you created: Event your art was included in: ToT 2021 Brief description of treat: A Pitfire skull. I suppose Reborn Pitfires can die....
  12. The preference to not see frozen eggs in progenies I can understand and respect that. There have been alternatives to this discussed as well for people with this preference. No one is saying you aren't allowed an opinion - we are having a discussion. The difference is that your preferences are for the way someone else plays the game, what they do on their scroll. Saying this shouldn't happen at all because of those preferences - is there no willingness to find a compromise? Don't want to freeze eggs? Nobody would be forcing you to.
  13. So you get to play the game the way that you want to and inhibit others from doing the same - you get to breed and abandon them because this is what you wish but the people who pick them up have to abide by your preferences? That's not how this works lol. You don't like what people do to your offspring, then don't put them in places that other people can obtain them to do said things. Off your scroll, no longer your say. Plain and simple. This is a collection game. It's a totally fair and reasonable request to be able to freeze eggs. We can obtain every other dragon sprite in the game regardless of stage. Otherwise by your logic freezing hatchlings (or even unbreedables) wouldn't be a thing if the entire point was raising and breeding, "living" or not. I am not a fan of Easter egg basket suggestion. Just let me collect them alongside my other dragons and freezies.
  14. I don't understand the objections to view/n/name/scrollname to be honest. You can already circumnavigate whether the owner's scroll is hidden completely just by knowing the name, whether they wanted you to or not? It's even easier to access a specific dragon unwarranted right now than if there were scroll names added to the link - at that point you'd need some level of familiarity to the scroll and owner to be able to get to the dragon you are looking for. I do find it impressive that people have more than a handful of their dragon names memorized to be able to use the functionality frequently. I can't remember even half of the names of some of my special group dragon names xD I think view/n/name/scrollname is a great idea. Otherwise, I imagine the view/n/name list would be able to have sorting options (breed, age, etc)
  15. Quoting as a reminder and for relevance. Would still love to see egg freezing become a thing. And no bending over backwards with weird or unnecessary mechanics to do it, just a freeze option.
  16. Nobody is blaming TJ. Doha presented a concept with the intended mechanics to TJ and TJ accepted it. Seeing as Doha says it's working as intended currently, then TJ did not miss anything with his breed. There is no disconnect between TJ and artist in this particular instance. I was merely stating that TJ has chosen for this dragon to exist in the realm of Valkemere. Therefore "but the looorrree!" arguments become moot, as this now becomes a part of that same world - assuming everything is cannon. Doha already acknowledged that he wasn't going to go through everything and didn't know everything about every breed. He actively already addressed the exact phrasing that I bolded in your quote. Aside from only three outliers (two being nods to science and one being a reference), the mechanic is relatively straightforward. I'm honestly struggling to understand why there's such an issue with it, and I'm not trying to be rude when I say that. I am a visual person, so this makes a lot of sense to me. Maybe a Pyropellis and a Spitfire only had a brief fling and thus no fires were spat by said Spitfire; maybe they did use their flames on the Pyropellis and maybe they are blue. But we can't see the spitfire flames and that's totally okay. But suddenly people are affording description and imagination luxury to other dragons, while simultaneously not affording that luxury to the Pyropellis. Again, this was just Doha's way to make the lore represented in the sprite; he coulda just put that in the description and left us with one sprite. I guess we should steer away from Easter eggs in the future if it's just going to cause an uproar though? Nothing is forcing any players to go off site to figure these out either. Yeah sure, in order to understand the reference as to why magis go green, you have to go off-site. But nothing is forcing you to do that; the community just collectively threw everything at their pyros to see what stuck. People without forum, discord, etc access can just as easily do the same. Doha just tried to create something fun and unique. And I do understand the merits of criticism and feedback, I just don't feel like this turned out to be conducive or constructive.
  17. It's only inconsistent with the mechanics that we have currently because of the fact that it is a new mechanic. Sprite affects sprite. That is what the spriter himself says is intended, and everything is working as he wished. Sure, personal preferences definitely have room for discussion, and should players feel the need to request more, then that is an opportunity available. However, that doesn't make this mechanic "incorrect". Just as we can argue that written lore represents a dragon whether it has flames in its sprite or not, we can also argue that written lore would work to the benefit of the Pyropellis as well, whether it's represented in the sprite or not. The spriter just chose this method to be the way it shows up for this breed. I just find it a bit disingenuous to go so far as to blame the spriter for blatant disregard of lore, as if the admin doesn't have overall say on what gets released. Personally I find visual representation to be far more intuitive than combing through encyclopedia information and descriptions hoping to not miss a tidbit. This doesn't REQUIRE anyone to go offsite; players themselves chose to do so for easy compilation. This is also by far not the most difficult mechanic to have been introduced to the site.
  18. If they released as just an orange fire, single sprite dragon we wouldn't even be having this conversation; everyone would just be "ooh, pretty dragon!" The fact that there's disappointment because there isn't more for something new is... interesting. Also, I was speaking to the previous lore disparity discussion. Hence why I didn't quote you.
  19. If it didn't fit within the lore then TJ wouldn't release it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ This is a wholely unique mechanic. People would have been disappointed with too many pairing possibilities (difficulty to create a lineage). Can't make everyone happy.
  20. Tried to EQ 2 eggs, both were 5d 3h unincubated with s5 cracks and sickness. Both died.
  21. I much prefer the boxes on the right; especially on mobile, it would be terribly annoying to accidentally click the image link of the hatchling or egg instead of the box.
  22. I misread and I can't delete this I am so sorry for the ping lol. I am firmly against this suggestion. Some of the actions suggested are essential. I don't see this as optimization at all. This would just feel incredibly clunky and unfun.
  23. You only need 5 egg views to unlock it in the encyclopedia.... Or only own one lol. That's not enough for most people to memorize and definitely not have it burned into their brain... For almost 300 breeds. This would be really nice if you need to hunt for something specific that you haven't hunted for in a while. It would be neat if all of the dragon descriptions from egg to adult are in the encyclopedia, but then it presents an issue of the page being incredibly long if the breed also has notes.
  24. Yeah they don't sort in the scroll that way either, I was mostly referring to the hub as every time I happened to use it, they had been on top - and then I was just victim of the random flip flopping the other day, lol. So hopefully if it all gets fixed then they sort consistently everywhere.